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Rental LED Display:Benefits,Rent, Hire,Price 2020

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 Are you interested in broadcasting your business ads and campaigns on LED displays? Okay, we live in one of the most advanced and digital world today, so there’s hardly any point in questioning whether you should go for an advanced advertising option of LED displays or not.

But wait! Is that all you are going to consider and go on to buy a LED display for your business promotions? And what if your business demands or budget doesn’t fit well with a large LED display? Now you can surely compromise with a less advanced or smaller display screen, but that might not always serve as efficiently as you want it to. Considering this, the second-best option is to go for an LED screen rental. If you haven’t discovered the rental ELD display option before, this might odd, but it’s equally reliable, budget-friendly, and beneficial for any and every business.

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Rental LED Display:Benefits,Rent, Hire,Price 2020 1

Now don’t worry if you aren’t well aware of how effective does an indoor or outdoor Rental LED display serves you, as we have you covered with a complete detailed guide. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover everything in detail.

Benefits of Rental LED Display:

Firstly, before you consider buying or renting anything, it’s important to understand what benefits you’ll avail of your investment. Besides, it’s the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind before making a purchase.

For better evaluating how effective and reliable the idea of LED screen hire is, let’s discover some of its benefits below.

· Portable Design:

Whether it’s an indoor rental LED display or an outdoor rental LED display, both of them have an outclass/slim look that makes it easier to manage and move from place to place. Moreover, with the portable benefit of rental LED screens that allows you to run your business promotions on different LED screens installed in different locations; you can easily target a larger audience overall.

Hence, whether you invest in different rental LED screens and keep changing their location or you rent different screens, you can gain the satisfaction that the same people or audience isn’t viewing your business promotions/ads. Altogether, you get the portability benefit for your business advertisements while reaching a larger audience.

· Quick Setup:

Since you’re investing in indoor rental LED displays, the time and investment required in its investment isn’t something you’ll face in this situation. This means that you only invest in an already installed LED display screen for portraying your business ads on rent. So you don’t have to wait a long time for your personal LED screens installation or setup. Instead, you can instantly pay to run ads on already installed and set display screens; saving most of your time and investment.

· Prolonged Service:

With a rental LED display, you can easily avail of the benefit of prolonged service. This simply refers to the fact that whether you rent a single LED display or multiple ones, you don’t have to worry about having a limited service. For instance, there’s a specific working duration of an LED screen, once that duration ends, your LED screen might not serve with the same quality effect afterward. However, with rental LED screens, you can stay away from the worry of having your single LED display being outdated or ineffective over time.

So whether you opt for a single LED screen hire or multiple ones, you know that you can change the specific screen location and choose a different one for renting. So, the outdating and its repairing/updating isn’t something you need to worry about; no matter what LED display screen you rent for your business promotions.

· More Affordable Option:

Not many businesses or small-scale corporations can invest in their own LED display screen; especially when their business demands a more advanced and high-quality display. However, when you are going for the second option, i.e. renting an already installed display screen of other businesses/corporations, you can be sure that you are not going to invest the same amount. Instead, this can help you save a lot of your investment, or meet your budget limits while also displaying your business/campaign promotions on the display screen.

Hence, whether you have a short budget, or you’re planning to save some extra bucks, a rental LED display can be the best affordable option.

· All-time Reliable:

 Yes, well, you might consider the previous aspect of prolonged services of a rental display screen here, but there’s more to the reliability here. A simple reason for that is the fact that you are not responsible for the damages, faults, or updating needs of a rental LED screen. Moreover, whatever happens, you are given the guarantee that your promotions/ads are being run on the display screen once you rent it out. Other than that, the entire struggle of the ads setup and the maintenance of the screen, everything is the display owner’s work. Hence, you can always rely on a rental LED display to portray your ads without making you face multiple struggles or advanced setup issues by yourself. Now that sounds like an easy way out, right?

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Type and Applications of Rental LED Display:

Now that we have a clear idea of all the major benefits that a rental LED screen offers us, it’s time to learn more about the types and uses of these display screens.

outdoor rental led display

Even though the types and uses here might be similar to any other LED display screen, it isn’t the same. Hence, you can’t blindly consider any type of rental LED display and consider any use as effective and reliable for your work or personal needs. But don’t start worrying yet, as we’re here to discuss all of that below in detail. So let’s get to it, shall we?

The Types and Their Uses:

When it comes to understanding the different types of rental LED screens, there are only 2 main types. This includes both the indoor LED display rental and the outdoor rental LED display. Normally, both these types consist of the same panel design, but some other differences that make their uses and criteria differ from each other. For a clearer idea, let’s discuss both below.


