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Nationstar vs Kinglight Vs Nichia vs Epistar LED

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Blogs | 2 comments

LED, the short form of light-emitting diode, is a source of light that has many valuable uses, such as traffic lights, flashlights and many more. As per the recent studies conducted, it is proven that LED lights are far safer than any other medium of lighting. The customer‘s preferences these days lies in the customer care and after sales services, even in the LED business. The Chinese market is famous for its top quality production of LED lights and led display supplier, some of the top competing companies are:

nationstar led

NationStar LED

In the business for LEDs, the company, founded in the year 1969 which was later involved in the LED production in the year 1976 is a Chinese LED venture that is famously known to manufacture high levels of LED related components and applications on the national basis. Taking the statistics of the company, the firm has an estimated annual growth rate of 20% which has been consecutively achieved over the past 10 years of their working experience. Moreover, in consideration of the expertise, the firm comprises of several skilled work force including 700 top level technicians as well as engineers, to add to that, NationStar LED also has the expertise, approximately from the 15 Ph.D. and 150 Masters level employees. The company has made it place in the world’s 8th company to acquire market shares and generate revenues. NationStar has even contributed in the field to further enhance their skills, adding to that; the venture has also been seen investing in the Research & Development for the betterment of the company. Currently, the firm is known to be the pioneers of the deployment strategy which states, market internationalization, high-tech, production scale, and sophistication are the key to a bright future. 

kinglight led

Kinglight LED

A leading company in the LED production and manufacturing in China, Shenzhen Kinglight Company was founded in the year 2008 that has its special expertise in Research and Development, Sales, Production, and Manufacturing of LED lights and providing services for the LED displays. Over the years, the company has made its way through the market with the help of advanced technology such as machinery and equipment, high quality raw materials, and management strategies. The mission of the company states the commitment from the team regarding the after sale services such as keeping tracks of the product usage, monthly inspections, continuous feedbacks and keeping in mind the customer’s time and energy in order to keep the customers happy and satisfied with the product and the service by Kinglight LED. The team of the company consists of professionals from the industry, ones that are highly skilled and has the industry experience. Being a customer-centric company, Kinglight LED also provides consultation services to the customers in need along with providing various different solutions to mitigate their risk of investment and provides a better understanding to generate safe profits. The company’s purpose is to create a mutual advantage, for the business and for the customer as well.

Nichaia LED

Introduced in the year 1956, the company, Nichaia LED was the pioneer for establishing the blue LED lighting the year 1993, runs by the motto that promises to provide a brighter world to its customer. The company has been grown in the previous years through the effective use of the manufacturing, development, and processing of the chemical, commonly known as phosphors which are used for the purpose of emitting light. The company has engaged in the innovative process of mixing up the colors to make a different one, which is an impressive and creative way to prove the credibility of the firm. Later, the innovation did not stop for Nichaia LED as they were successful in creating a white LED lighting which later was followed by the invention of a blue-ish violet laser in the later years. The company has invested its time and effort in the sustainable production of lighting as the trend to make innovative solutions to look after the environment for the better future of the world. To this date, the company has been keen to provide more verity into the LED lighting for the customers to be the ultimate pioneers in the LED manufacturing and processing business. 

Epistar LED 

Established in the year 1996, the firm Epistar LED, a Chinese company was founded by a group of men that had a vision for the LED lighting. The main element involved in the establishment of the company was the innovative processes and edge cutting production and manufacturing of LED lights. With the help of professionals and the expertise of the field, Epistar is at a place where it can compete at a global level as the biggest supplier of the LED components. In reference to the working experience, the company has been working with brands that helped them popularize the idea of involving LEDs into the daily life, such as TV, cellphones, Laptops, and others of the same category. The mission to normalize LEDs into the daily life of the customer still remains on the top priority of the management team. In the market, the firm has believed in maintaining a healthy working relationship with the businesses they work with in order to manufacture and produce high quality of products. The key strategy of the company was to develop a model that would encourage a partnership into designing and manufacturing the processes involved in the production of LED lighting to have a better control over the entire process of LED production. 

Nationstar LED vs. Kinglight LED

Below is a comparison about the key differences between Nationstar LEDs and Kinglight LEDs:

FeatureNationstar LEDsKinglight LEDs
Use Case (Indoor)High-end applications with a need for real color reproduction (e.g., movie theaters, high-end conference rooms, TV stations)Basic indoor applications with limited color reproduction needs (e.g., shopping malls, airports for advertising)
Price (Indoor)Slightly higher, around $20-50/m2 more than Kinglight LEDsMore budget-friendly
Use Case (Outdoor)Environments requiring high brightness, stability, and color reproduction (e.g., CBD, high-end shopping malls, pedestrian streets)Suitable for less demanding environments, displaying regular video or image advertisements
Brightness (Outdoor)Higher brightness with less light loss over time (5% in the first year, 10-15% annually thereafter)Lower brightness with more significant light loss (7-10% in the first year, 12-19% annually thereafter)
Lifespan (Outdoor)Longer theoretical lifespan (5-7 years)Shorter theoretical lifespan (3-5 years)
Stability (Outdoor)Lower dead pixel rate (0.01% within two years, 0.03% after two years)Higher dead pixel rate (0.03% within two years, 0.04% after two years)
Maintenance CostLower due to higher stability and longer lifespanHigher due to lower stability and shorter lifespan
Installation EnvironmentRecommended for harsh environments due to better stability and durabilityNot recommended for harsh environments due to lower durabilit

Which one is better?

DOIT VISION Outdoor LED display IP68
DOIT VISION Outdoor LED display IP68

Each company has its own importance in the market, along with having its own personal competitive advantage in the field of business, specializing in the LED processes, such as, NationStar LED, that comprises of highly skilled employee workforce, ones that have excellent field knowledge and can cater to the fall backs of the market easily, on the other hand, Kinglight LED, that has a strong command over their customers and have provided them with all sorts of facilities to keep them happy. Nichaia LED, which is involved in the creative processes, their mission is to be the ultimate pioneers in the creativity of the business, ad lastly, Epistar LED, the firm that has a strong hold over its processes and has the basic understandings of the processes and manufacturing of the LED lights. 

However, comparing all the LED manufacturing and producing companies on a singular platform, it is easy to say that Kinglight LED is a better option out of all. The reason being, their attitude towards their customers along with the fact that the management team is so confident regarding their product that they do not shy away from the customer’s queries. Moreover, the additional beneficial facilities that the company provides relating to the LED lights and adding the personal touch, in order for their customers to feel connected to the firm with the facility of consultation of risk mitigation. The touch of empathy generates a warm feeling in the market, stating that the firm is not only there to provide them with a mere product, but rather, they are there because the firm genuinely cares for its customer’s general wellbeing. The ultimate key to success is being a customer-centric company and keeping the end-users satisfied in.


What Is The Difference Detween Cree LEDs and Nichia LEDs?

In China’s Shenzhen market, the mainstream LED brands for display include Nationstar, Kinglight, Mulinsen, and Hongsheng.

In addition, the global market categorizes LED quality into four grades, with American Cree and Japanese Nichia at the pinnacle of top international brands.

Both Nichia and Cree are known for their excellent stability and visual performance. However, their costs are much higher, with each LEDs is 3-5 times more expensive than a Nationstar LED, resulting in an overall price 4-6 times higher.

Such high prices mean that only about 5% of customers – those who are extremely demanding – choose LEDs from Nichia and Cree.

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