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Flexible LED screen

A creative LED display can be bended


LED Flexible Screen

The flexible LED screen / flexible LED display utilizes soft PCB with high flexibility which can be bended to creatve concave and convex curve shapes.

Flexible LED Displays 1

Flexible LED screen  can be bended

Flexible LED screen  module is specially designed with soft PCB and rubber plastic parts which can be bend concave and convex without affecting the the normal working of the LED diode board.

Magnetic front maintenance

With the strong magnets, flexible LED display modules can be easily anywhere to form different creative shapes of LED display such as LED column, curve LED display, concave and convex. The installation and maintenance can be done from the front.

Flexible LED Displays 2


Pixel pitch(mm)2.5mm indoor3 mm indoor4 mm indoor6mm indoor
Pixel Matrix Per SQM1600001111116250027777
Pixel ConfigurationSMD2020SMD2020SMD2020SMD3528
Power Con.(Max/Avg) 200W/sqm(Avg)600W/sqm(Max)
Modules Dimension6.3’’ x 6.3’’
160mm x 160mm
7.56’’ x 7.56’’
192mm x 192mm
10.08’’ x 5.04’
256mm x 128mm
7.56’’ x 7.56’’
192mm x 192mm
Modules Solution64x6464x6464x3232x32
Modules Weight0.15 kg /0.33 lbs0.16 kg /0.35 lbs0.14 Kg /0.31 lbs0.15 kg /0.33 lbs
Serivice Access Front
Refresh Rate(HZ) ≥1920
Grey Scale(bit) 16
Viewing Angle(H/V) 160°/160°
IP Rate IP31 / IP31
Input Voltage(AC)
110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ
Operating Temperature -20° ~ 60 °
Lifespan(hrs) >100,000(hrs)

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