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DOIT VISION is looking for Business Partners in all regions around the world to help promote DOIT VISION products and maintain relationships with local customers.

The role of a DOIT VISION Business Partner is primarily to build a pipeline and nurture relationships, through personal networking, sales meetings, workshops, demo rooms, and participation in LED industry events as exhibitors etc.

DOIT VISION will provide all the back-off support for the sales effort, including co-branded marketing materials, website content, sales presentations, webinars, quote writing, DOIT VISION can also participate in high-level sales meetings and do keynotes at national industry conferences.

Different kinds of partners

Exclusive Distributors

DOIT VISION plans for building up a global sales network. We prefer working with ONLY one strong partner in one country with a strong industry background and with ability to help improving our products and service. We will protect the exclusive partners with fully support not only in product but technical support, service and pricing. All local inquiries sales chances will be only for our exclusive partner.

Local Dealer Partners

For local dealer partners, we have flexible strategy, with a multi agreement. There is no a fix sales mission or requirement only selling under brand name of DOIT VISION. Partners can use name of DOIT VISION to promote DOIT VISION products with a special dealer price and support. Dealer partners need to help dealing with local sales pre-sales and after sales service, DOIT VISION will provide demo, technical support and budget.

Business Partners

DOIT VISION welcomes any type of way of business bringing multi-benefit for both. Any introduction of sales chances will get a considerable reward from DOIT VISION.

Certified Partners

DOIT VISION has set up business worldwide, and there are great needs for regular maintenance and repairmen for LED screen products, to give the best experience and responsive support to our customers, we are looking for local technical company, freelance with ability to set up and repair LED screen products. DOIT VISION can provide free training and bringing sales chance for the partners.