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LED Screens for Conference Room

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Doitvision’s Conference LED Display Solution

The best way to improve conference room presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making is with LED displays. These allow for high-resolution viewing and simple content sharing. It enables leaders to communicate their ideas and messages easily and effectively. Users can connect to video conferencing systems to interact with distant colleagues, exchange presentations and review papers instantly. Even novice users can present with confidence using our user-friendly LED display control software. It has a 100,000-hour lifespan, making it ideal for use in the office. It provides the best brightness and lighting effect. Meeting rooms are transformed into smart, connected environments where employees can communicate more efficiently. 

DOIT offers a variety of sizes, pixel pitches, shapes and parameters LED displays for conference rooms. Our products are environmentally friendly, it does not require any upkeep. Manufactured with CE, FCC, ISO certification, and more. We strictly follow quality control from material sourcing, production, and packaging. Follow us to learn more about conference LED display.

1)Rental LED screen for conference

conference LED screen

With the increase in international and regional exchanges. There are many short-term conferences about economic forum meetings, press conferences, corporate new product launches and so on, that are held in more and more countries and regions. A large number of participants makes LED display screens more preferred for meetings. With the characteristics of convenient installation and convenient disassembly, making the Rental LED display screen suitable for short-term meetings.

MATRIX 500 series- Professional rental LED screen for conference

Matrix 500 rental LED display

MATRIX 500 is specialized designed for professional rental applications, like conference, corporate new product launches, that offers pixel pitches of P2.6mm, P2.9mm and P3.9mm for indoor applications of HD, 4K, XR, virtual production. Matrix500 is also a LED panel works properly for camera. With fast curve locking system, it’s easy to form 5-12 degrees concave and convex installation to get a seamless curve surface. And there are Brompton, Novastar, Colorlight control system optional.

It has the following characteristics:

  • 16 bits grayscale
  • 98% match DCI-P3 
  • Curve creative shape
  • Up to 7680Hz super high refresh rate 
  • With the xR version for LEDs works in camera

DOIT’S Matrix 500 series has been selected by event rental companies in many countries and regions around the world as the LED screen solution for large-scale conferences. From small industry exchanges to transnational business cooperation summits. our Rental LED displays have been well received by audiences in various industries. No matter what your conference theme is. what are the requirements for on-site audiovisual equipment, you can always find a satisfactory solution at here.

conference LED screen

2)Small pixel pitch LED display for conference

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display will make your conference room look extraordinary and stand out. Its high-resolution and high-definition features provide outstanding clarity and vibrancy in daylight situations. These create high-quality pictures and videos up-close and at far distances in large-scale gatherings or meetings. It ensures that the attendees experience the first-row viewing.

In order to meet the requirements of different sizes of conference rooms. Our fine pixel-pitch LED display has a variety of pixel pitches for customers to choose from. We use high-quality electronic components to manufacture this display. To ensure that the LED displays have excellent and stable performance in future use.

Here recommend two types of small pixel pitch LED display, FP series and COB series LED display, both are good choices for conference LED display installation

FP series

LED Screens for Conference Room 1

Fine pitch series is a kind of super high resolution display with indoor pitch ranges of P0.9mm, P1.2mm, P1.5mm, P1.8mm and P1.9mm for 2K,4K,8K,FHD,UHD solution. Its panel size: width-600mm/23.6”, height-337.5mm/13.29”, each unit panel uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, the same most commonly used in displays for FHD and UHD content. This allows you to enjoy existing content without additional editing. Fine pitch series has the following characteristics:

  • 100% full front maintenance
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio Optimized for FHD/UHD Content
  • High standard of waterproofing as a indoor LED display

COB series

cob led displays
doitvision cob led displays

COB LED series offers ultra high resolution LED display with 16:9 aspect ratio optimized for FHD/UHD content, the COB refers to a packaging method that has good characteristics of being dust-proof, impact-proof, and surface waterproof. Pixel pitch can do P0.95mm, P1.25mm and P1.5mm, with 600×337.5mm same panel size as fine pitch series, but the module size: 150×168.75mm is smaller than fine pitch series. COB LED series has the following characteristics:

  • Superior smaller pixel pitch
  • Consistent black surface
  • 180-degree wide viewing angle
  • Super high contrast ratio
  • DCI-P3 color gamut
  • Great energy efficiency,saving 40% energy than conventional LED screens
conference LED screen
COB conference LED screen

How much does conference LED display cost?

Conference LED displays range in price depending on their size, panel quality, installation type and pixel size. Most LED display systems consist of several panels plus additional components like processing equipment and spare parts, which adds to the final cost. It can cost anywhere from $10,000 – $50,000+.

