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Fine/Small Pixel Pitch LED Display: 4K HD Video Wall Price 2021

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In the huge list of the variety of LED displays available in the market, we often get confused about what is more effective and beneficial for our business, right? However, understanding the different types of LED displays and their different uses can highly affect the promotional increase or decrease of a business. Besides, the world has advanced so much that a single advertising option isn’t enough to attract enough customers to your business/product. So whether it’s online advertising, print media advertising, or signage advertising; everyone’s opting for more than one option.

As a result, if we look around at the results of each of these advertising methods, all have their effectiveness and outcome that adds a fair share of businesses promotion. Similarly, if we talk about the LED display options, each of the advanced screen options available in the market have their performance and outcomes to deliver for a company’s promotion.

Indoor LED display
DOIT VISION-Indoor LED display

Hence, it’s important to understand each and choose one or more of the best options that meet your business advertising needs effectively. Considering this, a fine pixel pitch LD display is also one of the most opted and effective ones available in the market. However, if you aren’t well aware of any such large or small pixel pitch LED display options, then let’s go ahead and discover them below in detail.

What is a Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display?

If you’re wondering what a fine pixel pitch LED display is, then isn’t unusual or too different from a common LED screen. The whole idea of a fine pixel pitch LED display is that it comes with extra and advanced settings. This includes a combination of an LED display system, a high-definition display control system, a cooling system, and a pixel-control point technology. All this serves in making such small pixel pitch LED display to be more advanced and updated from of LED screen; mainly due to its performance.

Moreover, these screens let you set the pixel pitch brightness, color, and uniformity according to the content outlook you require. So in short, you get more control of the pixels when you invest in a pixel pitch LED display.

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays Market:

Now that we’ve discussed how a pixel pitch LED display is different from a common LED display, you might be wondering whether it is in demand or not, right? Well, since this is a more advanced and controllable option of LED screens, there’s no doubt that its efficiency and demand may be larger than that of a common LED screen.

However, if we talk about calculated details; then the worldwide market of the fine pixel pitch LED displays is frequently growing over time. It is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.4% in the coming five years. Hence, the demand of this market may reach 3190 million USD in the year 2024. Whereas, according to the market value of these screens in the past, it was 1100 million USD in the year 2019.

Altogether, depending on the manufacturers, region, type, and application of the pixel pitch LED display screen, the market value of these screens is going to gain a huge rise in the future. This makes it easier to understand how more demanded and effective would these screens serve in the future.

What are the Differences Between 480P 720P, 1080P, and 4K?

Other than the basic details of how valuable, demanded, and advanced is a pixel pitch LED screen, it’s time you learn more about its displaying quality too, right? Besides, the demand and effectiveness of these screens most depend upon the image displaying quality available in the market.

For a clearer idea, you may find these screens displaying the quality of 480P, 720P, 1080P, and even as a 4K LED display. Moreover, all these displaying quality options are different in their performances. This means that:

  • 480P content quality consists of 307200 pixels to portray the graphical information.
  • 720P consists of 921600 pixels in total, which also serves as the minimum requirement of an HD display screen.
  • 1080P quality of a screen consists of 2073600 pixels while being termed as a full HD screen.
  • While, 4K LED display screens are known to portray ultra HD content, making it the most advanced screen type.  

Altogether, you can consider the advancements and improvements in pixels coming with each of these displaying qualities, which make each of the different (more or less advanced), from each other.

The Technology of Fine Pitch LED: COB VS SMD

Moving on to the technology used in a fine pitch LED display screen, two common types are highly reliable and effective in the market. This mainly includes the COB technology and the SMD technology of a pixel pitch 4K LED display. What makes both these technologies different is the way of working and outcomes that they portray on a pixel pitch display.

Firstly, if we talk about COB Technology, then this more advanced 2-step manufacturing process ensures that the screens don’t have any brackets and supports. Hence, this technology reduces the number of soldering points in a pixel pitch screen. As a result, these lesser soldering points make sure that there are lesser failures sites on the screen. Moreover, this technology promotes the development of small and reliable pixel pitches, while making more space for more pixels by keeping the bulbs at a distance. This also results in promoting a shaper, better contrast ratio, and deeper color effect by this technology.

While the SMG technology is a 4-step manufacturing process of a pixel pitch display. Other than that, the SMD technology of a 4K LED display consists of SMD bulbs that take a great amount of space in the manufacturing.

