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How much does an LED screen cost?

by | Apr 20, 2024 | Blogs | 3 comments

Are you looking for LED screen price list? LED screen is a big concept, and the price is different according to the type and application.

What makes LED screens cost more?

LED screens cost a lot because many things affect their price. You’ll see that factors like the pixel pitch on the screen, where it’s made, and even how it’s installed can change the price. Here’s a simple breakdown of 12 things that can make your LED screen cost more.

Dot size

The dot size, or pixel pitch, is important because it determines how clear the images look from different distances. The closer the dots, the sharper the image, but this makes the screen more expensive. On the other hand, screens with more widely spaced dots are cheaper, but don’t look as good up close.

Screen resolution

The resolution of a display tells you how many dots make up the image. More dots mean a clearer image, but also a higher price, especially for video. For example, a large LED screen may need a lot of dots to show clear video.

Viewing distance

The distance from which you view the screen is important. If you’re up close, like in a small room, you’ll want a screen with small dots so everything looks nice and clear. But if you’re farther away, like at a concert, bigger dots are fine and cost less.

Screen size

The bigger the screen, the more it costs. That’s because larger screens require more dots and more materials to hold them together. But sometimes using several smaller screens together can save you some money compared to one giant screen.

Frame material

The material of the screen’s frame can also affect cost. Aluminum is strong and lightweight, but expensive. Iron is cheaper but heavier and can rust. Carbon fiber is super light and strong, but also expensive. The choice of material can really change how much you end up paying.

Purpose (Indoor vs. Outdoor)

Outdoor screens need to be bright and tough because they will be exposed to sunlight and weather. They usually cost more than indoor screens, which are made for softer lighting and less harsh conditions.


Where you place the screen can also change the cost. Busy places like airports or shopping malls may have regulations that make installation more expensive. Also, the more competition there is, the better the prices may be.


People are often willing to pay more for a brand they trust. If a brand is known for its quality, it can charge more. But remember, just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better.

Extra features

Things like brightness, refresh rate, and color range can add to the cost. Displays that look really vibrant and update quickly are great, but cost more.


Shipping a large screen isn’t easy. If it’s a long way or in a hard-to-reach place, it might cost more to get it there. Sometimes, though, you might get lucky and find a deal with free shipping.


Installing a large screen can be tricky, especially in difficult locations. This can add to the cost, depending on how complex the installation is. Some companies offer free installation, which is great!

Screen maintenance

Keeping your screen looking good also costs money. You need to clean it and sometimes repair parts like the power supply. Updates and calibrations to keep the screen working properly are also important.

So if you’re thinking about getting an LED screen, keep all these things in mind. They can help you understand why the price might be high and make sure you get what you need without overspending.

Below we will introduce different types of LED screen price as reference. If you want to get the exact price, feel free to contact us.

LED display prices according to different Type

Outdoor LED screen cost

outdooor LED display

The following are common pitches of SMD outdoor LED Screens are P4mm/P5mm/P6mm/P6.67mm/P8mm, and P10mm.

Pixel pitchModule sizeInstallationUnit prices/SQM
P4mm256*128Rear service$648~766
P4mm320*160Front service$751~820
P5mm320*160Rear service$514~587
P6mm192*192Rear service$480~620
P6.67mm320*320Front service$641~694
P8mm256*128Rear service$498~570
P8mm320*320Front service$589~628
P10mm320*160Rear service$450~507
P10mm320*160Rear service$410~455

Estimated Costs for Outdoor LED Display

Smaller than 100 square feet Outdoor  LED billboards

The estimated price of LED outdoor screens reference below;

Screen TypeSizeModule SizeCost Range
P10 SMD Advertising Outdoor Fixed LED Screen4000mm x 5000mm960mm x 960mm$5,000 to $15,000

Small LED billboards are an affordable option for companies with localized advertising needs because this price range reflects the balance between size, functionality, and affordability.

Therefore, for this kind of 20-30sqm outdoor billboard, we can use iron boxes, which are better waterproof and stronger.

· Medium-sized Outdoor LED billboards (100-300 Square Feet): 

outdooor LED display

The estimated price of LED outdoor screens reference below;

Screen TypeSizeModule SizeMaterialBrightnessCost Range
P5 SMD Advertising Outdoor Fixed LED Screen10000mm x 5000mm960mm x 960mmDie-cast aluminum6500 nits$15,000 to $50,000
  • Category: Medium-sized, suitable for local advertising or urban installations.
  • Price Range: $15,000 to $50,000.
  • Features: Offers higher resolutions for crisper and more detailed images.
  • Visual Impact: Enhanced visual clarity enhances overall impact.
  • Brightness: Increased brightness levels ensure visibility under various lighting conditions.
  • Material: Utilizes die-cast aluminum cabinets for lighter weight, improved heat dissipation, and easier installation.