Conference LED displays are a huge asset for company meeting room and other organizations that host frequent events. If you’re considering purchasing LED products for your space, you may be wondering what the pricing will look like and how to budget for the cost. Here following is a price reference for conference fixed LED screens, hope it will be helpful to you.

1) Normally we quote based on the unit price per square meter, the price range will be different for the combination with different brands of LED lamp and refresh rate, cabinet materials etc. Components used.

2) The price includes the receiving card, cables and free spare parts; controller, packaging and additional parts not included, it depends on your demands.

3) Regarding transportation, we have the more common transportation methods of by air and by sea. We also provide door-to-door solutions and will deliver them.

Screen size(widthxheight)LED display solution
=6 Square meter
Fine Pitch Series
P1.25mm,3840Hz, Screen size: 3,000m(W)x 1,687.5mm (H)=5.06 square meters, cabinet  size of 600x 337.5mm: 25pcsUnit Price: $3,600~$4,600/SQM
Estimated Total price: $19,000~$24,000
COB Series
P1.25mm,3840Hz, Screen size: 3,000m(W)x 1,687.5mm (H)=5.06 square meters, cabinet  size of 600x 337.5mm: 25pcsUnit Price: $2,800~$3,200/SQM
Estimated Total price: $16,500~$18,000
=20.25 Square meter
Fine Pitch Series
P1.56mm,3840Hz, Screen size: 6,000m(W)x 3,375mm (H)=20.25 square meters, cabinet  size of 600x 337.5mm: 100pcsUnit Price: $2,400~$3,200/SQM
Estimated Total price: $50,000~$66,000
COB Series
P1.56mm,3840Hz, Screen size: 6,000m(W)x 3,375mm (H)=20.25 square meters, cabinet  size of 600x 337.5mm: 100pcsUnit Price: $2,200~$2,500/SQM
Estimated Total price: $46,000~$52,000

Conference LED Display Guide

This guide is for anyone interested in a conference LED screen. It is a reality that different workplace settings have other demands. However, it is crucial to address the issues when it comes to business meetings. If you are in the business setting, then the meeting room is of utmost importance. So, the meeting room should have a screen that can provide a clear view. Thus, the display screens in the conference room are one of the most valuable resources.

Decorate your meeting room with a conference LED screen:

The big display and 3D virtual screens are the future of the conference rooms. We know that meeting rooms are noisy, so you have to adopt an effective way. Thus, that solution lies in the high-quality conference LED screen that offers a broad level of view. In this way, every attendee will get a crisp and clear picture in the room. There are the following stats that are showing the importance of LED screens in the meeting rooms.

  • According to the stats, an average employee spends up to 6 hours in the meeting room. But most of the meetings remain unproductive due to lousy views.
  • Apart from this, business executive considers that more than 67% of the meetings remain a failure.

However, it is all because companies invest less in the account of the conference LED screen. If you want to yield more positive results, you have to invest in a good quality LED screen.

Conference LED screen for collaborative meeting space:

indoor led video wall

We can see the business dynamics are changing every other day. Now businesses need the LED screes instead of old traditional projectors. You can increase productivity by using flat LED screens, wireless presentation displays, and other interactive ways to engage people. However, there are the following types of flat panel display screens:

Flat-panel interactive display screens:

Flat-panel interactive display technology comes with the built-in software for a high level of collaboration and brainstorming sessions. However, it is the best and suitable type for all types of meeting rooms. There are many benefits if you prefer to use flat panel interactive display screens. Flat-panel screens are best for the huddle spaces and enhance productivity by showing a clear view. But this type of conference LED screen is challenging to use for people who don’t have a tech-related background. So, it involves software installation and other details that could be a bit technical. Apart from this, here are the following different types of conference LED lights that enhance visibility.

Quick features of conference LED display:

Choosing the best-LED display isn’t an easy task. It involves various factors that help to make the best decision. Thus, here are highlighted features of LED display.

  • The LED displays are better from every aspect when we compare them with the traditional screens. Moreover, the LED lights are easy to install and lightweight. It doesn’t require maintenance and the technology is environment friendly.
  • Above all, the conference LED display comes with a long life span. For instance, it works up to 50,000 hours, and it is ideal for office use.
  • The lighting solution is beneficial for all uses like conferences, presentations, client calls, and much more. It means that LED display has lots of flexibility, and you can use it anywhere it is needed.
  • The color scheme of the LED display is another highlighted point. However, it plays an important role when it comes to forming the color temperature. Thus, it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside. It enhances productivity and improves concentration.
  • Above all, the conference LED display is maintenance-free. Usually, it requires maintenance once in a lifetime.

