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LED Video Wall

LED video wall are widely used for stage events,outdoor advertising,TV broaddcast,Sports LED and church display.There are so many applications in the market,However,Although they are all led video panels acapplications,but each one utilizes the different advantages of LED video walls,For rental led video wall,these applications requires led walls which are light weight, easy to install, dismantle, and mobile functions to fit any requirements.For outdoor advertising,LED video panels are designed with high brightness, high water-proof, anti ultra violet, strong installation structures.For TV studions,these applications requires LED video wall with high refresh rate, no electromagnetic interference, no Moire Pattern, back-up signal connection, HD,4K,8K splicing.etc…..

LED Video Wall 1

LED Video Panel

Matrix 500 series.LED rental displays, indoor and outdoor rental application.

Indoor:     2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm

Outdoor: 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm

LED Video Wall 2

LED Display Panel

Fix installation, wall mounted, magnetic front installations, customized structure

Pitch: 1.8mm, 2.5mm,3mm,4mm,6mm

LED Video Wall 3

IP68 LED Outdoor

Extreme outdoor applications IP68 rating, 5 years warranty, up to 9000 nits brightness

Pitch: 4.8mm, 6.7mm, 8mm,10mm


LED Video Wall 4

Flexible LED Screen

Flexible curve, can be bended convex and concave to form curve shapes

Indoor: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3mm,4mm 

LED Video Wall 5

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor permanent installations ,high brightness, water-proof, anti-ultra violet

Pitch: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm


LED Video Wall 6

LED Video Bar

Woks individually or all combine to show full image and video

Pitch: 5mm

LED Video Wall 7

Transparent LED Screen

High transparency see through effects of LED display,  indoor and outdoor use

indoor 2.6mm / 5.2mm, 3.9mm / 7.8mm

Outdoor 3.9mm/7.8mm


LED Video Wall 8

LED Display Board

Professional solutions for customized installations

indoor 2.5mm,3mm,4mm

Outdoor: 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm


LED Video Wall 9

LED Control & Processors

LED sending card,receiving card,video processor, splitter,scaler

Novastar / Brompton / Colorlight / Linsn


Type of LED Video Wall:

When it comes to understanding the criteria for buying LED wall screens, you can’t decide without finalizing what type of LED wall peanls display would fulfill your needs. Considering this, it’s important to know all the basic types of these displays. To help you out on that and making a decision, let’s go ahead and describe some of these types below!

Outdoor Display:

As the name suggests, these types of outdoor LED video wall screens are installed in outdoor locations. Whether it’s on a specific wall/board or the exterior of your business building/shop; these displays can easily be installed there and attract the passersby’s easily for your brand.

Indoor Display:

Of course, this indoor LED video wall is also one that is installed on the inner side. This means that you can either install them in a building/shop to give a modern presentation while portraying ads and messages of your building, or you can make them solely for your personal use at home. Either way, the attractiveness of these displays can give a whole new look.

Flat Display:

These screens are mostly found indoors, as they can be installed on plain, straight walls. After the installation, this display gives a clear view of animations and graphic playing; giving a life-like view.

Curved Display:

Lastly, but most importantly, these curved video wall screen types are used mostly in outdoor locations. From cinemas to presentation halls, and even offices consider giving a curved and dedicated look of a specific message or presentation on these screens. With a curved display, one can easily forget that whether the view is real or on a display screen.

LED Video Wall Applications

Since not many people are aware of LED video wall screens, it’s hard to figure out the different applications or places these displays can be used. But that’s not something you should worry about, as we’ve mentioned some major locations that involve applications of these displays. This includes:

  • TV studios
  • Control rooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports
  • Different entertainment venues
  • Large sports stadiums, etc.

LED Video Wall Buying Guide

When it comes to buying LED wall screens, one has to consider some major features and aspect of these led wall panels and evaluate their own needs this helps to make a better decision.

Now to help you out on doing that, let’s discuss the most important factors you should consider:

Size and Number of Panels:

Firstly, it’s important to understand what size of led wall panels you want before investing in one. The answer to this can vary on the type of video wall you want, the panel’s quantity, and the usage/installation location. Once you have these things figured out, it’ll be easier to find the right size.

Now the number of panels will also play a significant role in determining the size of the screen. For this, you can evaluate the panel’s quantity by understanding the content you want to displays. Moreover, understanding what size of the image would look attractive and effective would also help to make this decision.

Quality of Panels:

Of course, when it comes to buying a video wall display, you need to go for something that has a high-quality performance. Now to make sure that the quality and appearance of the display that you choose is high, you should look for one that has high definition panels. Moreover, if you look for contrast ratios of anything between 3000 or more, high brightness, and wide color gamut in the panel specs, you’ll make a better decision and a better quality performance.

Size of the Bezels:

Since these bezels are used as the edges of the individual panels in a video wall display, one can easily see them as plain black lines (or otherwise, gaps between other panels). Now it’s up to you how thin or thick the gap or line you want your displays to portray. To make a better decision here, it’s better to choose small sizes to ensure that the images aren’t disrupted.

LED Video Wall Pricing Factors:

The price of an LED Video wall display depends upon specific factors that work forth increasing or decreasing its cost; both with the presence or absence of the qualities and quantities of such factors. For a clearer idea, let’s go ahead and discover these factors below:

  • Density of pixels
  • Display size
  • Design (curved, flat, or transparent)
  • How complex I the installation
  • Requirements for processing videos
  • Indoor/outdoor application
  • It’s setup type

Depending on the presence and quantity of all these factors, an average budget for buying this led wall panles can start from $50k to $350k. So before you finalize a budget, make sure you know what major features you want to find in the display.


LED Video Wall FAQS:

Q:What is a LED Video Wall?

This is a type of digital display that is built of a metal tile frame design. This holds modules that are made up of LEDs that produce light. Further, this light is provided to the video processor to convert from video signals into light. With enough LEDs programmed close to each other, the video wall display shows a bright and attractive video.

Q:What makes an LED wall screen better than a Projector?

A few key advantages make these displays better than projectors. This includes:

Better brightness and contrast

Better room aesthetics with lesser noise overall

Least requirement of maintenance

Serving as a more flexible option

Q:What is an LED wall screens life span?

The best quality LEDs present in these video wall screens tend to last for at least 100,000 hours. However, if we consider normal usage along with the lifespan of other connected parts; companies promise a 12-15 years guarantee for LED video wall screens.

Q:What is the weight of an LED video wall?

Each of the tiles of these displays has a minimum weight of up to 18lbs. however, once you create the whole setup with cable, rigging bars, and all the tiles, the total weight can reach up to 25 lbs.

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