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Matrix 500 Series 2.6mm(xR version)

Premium Outdoor IP66

VAST Series LED outdoor panel

6.67mm / 8mm / 10mm

7000-10000 nits

Transparent LED

Crystal Series

2.6-5.2mm/3.9-7.8mm / 10.4mm

Indoor & Outdoor

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Base in Shenzhen, China, DOIT VISION is leading expert in design & manufacturing all types of LED display, full passion in LED visual arts, OEM & ODM available.With customers worldwide, DOIT VISION has sparked a global movement within the LED display industry, bringing value for our customers. 


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DOIT VISION team offers wide ranges of LED screen solutions for various applications.

We dedicated in designing and producing the high-quality products.

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How Much Does A DJ LED Screen Cost?

What Features Should A DJ LED Screen Have?  A DJ LED screen is a specialized type of display commonly used in the context of DJ performances, particularly in nightclubs, bars, and other live entertainment venues. It is designed to be placed behind the DJ booth to...

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Top 10 China Stage & Event & Rental LED Display Manufacturers

Introduction Every industry needs LED displays. You will always encounter LED displays in different forms throughout the day. Especially in the advertisement and cinema industry, it’s simply impossible to function without LED displays. However, the process of getting...

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How to Calculate the LED Stage Background Screen Size?

Art desires to back from technology, while the advancement of technology promotes the development of art. Since the 20th century, the growth of the LED stage screen has brought a great visual revolution to the stage performance. Whether you are arranging a community...

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1920Hz vs 3840Hz LED Screen Refresh Rate: How to Choose?

What is LED Screen Refresh Rate?  Refresh rate is an important indicator used to characterize the non-flickering and screen stability of an LED display. It mainly refers to the update rate, which becomes almost indistinguishable to the ordinary human eye when it...

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TOP 10 LED Display Philippines Supplier 2023

LED displays are the most competitive and reliable advertising source in today's advanced world. Whether you are a corporate business owner or an event planner, the presence of LED display solutions can enhance your business performance effectively. Hence, LED display...

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Gold Wire VS Copper Wire of LED Screen

Having an LED display screen can be very beneficial for the promotion of your brand or business as an outdoor electrical appliance. Otherwise, if you invest in an LED display for indoor usage, you can surely have a smart and durable usage ease in that aspect too. But...

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Who we are

DOIT VISION is underpinned by 3 principals


Quality first. We strongly believe that quality is the best selling point and the basic rule of business. We keep making top quality products in the high price sensitive market, to bring the best user-experiences for our customers.

We Listen

We respect users and listen to the market needs. Our design, manufacturing and services are all user-based, not only making products, we offer tailor-made product and service, our design and manufacturing can be flexibly adjusted base on customers. We do what you need.

Supeior Service

With strong background in worldwide marketing, we can easily understand the needs and work out the best solutions rapidly for any inquiry. We always keep price low for top quality, no MOQ, custom made design and manufacturing available, 24/7 ready on-line response for any urgent urgency.

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