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Interactive LED Video Dance Floor for Disco Club

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Blogs | 0 comments

Are you looking for a fun and interesting addition to the dance floor to your disco club? If so, then here is the best and most efficient option i.e. interactive LED video floor to help you get that visitor’s attention your disco club is lacking.

Having a disco club means that you should grab your visitor’s attention with the dance floor setup you invest in. However, with the increasing inventions and categories of different types of setups and additions on dance floors, one can only think of going out of the box with an extra budget range, right? Besides, that’s the only way you can add a high-quality touch your disco club.

Well, that’s not necessary when you have some unique and creative options that can fit just right in your limited budget. One such highly-efficient and interesting addition that we’re talking about is an Interactive LED video dance floor for disco club.

LED Video Dance Floor

Go Advanced for Your Disco Club

Do you have a small or reasonable looking disco club business that you want to popularize, or you’re planning to have a disco club space at home? Either way, you must include something out of the box to amaze the visitors of your club. And for that very need, what can be more amusing than an interactive floor setup?

However, if you aren’t sure whether this interactive LED video dance floor would serve you as a high-quality addition for your disco club, then let’s go ahead and discover some of its highly benefitting features. Shall we?


  • Active Sounds:

With the active sound feature of this LED video floor, you can assure that there will be no dull evenings in your disco club. The high-quality and prominent active sounds created by this dance floor add an extra touch of quality and entertainment for the visitors.

  • Attention-Grabbing Graphics:

With the help of step inductive working of this LED dance floor, you can simply point touch or induction touch on the floor and it will start showing some attention-grabbing graphics. These eye-catching graphics along with text effects are created on the floor panels of the dance LED dance floor. Hence, it assures to grab the attention of the visitors, helping them have more fun at your place.

  • Easy-to-Use Programming:

With the help of the built-in programs of this Interactive floor, you don’t have to make too much effort in managing the programming of these dance floors. Hence, you can easily set the floors with built-in programs and get the fun started.

  • Video Playing:

The high-quality abstract video play of this Interactive LED screen for wedding or dj helps you gain mesmerizing effects in your disco club or home space. This helps your friends or visitors to enjoy a memorable and extremely entertaining evening. Also, with the attractive video playing effects on the dance floor, there’s no way your visitors would want the evening to end.

  • Multiple Displays:

Since this Interactive floor allows you to enjoy different display options like text or cartoon; you can easily make your friends or visitors interested in the overall evening. Hence, there’s no way anyone would want the fun and captivating evening to end.

  • Built-in Software:

With the help of the built-in program editing software, you can easily edit and set the desired program on the dance floor. This way, you don’t have to stay limited to a single or boring program repeatedly, and your visitors can enjoy a variety of fun easily.

  • Control Mode Addition:

This LED video floor comes with an SD card controller that helps you manage it easily and smartly. Since this controller comes with a sound-active function and a USB cable, you can easily connect it to a computer and download programs through the Color Edit Software. This additional control mode makes it easier to download additional programs, without seeking professional help.

  • Multiple Resolution Options:

Since you can avail of this Interactive floor in two different resolutions, there are no limitations of led display resolution quality or led display cost . Hence, even if you can’t afford a higher resolution LED dance floor, you can always have the lower one to serve in your entertainment needs. However, if you manage to invest in the higher resolution LED video floor, you can easily enjoy clearer and detailed playback of texts ad graphics.


Having a LED dance floor doesn’t only add quality to your parties and friend gatherings, but it also helps you grab their attention and make the evening more memorable for everyone. However, since this high-quality attention-grabbing dance floor is unique and attractive in their way; you can even make them a part of your disco club to keep the guests and visitors pleased with the attractive dance floor.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time you grab these fascinating LED dance floors and let them enhance the quality of your disco club!

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