· Big Outdoor LED Billboards (Square Footage Above 300): 

The estimated price of LED outdoor screens reference below;

Screen TypeSizeBrightness (Nits)Cost Range
P10 SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Screen14000mm x 9000mm with 960*960mm modules7000 – 10000$50,000 to several hundred thousand dollars
  • Size: Larger than 300 square feet.
  • Cost Range: $50,000 to several hundred thousand dollars.
  • Location: Commonly positioned near highways or in large cities.
  • Features: Includes state-of-the-art features like high resolutions for clear images.
  • Brightness: High brightness levels, visible even in bright daylight.
  • Durability: Good heat dissipation and suitable for display in extreme weather conditions.

We will recommend our Vast series, Aluminum material, high temperature durability, fast heat-dissipation.The whole product can reach 5VB fireproofing level.

outdooor LED display

Double-sided Outdoor LED screen Cost

Screen TypeSizeFeaturesCost Range
P5 SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Screen3m x 2mDouble-sided$5,000 to $7,000

Inquiries from customers:
I need a quote for another project, 8 foot x 8 foot double sided (on pole)

As we checked the size mentioned, 2.43mx2.43m x double sides,We need to know the customer’s viewing distance and brightness requirements, confirm whether there is an old screen that needs to be replaced, confirm further details with the customer and then offer a solution.

3D Outdoor LED screen Cost

Inquiries from customers:
An outdoor 3D led billboard,almost 20feet high and 40 feet by width.

Outdoor 3D display screens are usually made up of ordinary outdoor screens and custom video materials. Because many factors can change the cost, the prices vary.

Installation Size and FeaturesCost Range
Small billboard (10×20 feet, standard definition)$10,000 to $50,000
Large billboard (20×40 feet or larger, high-definition)$50,000 to $200,000
Prime location in big city, highly detailed 3D designsStarting at $200,000


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Rental LED screen cost

Percentage of main parts cost for an LED screen panel

DOIT VISION LED screen main parts
DOIT VISION LED screen main parts

Many users understand the specifications, features, and designs of LED screens, but they will get confused about different LED screen products with the same design and even the same specifications but with a big price difference, why are these differences? Are the manufacturers charging more profits? What is the real cost of an LED screen product?

To clarify, let’s take the example of a P3.9mm indoor LED panel, (panel size:500mmx 500mm). 

Main specs are very common in the market.

  • Pixel pitch: 3.91mm
  • LED: SMD2020, Kinglight LED lamp
  • LED module size: 250mm x 250mm
  • LED cabinet size: 500mmx 500mm
  • Brightness: 1000 nits
  • Refresh: 1920Hz
  • Weight: 7.5kg

Let’s separate a LED screen panel into 4 main parts, with these 4 parts, we can get a running LED screen.

  • LED modules (4 pcs for each cabinet)
  • Power box unit
  • LED cabinet frame
  • Production

Below with a table to show the percentage % of the parts for a complete unit of LED screen panels pixel pitch of Matrix 500, 3.9mm indoor. Cost based on one panel(size 500mm x 500mm).

how much a LED screen cost DOIT VISION
how much a LED screen cost DOIT VISION

With this table analysis, it is easy to figure out:

  • What are the main parts?
  • What is the percentage ratio of the cost of each main part?
  • What are the costly parts?
  • What parts we should pay more not to keep the good quality?

These data do not stand for all LED panels, for some products like fine pitch, creative shape, transparent displays, or with CE/EMC/UL/ETL, certificates, they are different.

Price differences, from where?

  • The brands of the main parts using, for example, LED lamp prices different from 5-50%, which leads to 0.08 – 8.75% in total unit price
  • Other main parts with different brands of PCB, Electronic components, Driver, power supply, hub board, cabinet frame, these will lead to the difference also.
  • Production cost is also different, especially for the SMT, with a higher standard and state-of-the-art equipment, the cost difference will be 25-50% difference again.

Based on my personal view with my knowledge of materials and manufacturing, a good LED screen panel(rental use) with trusted brands of components, like pixel pitch of 3.9mm indoor(size of 500mm x 500mm), selling price should be like USD800 -USD1300 per square meter (EXW work price), which is a big range of difference. With the benefits of better brands, and materials, they bring reliability, user-friendly, less maintenance, faster installation, better look, and branding. Users can make decisions based on their actual needs.

Users can invest more on the main parts, like LED lamps, to get less dead leds, better power supply, to get longer lifespan.

