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xR LED Solution


Matrix 500 Series 2.6mm(xR version)

Premium Outdoor IP66

VAST Series LED outdoor panel

6.67mm / 8mm / 10mm

7000-10000 nits

Transparent LED

Crystal Series

2.6-5.2mm/3.9-7.8mm / 10.4mm

Indoor & Outdoor

DOIT VISION recognition

Base in Shenzhen, China, DOIT VISION is leading expert in design & manufacturing all types of LED display, full passion in LED visual arts, OEM & ODM available.With customers worldwide, DOIT VISION has sparked a global movement within the LED display industry, bringing value for our customers. 


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What is a 3D digital billboard? How does it work?

Introduction: Billboards have been used in advertising for years. It is highly effective in building brand awareness and getting higher reach for the product. Billboards offer a visual experience. With its bold advertisement, even the busiest of the public becomes...

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What is P10 LED Display? Outdoor P10 LED Display Everything

Introduction LED displays are constantly evolving. There are many different displays in the market these days with different specifications. One such LED display is the P10 LED display. If you are new to the world of LED displays then you may be confused by words like...

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What are GOB LED Display and COB LED Display?

Introduction   LED displays are everywhere. From the streetlight outside of your house to the LED screen installed outside of a mall, you can never escape LEDs. They have also evolved with time. Conventional LEDs are now no longer the preference of the market. With a...

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What is naked-eye 3D? How to make a 3D LED Display?

Introduction LED displays have been used for years. From commercial purposes to personal offices, LED displays are common. Especially in advertising, LED displays perform really well. However, all this time, 2D LED displays have been used around the world. 3D LED...

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What is mandalorian LED wall? Mandalorian Virtual Set Cost

Film industry is constantly evolving. With new technology that has been coming up, it’s easier than ever to have a smooth production experience with the highest quality results. The mandalorian LED wall is one such technology that made it possible to film most of the...

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LED Signs Content Rules Best Practices

LED signs draw attention, and naturally, we want them to look good. If you are new to this world, then you are probably wondering where to start. If you're going to build a solid marketing campaign, it's vital to seek little help. Here is a list of suggestions that...

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Foldable LED Screens:All Everthing You Need to Know

If you are thinking of getting a foldable LED screen, then there is variety. But it is also vital to get one after doing proper research. There are factors to consider, like benefits, features, reputation, etc., when it comes to screen selection. On the whole, it is a...

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Who we are

DOIT VISION is underpinned by 3 principals


Quality first. We strongly believe that quality is the best selling point and the basic rule of business. We keep making top quality products in the high price sensitive market, to bring the best user-experiences for our customers.

We Listen

We respect users and listen to the market needs. Our design, manufacturing and services are all user-based, not only making products, we offer tailor-made product and service, our design and manufacturing can be flexibly adjusted base on customers. We do what you need.

Supeior Service

With strong background in worldwide marketing, we can easily understand the needs and work out the best solutions rapidly for any inquiry. We always keep price low for top quality, no MOQ, custom made design and manufacturing available, 24/7 ready on-line response for any urgent urgency.

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