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One of the most important aspects of any LED outdoor display screen/sign is simply its brightness. It’s quite obvious that a better and improved brightness of an LED display sign can help you view the board and its message more clearly. Whereas, if an outdoor LED board doesn’t have higher brightness, there are chances that your LED sign board wouldn’t be able to portray a clear and viewable message or advertisement in the daylight.

Similarly, an outdoor LED display has to be brighter than an P3 indoor led display . Therefore, before you invest in any outdoor LED sign, it’s important to understand what the different aspects of outdoor LED display brightness are; and how they work. But don’t worry if you aren’t well aware of its different aspects like nits, lumens, and brightness of an outdoor LED screen, and how these work in improving the outdoor LED display brightness. That’s simply because we have you covered here with some detailed insight on each of these terms. So let’s go ahead, and discover them, shall we?

outdoor led display brightness

Lumens, Nits, and Brightness:

A lumen is a measure of the total quantity of visible light, which is emitted by a specific source like an LED display. Now, you can understand this by considering a lumen to be one small measurement of a whole amount of visible light we see on these LED display screens.

However, if we discuss the role of outdoor LED display nit – it is simply a larger quantity of light, in comparison to a lumen. Hence, if we go forth the calculative understanding, 1 nit has a lot more light, than 1 ANSI lumen.  

So if we consider it in terms of outdoor LED screen brightness, it is obvious that the number of nits measures it. As a result, we can simply say that the more the quantity of a LED display screen nit would be, the better its brightness would serve you. Also, this can be simply viewed and determine by the LED display manufacturers spec sheet, as to how much nits are found in the display. So this can be easier to figure out how much the brightness of your outdoor LED display would eventually be.

How Does the Outdoor LED Screen’s Brightness Work?

As mentioned above, the more the quantity of the nits in a LED display would be, the better it will serve you in terms of visibility, in the daylight. However, this doesn’t define how much quantity of nits is required to have a super bright outdoor display, right? 

Well, to understand that, let’s first discuss the indoor LED displays. If we talk about them, most often there are 300 to 350 nits present in it. This makes the LED display to portray enough brightness to be visible indoors. However, if we compare it with an outdoor LED display nit requirement, to avail a picture that is equally viewable in the daylight, a LED screen must be anywhere between 400 nits – 5000 nits.  

Now if we talk about the different outdoor LED signs brightness levels, we can divide them as:

  • Shadow friendly brightness
  • Sunset suitable brightness
  • Extreme brightness
  • All extreme rightness

Due to different outdoor locations that we tend to choose for the installation of our LED display signs, one specific amount of outdoor LED display nit doesn’t serve efficiently on all outdoor places. 


Outdoor LED Display Nit According to Location

Now we’ve mentioned how each of the outdoor locations requires a different nit or brightness level of a LED display to make the content viewable and vivid for the reader. So for a clearer understanding and view of different amounts of nit in an outdoor LED display screen, let’s discuss the different locations and their brightness requirements below.

  • Shadow Brightness – 500 Nits: As obvious as it is by the name, this type of LED outdoor display net quantity makes it easier for you to install your LED display sign in places that are shadowed. For example, it can be in a protected location, under an eave, or somewhere in the east where it would only face the morning sun.
  • Sunset Brightness – 3500 NITS: These types of LED screens consist of a larger amount of nits to ensure that the display screen is bright enough to show a clear and vivid display in the extremely bright outdoor places. Hence, if you’re willing to install your LED display anywhere near a pool, in the middle of some mall or plaza, or simply somewhere facing west direction, then this would serve you with enough brightness.
  • Extreme Brightness – 5,000 NITS: This outdoor LED display nit type serves as one of the brightest LED display sign options, for use in the brightest of places. Also, they are termed as high brightness displays that make the display content a lot more visible than any other display screen with lower nit amount would.
  • ALL Extreme – 7,000 NITS: Lastly, the most efficient and highly serving option of a LED display sign is one that has 5,000 nits. These outdoor flat panel displays are termed as the ultra-extreme displays. Hence, this makes it quite obvious that how clear these outdoor LED displays serve you in the brightest places!


Now, as much as all these brightness levels of an outdoor display are concerned, the dimmer option on these bright displays is also an important aspect. Besides, who would want to make their customers and viewers blind with that extreme light at night time, right? So that’s certainly something that comes as an additional aspect of all of these extra bright display signs – don’t worry about that!

 However, if you have a clear and detailed understanding of the levels and working of outdoor LED display brightness, you are sure to make use of your display sign in a better and efficient way!