Outdoor rental LED screen Cost

Inquiries from customers:
I need a 6m x 3m outdoor led screen rental type with P3.9mm

  1. Durability Requirements: Outdoor LED displays are moisture proof, weatherproof, and UV proof, which increases their cost compared to indoor LEDs.
  2. Size of the LED: Larger LED screens cost more to rent.
  3. Rental Pricing Model: Costs are based on a daily rate. Multiply the number of days you plan to rent the display by the daily rental price to get the total cost.

For example

Here’s a a P3.9 outdoor rental screen cost case:

Screen TypeSizeIncluded ComponentsCost
P3.9 Outdoor, 16 Scan6m x 3mControl system, receiving card, packaging, etc.About $20,000

Concert LED display Cost

Concert LED Display

As mentioned above, different configurations will affect the price of the product.

  • Affecting Factors : size, spacing, angle, refresh, pixels, and lamp brand.
  • Popular Choices: P3.9mm is common, but customers often prefer P2.6mm or P2.9mm for their finer pixel pitch to enhance product uniqueness.

The following analyzes the impact of different product factors on price.

Size (Aspect Ratio)16:9 is the standard aspect ratio, designed based on the natural field of view of human eyes, making it ideal for TVs and monitors.
PitchSmaller pitch indicates higher pixel density, which leads to higher costs due to more lamp beads and ICs used.
Refresh RateCommon refresh rates for LED displays are 1920Hz, 2880Hz, 3840Hz, and 7680Hz. High refresh rates like 3840Hz are recommended to reduce flicker and moiré patterns when captured by cameras.
LampLED lamp beads are crucial for display quality. Brands like HS, Kinglight, and Nationstar are commonly used, offering stable quality, vibrant colors, wide viewing angles, and longevity.

Example a inquiry from a customer as below: Pls give me price of P2.9mm indoor, 10x6m used in Concert?

No.ApplicationPixel pitchBrightnessCabinet sizeLEDHS/1920HS/3840KL/1920KL/840NS/1920NS/3840


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Circular LED screens Cost

circular LED display

Circular LED screens are available in different sizes. But it’s crucial to make a decision based on your needs. For example, decide whether you want to cover a small space or a large space. We can call it a public display screen that is widely used to spread information. However, the common sizes are as follows. If you are interested in this screen, you can contact us to provide you with a complete solution.

No.Pixel PitchLEDBrightnessDiameterPrice(Unit)Note
1P1.538mmSMD 10106001m$4000-5100NS+3840
2P1.538mmSMD 10106001.3m$6000-7000NS+3840
3P1.538mmSMD 10106001.6m$10000-1200NS+3840
4P2.5mmSMD 20208001m$2500-3000NS+3840
5P2.5mmSMD 20208001.3m$4000-4300NS+3840
6P2.5mmSMD 20208001.6m$6000-6200NS+3840
7P2.5mmSMD 20208002m$9200-9500NS+3840
8P2.5mmSMD 20208002.5m$12000-15000NS+3840

Note: Price includes controller and wooden case packaging

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Perimeter LED Display Cost

stadium perimeter led display
Pixel PitchMaintenanceCabinet MaterialPrice/SQM
P6.67mmFront serviceDie cast aluminum$750~$950
P6.67mmFront serviceiron Cabinet$710~$900
P8mmFront serviceDie cast aluminum$630~$850
P8mmFront serviceiron Cabinet$5800~$790
P10mmFront serviceDie cast aluminum$530~$700
P10mmFront serviceiron Cabinet$480~$650

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LED display prices according to different pitches

P1.5 LED Display Cost

fine pitch leds Display

The cost of a P1.5 LED display can vary significantly based on several factors. Here we will show the price difference based on size.

For example: P1.5mm indoor FP series

ItemScreen SizePrice (per sqm)Total AreaAmount (USD)
14.8 x 2.7 m240012.96 sqm31104
26 x 3.7 m240022.2 sqm53280


  • “sqm” means square meter.
  • “m” stands for meter.
  • “Amount” is the total cost without including package and video processor.

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P2 LED Display Cost

P2 LED display

Here we also will briefly provide you with a cost reference for purchasing an P2 LED display screen.

  1. Pricing Strategy: Quoted based on the unit price per square meter; varies with different LED lamp brands, refresh rates, and cabinet materials.
  2. Included in Price: Price covers the receiving card, cables, and free spare parts. Controllers, packaging, and additional parts are extra, depending on customer needs.
  3. Transportation Options: Common methods include air and sea. Door-to-door delivery directly to the warehouse is also available.

No matter what your screen size demands are, there are a solution for you, about P2 LED display.

Screen SizeCost Range
Smaller than 10 sq meters$8,000 to $30,000
10 to 50 sq meters$30,000 to $140,000

For example, based the customer demands, we offer different solution with a series of LED display.

P2 LED display comparison

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