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Virtual Production LED Wall for XR Stages and Film Studios

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Virtual production will be replacement of the green-screen? we are witnessing the revolution on film and TV sets,virtual production can create live and dynamic background.With its simple structure and relatively low cost, Are you interested in this new technology?

In this post, we will introduce what is extended reality(XR) & XR stage through virtual production led wall, and how to build up these system? work principle,how to get the max benefits from this new technology and cost.If you are look for these application and any issue,Doitvision team will be very glad to work with you!

What is extended reality (XR)?

XR stands for Extended Reality, Extended Reality is a term referring to all environments and interactions that combine the real and virtual elements, where the ‘X’ represents for the unknown future technologies. XR is a fast-growing technology which has being applied in fields of film, broadcast, live entertainment production etc.

xr stage wall

What is application of Extended Reality?

LED in Film and Broadcast

The new virtual production solution depends on shooting movies and arrangement on a phase encompassed by LED video wall showing dynamic advanced sets, with the ability to respond to and control this display content progressively during live creation. Utilizing a led display screen, floor etc, the set-up is versatile to any ideal space. Utilizing a virtual production led wall will be greater help the exhibition.

Virtual Productions and xR Stages

Events holder want to use new technology to make their business in a easy and enjoying way to develop.

Doitvision, an advanced manufacturer for most organizations taking part in this quick developing innovation to meet people’s high expectations.

Xr stage screen is able to create vivid video conditions for broadcast instead of green screen,virtual production led wall make the presenters and crowd to see a real-time interaction scene around them. This new innovation is witnessing how broadcasts can become so enjoying by led wall virtual production.

What is an XR stage?

XR stage is one of the virtual production led wall applications, which is more specific in virtual production. It refers to a space and studio with complete set of workflow comprises LED screen, media server, camera tracking system, spatial positioning system and real-time rendering system to deliver an immersive, extended reality environment to accommodate live production.

How does XR stage work?

In an XR production, there is a 3D pre-configured virtual environment which content is generated by graphic engine and then show on the high-resolution LED walls. As the background of live broadcast, the led walls will show all elements that have been created in real-time rendering system or graphic engine. With the camera tracking system, the real elements can be perfectly merged into the virtual world with the XR technology.

xr stage

Benefits of XR Stage

Immersive and editable in real time

Talents placed in the XR stage within the illusion of a real 3D environment and experiences the live rendered content from the LED walls, instead of green screen without any surroundings. Graphics can be rendered and showed onto virtual production LED walls, allowing content to appear both in front and behind a performer. That will greatly help reducing the time and budget in post-production.

Faster camera calibration 

The XR stage allows much faster of calibration of camera tracking systems than the traditional green screen. The substantially enhance the efficiency for setting up the scene across different sessions .

Natural lighting

The lighting of the film is generated by the virtual production LED walls itself on the XR stage, which helps elements in the real world to merge into the virtual environments and no need spending time and budget to set up extra lighting system. And this help saving time and reducing the budget.

No Chroma key compositing, more real

The are many short comings of the traditional chromo key technology, such as the rendering of image is not real enough and high cost for the post production and personnel. With the XR stage perfectly solved these issues.

Saving cost and safe.

With the XR stage, all types of scenes can be created without traveling to multiple locations or trying to find the locations. In the time of social distancing and covid-19, i a virtual environment is safe to keep the cast and crew safe in a controlled environment, fewer people on set makes it easier to social distance and to covid-test employees.

How to set up the XR stage

Before you will set up the XR stage,the fist you should know pixel pitch of video wall or visual distance and viewing distance and what is the stage size and future enhancements etc,We list some keys:

For the XR stage we still need five things:

  1. High resolution calibrated LED screens behind the artist or actor,
  2. Camera tracking,
  3. Real-time content,
  4. Media serve, powerful graphic engine

Virtual Production LED Wall

LED wall for the XR stage

One of the key part of the XR stage is the high resolution LED video wall,which will show the 3D elements as the backdrop. Below is a typical example of a LED wall for a XR stage.  A complete 7m x 5m LED cave set up with DOIT VISION, Matrix 500, 2.6mm pixel pitch LED wall & LED floor tiles. With Brompton processor and the quick support frame structure.

Why DOIT VISION LED wall will be ideal solution for XR stage

As the official partner of Brompton technology, DOIT VISION designs and manufactures LED screen with industry leading technology. With the Brompton R2 receiving card, and processors, DOIT VISION’s Matrix 500 series, pixel pitch of 2.6mm, 2.9mm fit the XR stage as virtual production led wall applications perfectly with its specially design for the virtual production.

The Matrix 500 series main features:

  1. HDR10 standard, high dynamic range technology
  2. 1/8 scan, cutting-edge 7680Hz super high refresh rate to fit different brands of camera system
  3. Meet the standards of color gamut Rec.709, DCI-P3, BT 2020
  4. HD,4K high resolution, color calibration memo Flash in LED module
  5. True black LED, 1:5000 high contrast, moiré effect reduction
  6. Rapid install and dismantle mechanic design, fast locking system, fan-less design
  7. Superior quality and cost-effective

How much is a XR stage LED screen cost?

You have got above XR stage concise introduction,so how much does XR stage system cost?

The cost of XR stage screen or virtual production led walls system depends on the space or size of the LED screen used for the XR stage ,video processor and hanging/stacking system.So many decisions affect the final cost and it is important to know them all before choosing these system.

For example,take the DOIT VISION Matrix 500, 2.6mm with Brompton control system for example.

Screen size: 2 side, left / right, 7m x 5m, 2 sets, 70 square meters

  1. Price for the screen, Matrix 2.6mm, 70 sqm, USD150k
  2. Processor, Tessera S4 / S8, 4 sets, USD1.4k – 3k
  3. Hanging / Stacking system: USD2k / USD12k


With a real-time virtual production LED walls, As a director of photography you’ll get so many new choice for control over the image.you only rotate the background scenery on led screen for virtual production that can reset for turnaround in moments instead of hours. As a director you will get additional benefits such as more accurately control over framing and lighting instead of asking your cinematographer to make an educated guess about virtual elements in the frame.So, what are you still hesitating?Free contact us today,Doitvision team will be very glad to work with you!

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