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Top 10 LED Screen Rental New York Supplier

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Do you need a reliable and professional LED screen provider company in NYC? While plenty of highly remarkable and professional LED display provider companies are spread in different regions of the world, it’s hard to make the best decision without making some wrong decisions. Besides, when every company promises the same remarkable service, you can’t be sure who offers it without testing them.

But wait! That’s doesn’t mean that you have to make wrong decisions if you don’t already have a reliable go-to LED display provider company – especially in New York. Besides, that’s why we’re here, right? So, before you start panicking and stressing about making the wrong decision, let’s just go ahead and explore some of the best and most reliable LED screen supplier companies you can trust in New York, shall we?

Top Rental LED Display Suppliers in NYC:

Encorex Video Wall Systems 

Encorex Video Wall Systems

Let’s start our list of the top 10 LED screen rental New York supplier with one of the most innovative and popular companies that deal with professional LED video walls. Yes, you hear that right; while most LED manufacturing and supplying company’s deal with a wide variety of LED display solutions, the Encorex Video Wall Systems focuses on offering the most professional and efficient video wall solutions.

The wide varieties of LED video walls offered by Encorex Video Wall Systems also come with expert services of rental, sales, servicing, and installation. So as long as you need a video wall for the next business conference or to be a permanent part of your business digital technologies, then you can trust Encorex Video Wall Systems for its complete service.

Their advantages and contact

  • Premier audiovisual service provider 
  • The Greater New York City area and beyond. 
  • Over the past 20 years
  • They have provided for some of the world’s top advertising, corporate, and entertainment organizations
  • Address: 109 45th St, Union City, NJ 07087, United States
  • Phone: +1 646-229-2995

ATD Audio Visual

Next, in our list of top 10 LED screen rental New York suppliers comes the ATD Audio Visual Company. This company offers professional event technology services for businesses and corporations in NY. Mainly, you can expect its professionals to work to offer you the best AV and event production services for all kinds of events. The ATD Audio Visual is mainly known as a full rental house that offers all kinds of event management technologies.

Hence, it has successfully made its name as a one-stop-shop for event productions. Apart from that, what makes this company more reliable and accessible is its services in various locations. Not just in New York, but you can also access ATD Audio Visual services in Washington Dc and Los Angeles – and make your events outclass.

Their advantages and contact

  • They work with clients to help them execute their events flawlessly.
  • one-stop-shop event production company. 
  • specialize in high-quality event production, audio visual presentations, projector mapping and modern lighting technologies.
  • advise virtually any AV aspect of high profile event production. 
  • Address: 708 E 135th St, Bronx, NY 10454, United States
  • Phone: +1 212-486-1200

Interactive Vision Solutions

Interactive Vision Solutions

The Interactive Vision Solutions is also a widely familiar and popular company that serves its professional AV services and reliable customer service. All this and the presence of all kinds of rental audiovisual equipment at Interactive Vision Solutions makes it another one of the top 10 LED screen rental New York suppliers.

You can always count on Interactive Vision Solutions for their all-time availability with the best and most effective AV equipment. So whether you need to host seminars or arrange individual meetings, Interactive Vision Solutions can be ready to serve you at all times. Additionally, another factor that makes this company reliable for its clients is its affordable AV equipment.

  • Provide the best solutions to individuals’ businesses and residential customers. 
  • sell the most innovative, reliable and affordable services to date. 

PRG – Brooklyn NY – Production Resource Group 


Now comes the most creative and innovative Led display solution supplier company that made it in this list of the top 10 LED screen rental New York supplier, i.e., PRG. While this company’s slogan says ‘People Powering Creativity,’ the company has managed to meet up to its words and high-standards for the clients.

This NY-based LED display solution providing company offers solutions for the new production landscape to its clients. Simply put, if you consider PRG for its LED display solutions and services, you can expect yourself to enter a completely different world of innovative technologies. Hence, PRG can be your go-to option to access impactful digital events for your business/corporation.

Their advantages and contact

  • Global Presence: PRG has a presence in 38 locations across 29 countries and 6 continents, providing extensive coverage for event support worldwide.
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology: PRG’s international network and collaboration with the PRG Alliance grant clients unparalleled access to the latest event technology solutions.
  • Consistent Technical Production Services: PRG ensures consistent and high-quality technical production services globally, leveraging its extensive network and expertise.
  • Local and Global Reach: The combination of a global player’s resources and reach, along with personalized service from local teams, allows PRG to provide the best of both worlds to its clients.
  • Tailored Solutions: PRG is committed to offering personalized service and tailored solutions, ensuring that each client’s unique event requirements are met with precision.
  • Technical Excellence: From concept to execution, PRG upholds a commitment to technical excellence, ensuring that events meet the highest standards in terms of technology and execution.
  • Power of a Global Leader: Partnering with PRG provides clients with the power of a global leader in event technology, offering unmatched expertise and resources for a seamless event experience.
  • Address: 147 41st St 3rd floor suite a, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States
  • Phone: +1 212-206-3730

dvDepot Studio and Equipment Rental House


Another widely familiar name in this list of top 10 LED screen rental New York suppliers is dvDepot. This company has successfully made its name the top go-to company for all the production needs in NYC. It offers a wide variety of production equipment sot its clients. In short, when you’re considering dvDepot for your production demands, you can expect the most professional range of video equipment rentals, camera rentals, lighting rentals, audio rentals, studio rentals, and much more – all at this equipment rental house. Isn’t that amazing?

