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How to calculate LED screen resolution, size & viewing distance

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From New Berlin to New Zealand, Edinburgh to Egypt, No matter LED displays or LED Virtual production walls are popping up everywhere across the sphere.

Globally advertising is appraised as state-of-the-art. Static posters have been shared within public transport hubs since they initially began appearing. Transformation in the digital world has raised from static platforms to the introduction (and now large installation) of digital displays.

At first, the technology of choice was LCD, though with sizing, prominence of content, and screen glare in flashing areas all giving an issue, a change began in the direction of the LED installations. LED can be structured to fit any size and shape, and viewing capability is not affected by daytime or brighter areas. LED screens permit innovative and productive boundaries to be pushed concerning both the physical build and the content being formed.

stage led screens

LED video display also can be understood as an LED display, and it is typically used for a marketing panel. In recent years, as technology is getting mature in the LED industry, LED video displays have gotten growing attention, big-screen LED displays are applicable for many reasons. Its advertising outcome has gained acceptance to ease the market demand for the LED display. At present, LED video displays are noticeable in many sessions, exhibitions, conferences, and indoor & outdoor events.

Advertising of indoor LED screen has been focused on pixel pitch and the narrow gap between LED lights on the displays.

Overview of LED Display

  • The LED display is fashioned with light-emitting diodes as a video display. Like big television screens which can be used as outdoor and indoor. 
  • Because of dynamic and constant changes in LED displays, many advantages like vivid videos, images, and live broadcasts came into limelight and now LED displays are frequently used in the exhibition room, corridor, square, sculptures.
  • LED display illustrate durable quality, and design flexibility.

LED Pixel Pitch

  • It is one of the most vital skill when you buy a Led Display. 
  • Pitch exists in distance between the pixels. For example, For P8, the distance between pixels is 8mm. 
  • Pixel can be of more LEDs. In Full-color solution, they have 3 LEDs in 1 pixel (Namely Red Green Blue).
  • Pitch will regulate the viewing distance and the LED screen resolution. The smaller the viewing distance, the smaller the pitch.
  • To establish the right pitch is not easy. First, you must determine the viewing distance before you can decide the pitch. Indoor settings generally have a small pitch (P3-P10) because the viewing distance is small. Outdoor has a greater pitch (starting from P10).

LED Display Resolution:

  • Resolution is a critical measurement of how much detail a screen shows based on the total number of pixels in the display area and is an important feature in defining image quality. 
  • The LED display resolution is the number of distinct pixels in the respective dimension that can be displayed. 
  • It is generally mentioned as width × height, with the units in pixels: for example, “1440 × 1080” means the width is 1440 pixels and the height is 1080 pixels. 
  • To show an acceptable video effect on the LED screen, it will require a total resolution of 50,000 pixels at least.

A Technique to Calculate the LED Screen Resolution Size:

The LED display is comprised of an LED unit board, the pixel pitch and LED screen size are as below. For any popular LED screen, the method to calculate the specification of LED video display is as follows:

  • Full color P6 outdoor LED display: 192mm × 192mm
  • Full color P8 outdoor LED display (small board): 256mm × 128mm
  • Full color P8 outdoor LED display (Big board): 320mm × 160mm
  • Full color P10 outdoor LED display: 320mm × 160mm
  • Full color P12 outdoor LED display: 192mm × 192mm
  • Full color P16 outdoor LED display: 256mm × 128mm
  • Different LED display companies would have different module dimensions.

How to acquire the above specification for LED display?

Now, take P10 and P16 as an example:

1) Generally, the module length of P16 pixel pitch possess 16 dots, the width has 8 dots, and for P16 the pixel pitch is 10mm, thus,

The length is 16 dots × 1.6cm=25.6cm.

The height is 8 dots ×1.6cm=12.8cm.

2) Typically, the module length of P10 pixel pitch possess 32 dots, the width has 16 dots, and for P10 the pixel pitch is 10mm, so,

The length is 32 dots × 1.0cm=32cm,

The height is 16 dots × 1.0cm=16cm.

These specifications can be memorized easily and are simple to calculate.

To calculate the indoor LED video display:

Indoor LED video display is all about crafting an incredible experience for your visitors. It is a technology that is evolving and is becoming a boom. Not only it is becoming progressively more popular but also exceptional in terms of resolution, LED screen size, and shape.

Example: Full-color indoor LED video display has 4m length, 3m width, now it requires a P10 LED module to make it.

1) Initially, calculate how many quantities for P10 LED modules are required.

Length: 4m/0.32m=12.5pcs, so, it needs about 13pcs.

Width: 3m/0.16m=18.7pcs, so, it needs about 19pcs.

2) The actual length and width for the display, the length is 13pcs × 0.32m=4.16m, and the width is 19pcs × 0.16m=3.04m.

3) The area for the LED video display is 4.16m × 3.04m=12.65m².

To Calculate Outdoor LED Video Display

High-pitched brightness of outdoor LED walls enthralls the viewers and communicate information in a visually appealing fashion. IP68 Outdoor LED displays are meant to suit harsh outdoor conditions like direct sunlight, rain, and dust.

The outdoor LED display is to adopt a cabinet to joint; its calculation is the same as the indoor LED video display.

Viewing Experience of the LED Screen

The customer is a ruler (irrespective of the market or sector), and as a result, their experience is vital. LED screens can assist in improving customer experience tremendously. Displays with motivating and appealing content can entertain, help reduce supposed waiting times, accelerate processes, and can also help decrease confusion by guiding, updating, and informing travelers.

Screen technology is progressing over time, and what variety of LED screens you buy can have a substantial influence on the picture quality. Different types of display often have a curved screen which complements the viewing experience.

LED displays are the most prevalent style on the market, using thousands of tiny LEDs behind the screen to bright it up. Precisely, they are a genre of LCD TV, but the procedure of illuminating the display means the picture quality is much higher.

LED screens to show a brighter image than LCD and plasma versions. Models with local dimming technology only brighten up the screen areas that are required. By this means, black areas seem darker, and colors seem brighter.

To sum it up

Any display of any pixel pitch can theoretically be HD, 4k, or 8k. To make a difference there must be adequate space for a display to be the fixed size.

The calculation for the LED screen resolution size is helpful for the ones who have projects for video display. With the worldwide economic growth, LED video display has become a vital advertising device, and it is more efficient than traditional advertising practices.

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