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Having an LED display screen can be very beneficial for the promotion of your brand or business as an outdoor electrical appliance. Otherwise, if you invest in an LED display for indoor usage, you can surely have a smart and durable usage ease in that aspect too. But when it comes to investing in an LED display, one surely goes through a great struggle with the different companies that manufacture these LEDs for you.

However, once you’ve found the right company to serve you, this doesn’t mean that everything is sorted – like the types of LED displays, i.e. the wires are also a question here. And for those who aren’t well aware of how the different types serve you, this can be a challenging decision to make.

Now we’re well aware of how the offers of LED display manufacturer come along with the question of whether you need a gold wire LED screen or a copper wire LED screen, right? But not many are well aware of the part that both these wires play in the packaging of an LED screen. Therefore, to help you out on that, we’ve discussed this below.

gold wire vs copper wire led

Wire Usage in LED Display

 As common as it seems, like any other electrical appliance, the wire bonding is the major process of manufacturing an LED display. These wires provide electrical interconnection to both the LED chip and the lead frame of the display. As a result, they serve you in providing a much better graphic display on the LED.

Now when it comes to making an LED with different wires, two wires include; gold wire LED screen, and copper wire LED screen. Both these wires play a different role in enhancing the graphical display of an LED screen. However, LED packaging companies more frequently and widely use the bonding process performed with gold wires. But many also prefer making copper wire LED screen.

Now for a clearer view and understanding, let’s discuss below the difference between the working of both wires in an LED display screen and which one serves as a better option.

Gold Wire LED Screen vs. Copper Wire LED Screen:

  • Physical Property

The most important and highly benefitting feature of a gold wire LED screen is that its physical property is highly stable. As a result, the gold wire display can easily give you a quality performance, even in harsh environments.

Where on the other hand, a copper wire bonding in an LED screen display can be easily oxidized outdoors. This makes them less durable and stable for outdoor usage, in comparison to the gold wire screens.

  • Sizes

The gold wire encapsulated lamps in an SMD or DIP LED display have a larger LED chip size in comparison to that of a copper wire encapsulated lamp. Now this larger chip allows the LED lamp to portray high brightness while consuming less power.

Other than that, this large gold LED chip also provides the display with a better eating dissipation. As a result, the better the heating dissipation of an LED lamp assures that the LED display works as a more durable and long-term serving electrical appliance.

  • Lamp Brackets

The different usage of lamp brackets in both the gold wire LED screen and the copper wire LED screen are also different. Since a gold wire encapsulated LED display uses a copper lamp bracket in the screen display, it helps to provide the display with a better heating dissipation.

However, copper wires are encapsulated with iron brackets, which make it less effective in terms of heating dissipation. Additionally, copper brackets also serve in durability, as they won’t face rusting issues easily.

  • Price

Lastly, and most importantly, a gold wire LED screen is more expensive in terms of a copper wire LED. So the amount of money you can invest in an LED screen is the major aspect that determines what qualities and how efficient of an LED performance you will avail. So if you’re planning to get something amazing, you need to put in an amazing amount too.


Altogether, if we combine the above-mentioned details on both the gold and copper wire LED screen; one can easily determine that the gold wire LED displays serve as a better option. That’s because these LED screens are more durable in terms of working in LED outdoor advertising solution environments.

But since these LED screens are higher in the cost, there’s always a cheaper option of a copper wire LED display. This LED screen may serve as a better and reliable option for only indoor LED usage, but they can easily be purchased in low budgets too. So if your LED screen needs aren’t commercial or more for outdoor, having a copper wire LED is certainly not a bad option here!