As long as you need production equipment, you can consider dvDepot as your one-stop shop for all the rental equipment. Apart from that, the professional team at dvDepot also offers the best0quality service to not have to worry about anything on your own.

Their advantages and contact

  • Extensive Experience: With over 35 years in the film and television production industry, dvDepot brings a wealth of experience to the table, establishing itself as a trusted name in the field.
  • Woman-Owned Business: dvDepot is one of the pioneering woman-owned camera, lighting, and audio rental houses in NYC, with Deborah Wolpert leveraging her background as a DGA member, Line Producer, and Camera Operator to establish and grow the business.
  • Full-Scale Video Production House: dvDepot offers a comprehensive range of services, including equipment rentals, crewing capability, editing services, and a newly renovated studio with greenscreen and various backdrops, providing a one-stop solution for video production needs.
  • Diverse Programming Expertise: Specializing in a wide spectrum of programming, including reality TV, corporate videos, feature-length films, documentaries, television series, and promos, dvDepot demonstrates versatility in meeting various production demands.
  • In-House Inventory: The facility boasts a substantial inventory of cameras, audio, grip, and lighting gear, all housed in their own building in a production-friendly location. This ensures easy access to equipment and streamlined production processes.
  • National Reach: Operating as a production hub, dvDepot is TSA approved and can supply equipment to projects anywhere in the United States. This capability is valuable for projects with diverse shooting locations and overlapping schedules.
  • Proven Track Record: dvDepot has successfully served a range of clients, including large and small independent production companies, freelance industry professionals, corporate clients, and major television networks. Their track record includes working on projects for well-known channels such as History Channel, A&E, Discovery+, Lifetime, HGTV, MTV Networks, and more.
  • Studio Renovations: The completion of studio renovations in 2021 demonstrates dvDepot’s commitment to providing a top-notch filming environment. Soundproof walls, insulated ceilings, advanced lighting grid, and a separate equipment room contribute to a pristine studio space.
  • Customizable Plans: Whether clients need equipment, crew, or a studio to shoot in, dvDepot offers customizable plans to fit within budget constraints, emphasizing flexibility to meet the unique needs of each production.
  • Responsive Communication: To discuss production needs, dvDepot encourages direct communication via phone or email, showing a commitment to client engagement and providing a personalized touch to their services.
  • Address: 25-14 50th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States
  • Phone: +1 212-333-5100

Soundhouse AV Rentals 

sound house nyc

If you’re looking for a professional LED sound solution provider in NYC, then our next addition to this list of top 10 LED screen rental New York suppliers will surely be the perfect choice of company for you. Here, we’re referring to Soundhouse AV Rentals, a highly professional and trusted AV rental and Pro Audio rental service providing company. This company offers a line of audiovisual rental equipment that can enhance the quality and performance of any kind of event.

But that’s not what this company is popular for, especially when it offers plenty of services (other than just professional sounding). Simply put, the Soundhouse AV Rentals comes with the services of Pro lighting rental, AV rental, and speaker rental to all its customers. So you can have a complete event setup for any kind of event – and be sure that the event will be perfect in every way possible with Soundhouse AV Rentals.

Their advantages and contact

  • Diverse Inventory: Extensive range of DJ equipment, world-class sound systems, projectors, LED walls, and lighting for various events.
  • Turnkey AV Production: Comprehensive services covering audio, video, lighting, staging, and more, providing a one-stop solution for event execution.
  • Client Diversity: Works with a broad clientele, from brands and retailers to schools, cultural institutions, and everyday individuals.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Offers cutting-edge event technology, including projection mapping, live-streaming, and multi-cam video production.
  • Decade of Experience: Over 10 years in the industry, evolving from a DJ gear specialist to a leading provider of event technology.
  • Exceptional NPS: Maintains an outstanding Net Promotor Score (NPS) between 90 and 100, showcasing exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • Expert Team: Friendly, responsive, and resourceful sales team, coupled with expert technicians who are problem solvers and collaborators.
  • Geographical Reach: Serves metro NYC and beyond, accommodating clients across different locations and industries.
  • Positive Reviews: Regularly solicits and showcases positive client feedback, emphasizing the importance of their people in client satisfaction.
  • Address: 246 Newel St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
  • Phone: +1 888-826-1299



Another professional addition in the topmost reliable and innovative LED solution providing companies in NYC is AV NYC. As the name suggests, the AV NYC company offers its clients a wide range of AV presentation services – to offer standout performance in every way. From audio to video, lighting, and much more, AV NYC serves its clients with a wide range of services.

