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Are you searching for the perfect circular LED screen ? If yes, then you landed on the right page to get the ultimate help. We are living in a modern age where technology is making progress every other day. So, it would be great to know how to use these advanced means to grow the business. However, there are many multi-functional devices like smartphones, computers, etc., that are available in the market. One of these machines is the LED screen that helps businesses to convey words efficiently. So, let’s learn about the circular LED displays in detail.

What is a circular led screen?

Generally, the word stands for the Light-emitting diode. It is a small cell that enlightens up when we connect it with the voltage. Thus, the circular LED is a display that comes in a round shape. The round led display comes with several features and different specifications. Moreover, you can use it for various aims because it comes with advance and dynamite features. The LED display market offers so many types, technologies, and unique features to its customers. In simple words, we use the phrase LED to describe the available screens on a wide range of devices. I hope you have already seen the use of LED screens for marketing purposes.

circular led screen

Types of the circular LED display technologies:

Many types of Circular LED screens are available in the market. We can differentiate all of these types based on features and technologies.

Flexbile Module LED display:

It commonly uses with all types of billboards, signage, or video walls. It is the best circular LED display technology if you want to show complex information. However, you can commonly find it for different purposes. Here are some common uses of the soft  module circular LED screen:

To display images and symbolsPricesSymbols
TemperaturesDate and timeNew ticker and updates

7-segment circular LED display:

Sometimes, we call it the SSD and refer it to as seven-segment indicators. However, it is one of the most common types that uses to display the numerical. But this isn’t suitable to show the letters. However, due to this, it can only carry readable characters.

Apart from these two types, some other LED displays are commonly using in the market.

  • 14-segment LED display
  • 16-segment LED display

Many industries are widely using these screens to get benefits. So, let’s learn in-depth that how we can use the circular LED screen.

Applications of Circular LED display

The circular LED screen comes in different sizes. But it is crucial to decide based on your needs. For instance, determine whether you want to cover small or large space. We may call it the public display screen that is widely used to spread the message. However, you can apply the circular LED screens at the following places:

Shopping mallsHotelsRailway stationsBars
Subway stationsEntertainment plazaHospitalTarde centers
AirportSupermarketBankStadiums etc.

The circular LED display is famous due to its beautiful shape, effectiveness, and thin structure. Above all, you can customize the size and pixels of the screens as per your needs. But here, it is essential to mention that the unique cylinder style attracts passersby.

circular led screen

Benefits of using circular LED screens:

After knowing about the circular LED screens in detail now, we move towards the next step. If you want to take the benefits of these advanced technologies, it’s vital to know the benefits. So, here are the following benefits of round LED display:

  • We can say that the circular led screen comes with double usage. Yes, you can easily use it as the new shopping signboard.
  • Moreover, the unique shapes help to get the instant attention of the passerby. As a result, it brings more business for the brands.
  • Many companies are introducing circular lights with advanced features. It comes with auto-brightness control lights.
  • Above all, the structure comes with the setup that supports the screw holes on the round LED display.

We can say that circular LED displays are another name of value and aesthetic. However, these fantastic features are widely used in museums, galleries, casinos, government plazas and hotels, and many other places. It is one of those widely spreading technologies due to its unique features, aesthetics, and style.

What are the tips for choosing a Circular LED display

If we compare LED displays with traditional advertisement methods, then it draws more attention. But you can’t make the buying decision without knowing anything about this advanced technology. So, let’s discuss the tricks and tips that will help to choose the circular LED screen.

Pay attention towards size:

We have already discussed that a round LED display consists of different specifications. Apart from this, there is a most astounding fact that you can customize the size and pixels of the screen. But while selecting the LED, pay attention to the extent. If the screen is heavy-sized, then it could fall due to slight movement. So, go for the lightweight display because it’s easy to carry.

Easy installation:

If you select a round LED display that is thin and lightweight is easy to install. Moreover, don’t forget to customize the wall mounts because it provides support against strong winds. Apart from this, fix the power cable from the backside to easily connect with the socket.

Moreover, if you are planning to install it on the wall, then use the expansion screws. Above all, they get the steel plate structure because it keeps the circular LED screen safe from rust. By adopting all of these tips, you can save extra time and effort. Furthermore, it helps to get more value against the money that you spent.

It supports multiple playback formats:

Before making the buying decision, make sure that it can run all format videos. The round LED display uses the asynchronous control card. However, it is the main feature that is responsible for playing all videos and images. For instance, by paying attention to this feature, the screen will support mp4, Gif, Png, etc. Apart from this, the circular LED screen comes with a setup that supports 3G. You can connect with the screen through a USB. Due to this feature, it will be like a piece of cake to send data here and there.

Multiple control method:

There are round LEDs that the android app could control. So, before buying the screen, make sure that it supports the WIFI. Apart from this, the round LED comes with a 4GB video storage capacity. Later you can extend the storage by using an external USB device. If you are looking for the right LED screen, we recommend considering a circular screen for ultimate benefits.

flexible round led screen

Top features to look for:

We have discussed earlier that circular LED screen widely uses in shopping malls, bars, stations, subways, etc. Moreover, here we are stating quick features that will help to learn more about this type.

  • The circular LED screen can run high-definition images and videos. However, the high resolution and pixels help to create a clear picture that attracts visitors.
  • Moreover, the round LED displays high-quality images, the best color combination, and clear pictures.
  • Above all, the circular LED screen comes with the best combination of grayscale and a high refresh rate. For instance, the grey level is 4096, and the refresh rate is more than 600hz. The main aim of this feature is to display the images without any delay instantly.
  • The unique design is effortless to install, and you can easily transport it here and there.
  • The round-shaped LED display is equally beneficial for indoor and outdoor settings. The brightness and picture quality works at best to grab public attention.
  • It won’t be wrong to say that the circular LED display is designed with unique features. The efficiency of the 360-angle feature is enough to make the image quality special. Moreover, the high reliability and long life span are the other plus point.

In the end, it is essential to mention here that round LED screens are compatible with different signal inputs. For instance, it works flawlessly as AV, S, DVI. VIDEO, HDMI. SDI, VGA, etc. So, take advantage of this water, dust, and lighting proof technology. It can bear weather hardships efficiently. It’s all because of waterproof tape around modules and PVC board on the surface.

Select circular LED screen manufacturers:

After reading the whole circular LED screen guide, I hope you are ready to give it a try. If you want to buy the circular LED display, select a reputable dipslay manufacturer that provides quality service. You can ask for friends and family suggestions before getting into anything. Apart from this, you can check the online reviews to determine the authenticity of the service. Here are the following qualities that should be there in your chosen service.

  • Sleek design
  • Seamless assembly and easy transportation
  • Have the ability to make advertisement attractive
  • The high pixel displays show visuals with the clarity
  • Thin structure with lightweight
  • The protection level should be 10/10
  • There should be a built-in feature to adjust the brightness

These are vital features, and you shouldn’t even think to invest in one of these features is missing. But there are some features and specifications that may vary according to whether you are using it indoor or outdoor.

Doitvision Circular LED Solutions:

At Doitvision,we use the resistance and high stability material in designing. As a result of this, there is low energy consumption and comes with more excellent stability. The circular LED display provides a broad perspective for the audience, and people can see the images even from a 360 angle. Therefore ,the round LED display is the best combination of modern and traditional technology. Moreover, it helps to lower the cost in the account of energy consumption. So, give us a chance to help environment protection and attract the visitors.