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I hope the pole LED display has caught your attention so many times while traveling on the road. However, we may call the LED pole screen the SMART choice because it has solved many problems. It is a new and intelligent technology that is meeting all needs in advanced ways. Moreover, it has advanced features like a double-sided display, power supply, data collection, and work as an automatic control lamp. But you need to understand that there are many types of pole LED displays, and every class has different qualities. So, to get the benefit, it is vital to understand it in depth.

What is a pole LED display?

pole led display

Mainly we install the street pole lights for advertisement and display. Apart from this, we can use it for the intelligent city terminal display. The fantastic features of this technology serve significant purposes. For instance, it is lighter and easier to install. It is a brilliant idea to replace the old banner and poster advertisement.

Moreover, it emits high brightness with high resolution. In short, it serves best than the traditional LED pole screen. In simple words, we can call pole LED screen as the integrated project. Here are the following tasks that you can do with the help of a pole LED screen.

Environment monitorCamera monitorLED display
Public securitySmart streetlightFree WIFI
Car charging facilitySmart T-phoneAnd much more

However, this advanced technology comes with the combination of the internet, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Moreover, we can say that it is a new generation of urban information infrastructure that integrates everything in one place.

How does pole LED display work?

pole led display

After reading about the introduction, the next step is to know how it works. It is an interactive way to transmit vital information in images, videos, and texts. It is different from the traditional mode of advertisement and a fantastic way to advertise the product. Here are the following pointers that will how the LED pole screen work.

  • The intelligent LED is the display that we attach with the street pole to showcase the products and ideas. However, these LEDs aren’t only beautiful but offer multi-features with high performance.
  • The pole LED display occupies a small area, and you can make full use of that by integrating different features in one place.

So, it is easier to install and involves less level of technicalities. But if you don’t have basic installation abilities, then you can hire a technician.

How to choose the street light LED pole display?

pole led display

After reading all the details about the LED pole display now, you are aware that it can boost your business. But the detailed guide wouldn’t complete without discussing the tips that will help choose the best one. So, here are some points that you shouldn’t ignore while selecting the pole LED display.

Lightning function:

Before ordering the LED pole display, pay serious attention to brightness. So, if you are getting the one, ensure that it can achieve the actual demand of the streetlight. Apart from this, it is vital to get the LED screen to adjust the brightness in real-time. In this way, you can save a lot in energy cost and a lot better than the traditional street camps. So, get the street LED pole display that comes with the automated features.

Excellent visual effect:

It is one of the essential features that need your attention. So, always get the LED pole screen with high brightness, refresh rate, and color contrast. All of these factors seem small but play an essential role. However, all of these factors play an indispensable role in building image quality and clear visual experience. The crisp and the image quality play an important role in getting the public’s attention. Apart from this, there are the following other factors that need your attention.

Pixel pitchModule sizePixel densityPixel configuration
LED specificationsModule resolutionCabinet resolutionThe Cabinet size
Cabinet materialBrightnessFrequencyOperating system
Power consumptionAv power consumptionLife spanAnd much more

These parameters help a lot when it comes to choosing the best quality LED pole display. The main aim of all these is to ensure ease of use, promotion, and cost-saving.

Silent designing and high efficiency:

The other important feature that should be there in the pole LED display is efficiency. If the pole LED screen isn’t efficient, then there is no point getting that. The best quality LED screen comes with a power supply and one high-quality noise cancelation fan. So, it means that the display will not make any noise while working. As a result, you will be able to meet the environmental protection standards.

Get the LED with multi-control way:

Above all, don’t forget to get the smart LED pole screen that supports multi connections with 3G, 4G, and WIFI. Apart from this, order the one with cluster control. With the help of cluster control, you can manage all features from one place. Moreover, you can check the status of each LED pole screen with the use of a cloud system.

Multi installation way:

If you are installing the screen at the pole, you surely need one with the multi-installation feature. Thus, the multi-installation feature supports the side, middle, roof, and mounting hanging. However, the LED screens with this feature save time and energy during installation. If there are 2-3 persons, then you can finish the installation process in few minutes.

Let’s talk about the highlighted features of the LED pole screen:

pole led display

We have already discussed the pole LED display. But if you get a good quality screen display, then there would be the following highlighted features.

  • The high-quality LED pole screen comes with outstanding energy-saving ability. In a traditional LED display, the cost may be low, but the energy consumption is much higher. So, if we compare it in the long run, then the benefits of getting a street pole LED display are more than the cost.
  • Above all, the LED pole screen offers an elegant look with a sleek design. The overall look of the display plays an important role when it comes to attract and impress people. So, the street LED screen serves this purpose elegantly.
  • Apart from this, don’t forget that the LED display comes with multiple intelligent features that differ them from the traditional screens. For instance, there are features like artificial intelligence, WIFI, bright screen, and much more.
  • The LED pole display is lightweight, and you can easily carry it here and there. Apart from this, due to the lightweight, it is easier to install.
  • Most importantly, the LED display is waterproof because this feature should be there to install the screen in an outdoor setting. Due to the waterproof technology, you can install it in extreme environments like rain, snow, or high temperatures.

Moreover, it is vital to mention here that the outdoor LED screens are dust and pollution-proof. Apart from this, you can use the LED pole for multiple purposes like traffic signals, notice board, wireless station, charging pile, and much more.

Pole LED screen manufacturer:

The selection of the pole LED display manufacture plays an essential and equal role along with features. So, before buying the screen, make sure that the service is credible and has a positive reputation. It would help if you can read online reviews to check the credibility and experience of past customers. Moreover, after selecting the service, you don’t need to worry about the installation because services come with an expert team to look after the installation.

What are the positive sides and uses of the LED pole screens?

At first, it is vital to talk about the vast applications of the LED pole screen. The street pole works in multiple ways. Apart from installing the screen on the pole, you can use it for the following purposes.

Smart lightingSecurity by installing camerasPole uses to release information
Wireless station for internet supplyWeather monitoring spotCharging pile for autos
Environment monitoringFor info publicationAnd advertisement

Benefits of Pole LED display:

Apart from these features and applications, there are many other benefits of the pole LED display. So, here are some of the positive sides of these screens.

  • You don’t need to operate on the spot. It’s possible with the help of remote cluster control.
  • Apart from this, you can synchronize the content on all screens. As a result, you can enhance the advertisement effect by playing the same ad.
  • Moreover, on a small screen, you can automatically adjust the brightness and its timing. Due to this feature, you can make energy-saving possible.
  • The pole LED display comes with high-resolution features, and this technology is designed for distance viewing. But due to improvements and advancements now, it is suitable for closer viewing and provides a clear image.
  • It comes with a long life span. Usually, it lasts up to 15,000 hours or more or depends on the usage.
  • It saves energy consumption because you can easily set up the solar panel on top of the pole. Thus, the pole can take the energy from the solar panel, and you don’t need to outsource electricity.

Smart street pole LED display lights are the new future. It provides many benefits from energy saving, less maintenance cost to the management cost. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the extreme weather conditions because it comes with protective shields. Thus, if you want a street LED pole screen, you also can place a customized order.