It is vital to mention here that LED displays to provide the best brightness and lightning effect. Apart from this, the color combination and vibrant contrast help to make the best quality images and videos.


Is a LCD or LED wall better for a conference room?

While LCD video walls have historically been the most popular option, improvements to LED technology and thus its greater affordability ensured a clear frontrunner of any LED wall vs LCD video wall debate. A high-quality LED screen will be easier to install, manage, and operate on a day-to-day basis. There are affordability benefits as well, and modern all-in-one solutions deliver excellent user-friendliness from the get-go.

LED display, will also offer a superior overall viewing experience, with improved brightness, color gamut, contrast, and all-around flexibility. Users will not need to worry about grid issues or irregular aspect ratios, and for these reasons, LED’s cutting-edge technology is widely regarded as the ultimate solution for large conference LED displays.

How to choose a good pixel pitch for your conference LED screen ?

The conference LED screen within the optimal viewing distance can provide more comfortable viewing experience to audiences with content delivery maximization. An authoritative rule of thumb is: the optimal viewing distance range(mm) = PHX(mm)*1,000 ~ PHX(mm)*3,000. Take a P2mm LED display as an example. The optimal viewing distance is 2mm*1,000 to 2mm*3,000, i.e. 2 to 6 meters.

How to choose the best conference LED screen?

It is a fact that lighting and display in the room directly impact performance and productivity. However, if you have made up your mind to buy the conference LED screen, follow these guidelines.

Size of the screen:

Do you think that more giant screens always give the best results? If you feel this way, then you are wrong. The size of the screen must be according to the conference room. Here we are giving some examples according to the size of the room.

Meeting room sizeNumber of peopleDisplay size
Small meeting room2-6 people60-70 display size
Medium meeting room7-15 people100-120 inches display
Large meeting room16-50 people150-220 inches display

Apart from this, the conference LED display should be according to the viewing distance. According to the general guidelines, the viewing distance that is three times more than the height of the image is best and provides a fantastic experience. Generally, it should not less than 1.5 times than image height and not more than 4.5 than image height.

Pay attention towards display quality:

You are doing all this to get an excellent display. However, in the small meeting rooms, the LED display is the ideal choice. Apart from this, the natural light isn’t an issue in the small meeting room. But in the large meeting room, good lighting is vital to get the public attention. If the images are appearing washed, then it would be hard for the audience to concentrate.

Essential questions to ask yourself:

The first and most important thing you shouldn’t ignore is the self-asked questions. So, before getting any LED display to ask the following questions yourself.

  • How many attendees are there to attend the meeting session?
  • Is it essential for your business to call the group meetings?
  • Do you want all attendees to see the images and display them?
  • Decide whether your business needs an LED video call or video conferencing feature.

Apart from this, decide about the other features that you want for the conference LED display. But image quality must be crisp, bright, and visible to everyone.

Best contrast & optical display technology:

The advanced and enhanced contrast technology dramatically boosts the image quality. So, before getting the conference LED screen, make sure that you are getting the updated technology with the best contrast and optical display feature. Thus, get the one with DNP visual display because it enhances the contrast level and magnifies the image.

Colors shouldn’t be vivid:

Nobody wants to look at the colors that are vivid and washed out. Thus, get the technology that can show the colors in their original shape. By offering accurate colors, you can enhance the productivity level. So, get the conference LED screen that shows you sharp, authentic, and bright colors without any vividness.

What are the benefits of a meeting LED display?

It has proved that the conference LED display is perfect for meeting spaces. There are different sizes of screens and can get in any size that goes best with your requirements. So, here are the following considerable benefits of installing LED displays.

  • The LED screens in the conference room help to form the collaborative workspace. There isn’t anything good than a workspace where everyone gets access to the screen. Thus, it is possible with the help of an LED display.
  • The LED screens are the best solution for huddle rooms. It helps to build the team and bring co-workers together and enhance teamwork.
  • It helps to make them more imaginative meeting space with updated technology.
  • Moreover, the cost of the LED is less than the traditional projectors. Apart from this, it doesn’t need much in account of installation, replacement, or deep cleaning.
  • The LED screens are easy to install; that’s why one of the top benefits is convenience. You can plug the device and begin sharing work with your team.

One of the main benefits of installing a conference LED display is mobility. You can quickly transfer it from one place to another because it is lightweight. Thus, if you want to design an intelligent meeting room, place an order and get a customized-sized LED screen.

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