These display screens are installed in indoor places for different events. It can include events like trade shows, fashion shows, award ceremonies, conferences, or weddings. What makes this type of rental display screen different from an outdoor one is that it requires being equipped with the best and most reliable hardware parts. This fulfills the demand for high definition image quality and visual performance during indoor events. However, in comparison to outdoor displays, these indoor display screens don’t require any waterproof or high brightness features to perform efficiently.

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Similar to indoor LED screen rental, these displays are used for various outdoor events. This may include events like concerts, touring, sports competitions, music festivals, etc. moreover, these display screens do demand features like waterproof and higher brightness settings; mainly supporting a better and more reliable outdoor working experience. Additionally, since the viewing distance is quite large when it comes to an outdoor rental LED display, these screens should also be efficient in the durability and stability factors. As a result, you can avail of the best of performance when your outdoor rental LED display has effective hardware specs offering similar features.

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How to Install a Rental LED Screen:

Once you invest in a rental LED display, you might not be familiar with the different methods you can install it. Of course, when its rental equipment, permanent and strong installation isn’t an option you can opt for easily. However, this doesn’t mean that you are left with basic installation options here, as even rental LED displays to have plenty of suitable installation ways that can easily meet anyone’s requirements.

So before you finalize any installation method, let’s discover some most reliable installation methods you can count on.

  • Hanging
  • Mosaic installation
  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Roof-mounted installation
  • Leasing and hoisting methods

500MM*500MM LED Cabinet VS 500MM*1000MM Cabinet:

Other than all these important details, the size is another one of the important factors that matter a lot when investing in a rental LED display screen. Now there are plenty of sizes to choose from, but it isn’t as easy as it seems to blindly choose any size.

Considering this, let’s have a clear comparison between two of the most opted sizes, i.e. a 500mm*500mm LED Cabinet VS a 500mm*1000mm cabinet; and have a clear idea of how differently both these measurements can serve your business promotion needs.

500mm*500mm LED Cabinet

LED display screens with these dimensions are mostly sued for outdoor needs, i.e. events, concerts, shows, weddings, etc. Its benefits include:

  • It consists of a wide-view angle of 40 degrees (in both vertical and horizontal sides).
  • They have a life span of 50000 hours
  • It can offer an effective and efficient performance even on close views
  • Their rental design offers an easy-to-install feature. This eliminates the needs of using tools or technical installing methods
  • They come as a display option.

500mm*1000mm cabinet:

This is another dimension of rental LED displays that are frequently used by many. What makes it different from the previous one is that these are often chosen for both indoor as well as outdoor uses. Even though its dimension measurement may be a little small for outdoor usage, but it comes with enough brightness options that can help your customers have the perfect view even under the sun. Some of the benefits of this rental LED screen include:

  • These have a decent flat appearance that adds to their easy carrying/fitting, and attractive looking.
  • Since they have a die-casting aluminum molding, these rental screens can serve as the perfect lightweight and advanced business promotion option.
  • The advanced manufacturing of these screens allows you to avail of an easy installation and setup.
  • Lastly, the high definition display effect of a 500mm*1000mm cabinet gives an equally attractive viewing experience at a distance; whether you install it indoors or outdoors.

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Rental LED Screen

Lastly, but most importantly, once all the previous factors and aspects of a rental LED screen is discussed, it’s time to move on to the last step, i.e. how to buy the rent the right display.

For many that have already invested in their own LED screens, this might be easy prey. But if we consider the differences between both situations, there are some unfamiliar factors that you need to learn about too. Besides, if you don’t rent the right LED display, there’s no point in saving that money, right? Hence, you must consider factors like:

  • What’s the nature of the event? This simply refers to whether your event requires an outdoor screen or an indoor one. As a result, you can choose the screen that can easily handle the event’s nature.
  • The size of the screen: Since there are different sizes available in the market, you need to choose the right one that meets your event needs.
  • The installation complexity you can handle. This is important since most of the LED screens (even similar looking ones) have different installation methods. It mainly depends on the brand of the screen, so choose it wisely.
  • How much can you afford? With the multiple choices, there’s a wide-angle of rental LED screens budget too. So once you evaluate your needs, make sure you have finalized a specific budget to move accordingly.

Rental LED Display FAQS:

  1. How much do they cost?

The pricing of a rental LED display depends on different factors like the type, location, and availability of the rented screen.

  • What services does a rental LED includes?

If you are renting an LED display for daily use, then it will include a variety of necessary services. This includes an onsite technician for setup, operating, and tearing down of the screen. Moreover, the sound and power fixing/arranging is also included in your daily display rent. Other than that, camera feeds and content creation can cost you more than the daily rent of the display screen.


Well, that’s all to the details you need to learn and understand before heading to the option of LED screen hire. So instead of making blind decisions for your business and corporation events, make sure you follow this guide and choose the perfect rental LED display. Good Luck!

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