So while you access the turnkey solution of AV presentation services for your event and get access to the ultra-high-res virtual production LED walls coming from AV NYC, you can also enjoy its service of free 3D pre-visualization of the whole event design. Isn’t this a smart and reliable way to be sure about the event setup you pay for? That’s certainly what makes AV NYC another unique addition to our list of top 10 LED screen rental New York suppliers.

Their advantages and contact

  • Freedom of Choice: AV NYC advocates for freedom in vendor selection.
  • Performance: Emphasizes winning business through superior performance in AV services.
  • Product Choice: Offers a diverse range of pro audio and video equipment.
  • Competitive Pricing: Provides competitive and fair pricing for AV services.
  • Investment in Products and Personnel: Demonstrates commitment to quality through investments in products and personnel.
  • Long-Term Customer Relationships: Rewards investments with long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Value-Based Relationships: Values relationships based on the value delivered to customers.
  • Modern Presentation Technology: Specializes in modern AV technology for events.
  • Hassle-Free Solutions: One-stop shop for hassle-free and fast technical solutions.
  • Professional Event Support: Leadership in event support with scalable and service-oriented solutions.
  • Address: 1350 Broadway #401, New York, NY 10018, United States
  • Phone: +1 212-464-8754

HV Sound – ((516) 200-6263)

 Apart from the LED solutions providing companies that deal with plenty of services, are you looking for one that offers one highly reliable service? When it comes to LED solutions, one most demanded services in this industry is professional-sounding equipment services. Considering that, we couldn’t help but add another professional company that doesn’t offer much but makes sure you get the best sound services, and equipment’s in NYC – yes, we’re talking about HV Sound. This company mainly focuses on offering live sound enforcement services to its clients.

Hence, no matter what kind of event you’re planning/arranging, you can count on v for the most professional and next-level sounding technologies setup. Mainly, HV Sound’s services serve well for corporate events, university events, bands ad musicians arrangement, festivals, dance and theatre, concerts, and other such events/public gatherings that require high-quality live sound technologies.

LED Solutions and AV Hub 

 If we talk about an Led display solution providing a company that has grown successfully over time and enhanced its professional services, then LED Solutions and AV Hub is the perfect addition to this list. Besides, we can’t complete this list of top 10 LED screen rental New York suppliers without adding a company that grown with its success, right?

Hence, the LED Solutions and AV Hub is another reliable company that started with a digital signage portfolio but expanded its services to offer its clients a full audiovisual experience. With the company going full digital, it has plenty of AV offers for the clients – to add more technological advancement to their basic Led display needs. Now with more innovative LED solutions transforming a normal corporate event/surrounding into a digital transformation, there’s no way anyone would want to have a second thought, right?

Their advantages

  • Agil Huseynov’s Expertise: Years of industry knowledge and passion for pro AV.
  • Customer Satisfaction Commitment: Dedication to delivering top-quality products and personalized service.
  • Rock N Air Testimonial: Positive client feedback, ensuring repeat business.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Focus: Belief in transformative power, and commitment to innovation.
  • Customized Solutions Approach: Tailored projects, understanding unique client requirements.
  • Well-Lit, Visually Stunning Spaces: Dedicated to providing top-notch pro AV solutions.
  • Wide Range of Pro AV Products: Offering products for indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial spaces.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Support from consultation to installation, expert advice.
  • Nationwide Warehouses:11 warehouses for efficient product availability and delivery.
  • Comprehensive Services Offered: Pre-sales consultancy, full AV system design, labor, and project support.
  • Unbeatable Inventory: Extensive stock, ensuring access to leading products.
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed: Competitive pricing, and flexibility in project cost negotiations.
  • Built on Strong Relationships: Family-business approach, close ties with over 150 pro AV brands.
  • Partner for Every Project: Wide range of services, including site surveys and labor support.

Mid Atlantic Event Group

midatlantic event group

Lastly, our final addition to this list of top 10 LED screen rental New York suppliers is Mid Atlantic Event Group. While we have mentioned a few reliable event technologies providing companies in this list, you might be someone who is more in need of top-notch and detailed solutions, too, right?

If so, then your search for an event technology solution providing company that offers you extreme details satisfaction with the technologies and services is now over with this company around. With the Mid Atlantic Event Group company’s professional and highly detailed service in every way, you can expect the best and have it fulfilled most professionally.

Their advantages and contact

  • Trusted audio visual partner for many of the world’s largest companies. 
  • Address: 2260 Cabot Blvd W Suite 400, Langhorne, PA 19047, 
  • Phone: +1 215-791-2776


That’s all for our list of top 10 LED screen rental New York suppliers. With the variety of LED supplier companies in this list, you can easily make the right decision for your corporation/business in NYC. So go ahead and choose your go-to LED supplier in NYC!

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