Altogether, one can consider the COB technology of a small pixel pitch LED display to be a 10 times more reliable option in comparison to the SMD technology. Additionally, the COB technology is also an anti-static and anti-dust option, whereas, the SMD technology may come as a simpler option.

How to Choose an HD LED Video Wall

Once you have all the other aspects clear, i.e. the displaying quality difference, the technology difference, and the value of a small pixel pitch LED display; it’s time to move ahead. Now, it’s the time when you understand the different important aspects that help in making a better decision of choosing the right HD LED Video wall option for your business’s promotion.

To help you understand these factors and make the right decision, we’ve discussed below some of the most important things you should consider before making a decision.

· The Ideal Location:

Firstly, it’s important to understand what would be the ideal location for you to install your HD LED video wall. This is highly important because it helps you choose the right screen with the right specs; making it serve you and your business for a longer time. To do better understand this, you can ask yourself questions like:

Will this 4K LED display to be exposed to the indoor environment or the outdoor one?

What would be the approximate viewing distance of this display screen? This mainly refers to the distance between the video wall and viewer (depending upon where you’re planning to install the display screen). This helps in better evaluating the pixel pitch you should look for in the video wall display.

What will be the height of installing the screen? This is important because the right size needs to be installed depending on the height you prefer. Hence, if the i=height is larger, then a larger screen would be preferred.

· It’s Purpose:

Of course, understanding the purpose of making any purchase is very important. That’s because only this way you can better understand if the purchase is even worth it, and whether it will serve your purpose or not.

Similarly, if we talk about an HD LED video wall, it’s important to understand its needs and purpose of investment. For better evaluation, you might want this screen to fulfill the obvious purposes like:

  • Promoting the message effectively to the right audience
  • As a brand, communicating with the target audience by sharing as tory, announcing new products, or simply interacting with them.
  • Pushing sales by encouraging the viewers to buy your products.

· The Content You Want To Play:

When you’re choosing an advanced displaying option like a small pixel pitch LED display, the possibilities of choosing content formats are endless. From choosing between images and videos to portraying live footage and live steaming or entertaining content, your business and promotional demands may need anything and everything. Furthermore, choosing between HD content and a 4K quality is also highly important.

Now if you understand what content settings you need according to their effectiveness and outcome to your business sales, you’d be able to choose the better display screen. Hence, it’s important to think about these options and ask yourself if what you need the most.

· The Installing Environment:

Another important factor is to understand the type of environment where you will install the screen. If you’re preferring an outdoor HD LED video wall screen, then you need to make sure that its manufacturing is firm enough to deliver consistent graphical quality in harsh weather condones. To do this, you can choose IP 54 or IP 65 rated displays to consider outdoor installation.

Whereas, even when you’re buying an indoor Led screen; it should be manufactured according to the important indoor requirements. This mainly refers to the presence of an excellent resolution, especially for indoor LED solutions.

Either way, it’s important y choose the right features and specifications in an HD LED video wall and ensure that it stands firm in all the future environmental conditions.

· Testing and Certification:

Blindly investing in any product without any guarantee, testing, or warranty can make you invest in the most unwanted product. However, there’s no such thing as blindly trusting in any product; especially in today’s era. Therefore, even when you’re buying an HD LED video wall solution, it’s important to figure out whether you’re getting a certified and tested model.

It’s mainly because of the manufacturing of these screens with true color technology. Neo to ensure that you are getting the most effective and appropriately manufactured; aligned display, it’s important to choose one that is properly tested. Moreover, since a LED screen consists of emission levels, it’s also important to have them certified before celling. So to ensure that you are investing in quality products that last for a longer time, it’s better to keep these requirements in mind.

 4K LED Display FAQS:

  • How is 4K better than the common image quality?

Since the 4K image quality is one of the most advanced and ultra-HD graphical displaying quality, it portrays a highly advanced image on the screen. In other words, a 4K content looks more like a real-time view; showing the content coming into life.

  • Where are 4K LED screens most commonly used?

Since the 4K LED solutions are one of the most advanced graphics LED display options, they are most likely to be found in the advanced and formal areas, i.e. incorporate rooms, control rooms, broadcast rooms, or even in video conferencing halls.


Now that we’ve discussed everything about a pixel pitch LE display screen, you must have surely gotten all your queries answered, right? Well then, what’s the wait for now? Go ahead and invest in just the right pixel pitch display to better promote your business deals in an advanced way – and make the most out of it!

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