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Marriage LED Screen:Wedding LED Screens Rental Cost,Size & Ideas

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A wedding is the most awaited and exciting phase of everyone’s life. For this day, a person makes efforts to keep everything perfect and excellent. Some of the things including flowers, catering, outfits, decorations, etc. are expected to be on point. Likewise, an LED screen for a wedding can be an additional great effort to make it more memorable for a couple as well as for the guests taking their precious time out to attend the function of their loved ones. Furthermore, the wedding rental LED display can be installed to display the couple’s pre-wedding memories or live streaming from the function. The live streaming contributes to giving the best time to guests as they can have a brighter and clearer view of the whole function whether it’s happening as an indoor setup or an outdoor. The LED screen has made its place in an advanced technological market where the traditional television screen is found as a leap.

wedding led screens

LED screens are light weighted and can be placed anywhere smartly projecting every kind of images and videos. The wedding LED screen can gain the attention of guests which helps in delivering them the useful information a couple or their families want to give as part of their wedding entertainment. It keeps a good track to everyone attending the wedding by large video walls which makes it noticeable to everyone. The idea of an LED screen at weddings has become popular and common these days in the West as well as in other parts of the world.

Why Use Wedding LED Screen?


The SMD LED screen is highly convenient to use. Many people think it has complicated functions just as it is displayed but that’s not true. It is very user-friendly and can be operated by anyone with little guidance. The wedding LED screen can be operated easily without having trouble in switching images and videos in the function. However, the operator just has to be guided properly with the images to be displayed and there they can be displayed with high quality and with no confusion. The LED screen has the various option of input such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, and HD-SDI input formats.

Less energy consumer:

LED screens have less electricity consumption as compared to traditional TV screens or plasma screens. The LED screen for wedding purpose can be kept operational for hours without worrying about much electricity consumption. Additionally, the best thing includes, it can be operated in every weather and every outdoor setup and due to its great features even the direct sunlight won’t affect its visuals shown on the screen. LED screens for wedding are considered as the most flexible and reliable to be used as a fancy arrangement.

Luxurious Idea:

The LED screen for wedding seems like a big deal to many guests as they think it is one of the most luxurious ideas a particular wedding has though, this idea is not that expensive one. However, it’s true that wedding led screen gives a glamourous touch to a wedding and contributes to the couple’s memorable day at large. It gives a feel to the couple as if they are king or queen during their wedding and make their wedding like a fairytale. It also leaves an everlasting impression over guests and found to be entertaining and great in rewarding. Those who aim to have a fancy wedding don’t much consider the costs and keep it as secondary and look for those options which fascinate them and their guests with a great deal of entertainment and happiness.


The event planners can have great benefits in planning out weddings. They can adjust wedding LED screen as a backdrop of a couple sitting at the stage or can adjust it in a beautiful curved LED wall anywhere they find suitable. This can make a wedding very creative and beautiful and also gives extraordinary experience related to audios and visualization.

LED screen for wedding has many benefits which are mentioned above. It can also be rented by event planners or different professional companies who deal with electronic supplies. They have a wide range of LEDs and can be selected according to the requirement and with the best possible negotiation. No doubt opting for an LED screen for wedding can make a wedding most memorable and entertaining.


The LED screen for wedding plays an emotional part not only for the couple but also for the guests especially the couple’s immediate relatives or family members. Emotional and beautiful video clips are played which may be a couple’s childhood pictures or their pre-wedding memories with family members or friends. The idea of wedding LED screen not only touches the heart of everyone but also makes it enjoyable for every person coming in the function. Moreover, a couple can also record a thank you or welcome video before wedding for their guests which can also leave a great impression over guests.

What Size Wedding LED Screen Do I Need?

The LED screen for wedding can be placed anywhere easily without putting much effort that where to adjust it in the function. It can be adjusted according to its size and customization can be done according to the requirement. However, if the venue is outdoor, an option of a LED billboards remains best which costs higher than the indoor setup but it has worth making the wedding function beautiful.

The LED wall can be made easily as per the required size of the LED. An option of a curved flexible LED wall is also there now. It displays images or videos to guests in a clearer manner no matter what angle they have. The guests sitting at the back can also have a chance to watch everything that is going in the function all the time and can have a pleasant time at the wedding function. The rough guide about LED screen size shows 5ft high, 7ft wide if the wedding reception is about 100 persons. Whereas, 7ft high x 9ft wide if the reception has 200 persons, 9ft high x 16ft wide if the wedding function has 300 persons.

