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SMD Black Light LED Display: Why Choose Doitvision Rental LED Displays?

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Most outdoor LED displays use white LED package devices. In recent years, with the growth of LED displays, it has become increasingly popular to use black LED package lights (black lights). There are a few SMD black light LED displays on the market. However, why Doitvision’s black lights rental LED display is preferred?

What is a Black Light LED display?


Blacklight LED display refers to an LED display made of LED lights with an all-black shell bracket. Compared with ordinary outdoor white light LED displays, it has two obvious advantages: high contrast and high-fidelity color.

The LED display uses light-emitting diodes as pixels to present images. The light-emitting diode is assembled from a plastic bracket and a light-emitting chip. In the early days, the brightness of the light-emitting chip was not high, so the plastic bracket was made into a white bowl shape to enhance the brightness. Focus on reflection to ensure that the low-brightness chip achieves a brighter effect. But if you want to express black or gray, the original color of its light-emitting diode is both white and participates in the color that the LED screen wants to show, which results in color distortion.

The brightness and luminous efficiency of the black light chip have been greatly improved, and there is no need to sacrifice contrast to make up for the lack of brightness of the chip. The all-black shell bracket of the black light can maximize the contrast of the LED display. High contrast makes it easier to display vivid video images, and supports various levels of color, making the colors more realistic.


Why is there a lack of outdoor SMD Black Light Rental LED display on the Market?


Higher Cost: The cost of SMD black lights is generally higher than SMD white lights, and rental customers often prefer a lower-priced product.

Higher brightness requirement: The majority of outdoor LED displays use white lights. Hence, Customers believe that the brightness of black lights rental LED displays must meet the outdoor needs as that of white light LED displays.

Lack of knowledge: Customers have been using SMD white lights outdoor rentals display for many years and are not familiar with SMD black lights. They do not know if the brightness of the black light outdoor rental LED display can meet outdoor requirements. The display effect is not well understood.


Why choose Doitvision SMD black light outdoor rentals LED display?


Higher Contrast

Do LED displays have to be that bright? Increasing the brightness of LED displays will increase the visibility of images, videos and other content. According to research, the human eye is more sensitive to color than light or dark. Cone cells and columnar cell make up the retinal cells of the human eyes. Each cone cell has an optic ending, therefore, it can distinguish colors and details.

However, multiple columnars cells have an optic ending, so, their resolution is low. The human eye has a very wide range of brightness perception. However, once the eye becomes accustomed to a particular brightness level, the range of its perception is limited. The cone cells that are responsible for color perception play an important role at this time.

Doitvision SMD black lights rental led displays have high contrast. For outdoor applications, contrast is more critical than brightness. After measuring and analyzing the optical performance parameters, the LED display’s video display effect can be evaluated objectively by evaluating image stability, brightness and chromaticity. The contrast is a key factor in determining the clarity and impact of the LED display. The higher the contrast the more vivid and layered the image will be.


Compare:Black SMD LED VS White LED Screen

Comparison between outdoor SMD white light and outdoor SMD black light:

black light LED-display

According to the LED display specification, the highest contrast ratio is the ratio between the maximum brightness measured of the display under a given ambient illumination and the background brightness. The higher the background luminance of outdoor rental LED display, the worse the effect. The SMD white lights will have a greater background brightness, which will result in a lower contrast. (High contrast means gorgeous colors in relatively high brightness).

The background luminance ratio of black lights outdoor rental LED display is usually 3000:1, while that of white lights outdoor rental LED display is typically 1000:1. In an outdoor environment the ambient light is stronger, so the background brightness of the LED screen will be higher and the relative contrast will be lower.

In addition, the background brightness is produced by external light reflected from the LED panel and luminous tube. The measured background brightness depends on the reflectivity of the panel and the reflectivity of the luminous tubes.

Let us analyze the LED panel reflection first. The higher the reflection coefficient, the larger the background brightness measured and the smaller the contrast value. To improve the calculated value of contrast, it is important to reduce the reflection coefficient as much as possible.

To reduce the reflectivity coefficient, the easiest way is to add a light-absorbing layer to the panel. It will reduce the amount of light reflected. You can reduce the brightness of the background by carving small grooves on the panel.

In addition to high contrast, the black light also brings another benefit – it does not reflect light. Because the PPA bracket in the black LED lamp bead is black, because black does not reflect light, so the light is converted into other energy (such as heat energy) when it shines on the black object, so even when there is stray light, the black PPA bracket will absorb all of it and no longer reflect the stray light, thereby reducing the interference of stray light, making the colors more realistic, and there will be no cross-color, smearing, and mutual interference of each color. Hence, the colors will be more pure, clear and realistic.

Especially for stage LED screens, due to the numerous colors of projection lights in the stage environment, the light and shadow are intertwined, which will seriously affect the display effect of the stage LED screen. In addition to the fact that the black light itself does not reflect light, Doitvision also uses surface atomization treatment technology to make the light diffusely reflected. The LED display can still clearly show the image in a severely reflective stage environment, so it can avoid the mutual interference of light emitted by various light sources on the stage. The black light rental LED display can always keep the light and dark levels more clear and bright. Currently on the market, the surface of luminous tubes is brushed with ink and the luminous tubes are made of black PPA material.

black light LED-display


Surface brushing:

Advantages: High brightness, low price, large market share.

Disadvantages: The high reflectiveness of PPA affects the contrast of the display.


Black PPA

Advantages: Low emissivity enhances the contrast of the whole screen

Disadvantages: Low brightness, slightly higher price than Surface Brushing

You can use a black mask with brim to reduce the reflectiveness of the LED screen and improve the contrast.

black light LED-display

Since LED displays without brim have no reflective design, the background of the LED display is seriously reflective and the background brightness is relatively high, thus reducing the contrast of the LED display screen; LED display with brim have a reflective design and the background brightness is less reflective, thus improving the contrast of the LED screen.

The SMD Black Light Display Effect is exquisite.

black light LED-display

Under the same brightness, the higher the contrast, the more delicate the display effect; the higher the contrast of the same color, the better the grayscale display;

It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Doitvison Black Light Outdoor rental LED display has a brightness level of 4000nit. It can meet the requirements for various outdoor locations. With Doitvision grayscale compensation technology, it will ensure the grayscale remains unchanged when used indoors brightness reducing. Conventional outdoor rental LED displays in the market are currently 3000-4500nit. The grayscale will decrease when the brightness is reduced to 1000nit or less in indoor applications, which will have a much lower fineness and color reproduction.

black light LED-display

Here is a comparison between the conventional white light (4500nit), and the Doitvision outdoor black light P4.81 (which has a brightness of 4300nit). When they reduce the brightness to about 1200nit for indoor application. Combined with Doitvision greyscale compensation technology, the black light outdoor rental LED display create effects that are universal for indoor and outdoor application, and one screen can be used to achieve multiple uses.



Outdoor black lights rental LED displays will bring so many benefits, Doitvision has launched Matrix and Lite series rental LED displays for different application requirements.

Matrix and Lite series rental LED display black lights have proven to be very effective in assisting and constructing large LED stages for events. Stay tuned for more exciting black-light LED display case studies!

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