How much does a wedding LED screen cost?

The LED screen has different prices. It depends largely on the size required. If the wedding function has a large number of guests then large-sized LED screen has to be adjusted that will cost more than the usual one. Whereas, if wedding has selected guests invited, then the normal-sized Kinglight LED screen will go best that won’t cost higher. However, as compared to projectors, LED walls cost about 20-25% higher but in the long term, it is expected that LED walls will have a decrease in cost as compared to projectors because of the less maintenance requirement. The LED screens have different sizes such as 12 x 8 feet, 4 x 6 feet, 4 x 4 feet, etc. The event planner has to select an LED screen size depending upon the requirement of the wedding function.

 Hence, it not only satisfies the couple during their wedding but also bring happiness throughout their lives as one of the best memories. The trend of wedding LED screens has tremendously increased in recent years benefiting people as well as the companies selling them. The time to time up-gradation is available for LED screens which doesn’t cost much but requires some software replacements or installations which makes the LED screens more efficient and proficient to use.


Is the bigger the wedding LED screen, the better?

When choosing a wedding LED screen, it doesn’t matter the size, but the aspect ratio! Generally, the mainstream LED screen ratios in the market are 4:3 and 16:9. The former is more commonly used by TV stations, while the latter is a commonly used format for high-definition and uncoded, and is also commonly used on computer monitors.

Although the LED screen is a huge screen, it is actually made up of LED display cabinet. You should know that it is difficult to completely achieve “proportionality”. Let’s give an example. Take the mainstream P3 LED screen as an example, 0.5m*0.5m is common cabinet size. If the ratio is set to 16:9 and the size is set to about 20 square meters, you can choose the size of 6m*3.5m; if it is about 30 square meters, you can choose 7.5m* 4m. The size and proportion settings are generally composed of many factors. Such as venue, design, budget and many other aspects.

Where to place the wedding LED screen?

Generally, there are two ways to place wedding LED screens: in the middle or on the left and right sides. If the Wedding LED screen is placed in the middle, most of our eyes will stay on the screen. This is more conducive to creating an atmosphere, and the ceremony will be more changeable. Of course, the shortcomings are also more obvious.

Since LEDs emit light by themselves, the backlight is very strong, which puts higher requirements on photography and lighting. If the requirements for post-production photos are very high, more work still needs to be done. Of course, if you have more requirements for the wedding scene, or mainly live broadcast, it will be more suitable to place it on both sides.

How to design a wedding LED screen?

There are four commonly used wedding LED methods:


wedding LED screen

Wedding LED screen is installed in a frame of the stage background. There is still a stage background, either a background built with KT panels, or curtains and gauze, but no matter what kind of it is, it is like a larger LED TV in the center of the stage. The proportion is not very large, it just allows people to see the picture.


The high-definition playback quality is good, the area is small and the price is low.


The area is small and not atmospheric enough.


wedding LED screen

The wedding LED screen is placed in the center and integrated with the background panels on both sides to form a stage background with an overall design. At present, this design solution is accepted by more people who choose wedding LED screens.


The large-area picture display makes the visual enjoyment better, and it appears more harmoniously as a part of the stage background.


if an LED screen with such a large area wants to have an atmospheric and integrated stage background, it can only be placed on both sides with KT boards. The gauze curtain looks stingy and difficult to integrate with the LED screen.

Single vertical

wedding LED screen

The background of the entire stage is this LED screen. There is no KT board or other stage design elements. All logos, images and pictures are displayed through this large LED screen.


it is grand and domineering, and the entire banquet guests can watch the content of the LED screen from 360 degrees without blind spots.


The price is relatively expensive.


wedding LED screen

The background of the stage is still a whole, either a KT board design or a gauze curtain design, but the LED screen is set on the side of the background board, either on both sides, or only on one side, a bit like a projection screen. , it is only set up for the temporary display of wedding photos or videos, and is not integrated with the stage background.


it can reduce the design requirements for the stage background, and the stage background can be completed more flexibly using simple materials.

Doitvision’s Wedding LED screen solutions

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DOIT VISION LED rental screen matrix 500

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