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Have you been thinking about buying an outdoor LED movie screen? Now the idea of an outdoor LED cinema sounds interesting and exciting; especially if you’re someone who holds friend get together a lot or you run a fun hangout spot for the young ones. Besides, everyone loves watching new and old movies from time to time. And when it is with your friends and special ones in an outdoor setting; what can be better? Certainly nothing!

But wait! Before you start adoring the idea of buying an outdoor LED movie screen and consider it a perfect option for friends hangout or your small business opening; are you sure you know which outdoor LED cinema screen is suitable for you? Moreover, do you even know more about the benefits that come along with these movie display screens? If not, it’s time you discover more of what’s coming your way other than just an exciting outdoor movie setting. Are you ready for that? Well then, let’s go ahead and discover all about an outdoor LED cinema screen in detail.

P 2.6mm led screen
DOIT VISION LED Matrix 2.6mm

Outdoor LED Screen Vs. Projector

Now for anyone familiar with outdoor media settings, you might be familiar with how projectors are also a common and obvious option for many. Besides, projectors have been more of an outdoor display setting option for years before LED screens were even introduced as an outdoor LED display. Considering this, you might get confused about whether to go for an outdoor LED cinema screen or a projector instead, right? Well, most of the movie maniacs do face the same issue.

But if we compare both these digital media options, both have different benefits and drawbacks that make them suitable in different conditions. Don’t get it? Well, if we talk about the world of outdoor theatre, LED screens can serve as a more reliable option to be available during day and night times. This is mainly due to the internal panels of LED screens that emit light within the screen. As a result, we might also notice such screens commonly installed in stadiums and ballparks.

However, the drawback here is that you can’t move these screens very frequently. For instance, if you have a larger budget for setting up these screens and having them properly installed without needing to move them anytime soon) then an LED outdoor movie screen is the best bet you can make.

However, for the need of a low budget and easy to move outdoor movie setting option, projectors serve you effectively. Moreover, projectors show a crystal clear image during outdoor night media displaying settings.

But even with all these differences and the fact that many consider projectors to be a better outdoor movie setting, an outdoor LED movie screen isn’t any less too. If we look at the usage of these screens, they are most in-demand due to their advanced technology, high-quality performance, and super-efficient performance in both the day and night. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then you know who won this comparison here, i.e. outdoor LED movie settings.

How to Build an Outdoor LED Movie Screen

Now are planning to build an outdoor LED movie screen set up outside your house or business location? It’s certainly not a bad idea, but are you sure how you need to set up the LED movie screen? No, we don’t mean how you will self-install the screen. Instead, we’re talking about the different types of outdoor LED movie screens and how you can build a setup that fits your outdoor movie plan perfectly. You don’t? Well then, let’s explore two of the common types of LED movie setups you can build outdoors and create a unique and interesting movie vibe.

· Mobile Truck Setup:

Firstly, one of the common and highly interesting types of outdoor LED movie screen setups includes building a mobile truck. Now if you aren’t aware of what a mobile ruck is, then you can simply consider this a kind of mobile LED billboard/screen. In other terms, these are specific LED screens for movies that are installed on the sides of the truck or trailer. As a result, this is a mobile truck set up for your outdoor LED screen; making your truck turn into a theatre setting easily.

To build this setup, you have to look for the perfect mobile screens that have a similar measurement as the side of your truck (or the one you’ll get for this setup), and then have it installed on it. Moreover, a good thing about these screens is that you don’t have to worry about keeping these screens in a fixed location. Instead, in terms of bad weather conditions or no use; you can simply keep the truck indoors and secure the mobile movie screen for future outdoor movie plans.

· LED Screen Rental Setup:

outdoor rental led display

This one is a basic type of LED rental screen setup that you can use to build an outdoor LED movie screen setup. Here, you can simply consider renting an LED display and setting it outdoors in a perfect location for the entire audience to easily avail of a theatrical experience.

To build this setup, you have to be sure that these screens are fitted somewhere they can be detached from – since they are rental and not permanent. Moreover, you can use these screens as a time-to-time solution for you and your friend’s outdoor movie plans; without having to worry about investing in a whole display screen of your own. All you have to do is buy the right rental LED display for your movie night plan (which also fits the measurement criteria of the wall you want to set it on), have it set-up by professionals, and then enjoy a one-time outdoor LED movie screen presence – and you’ve built a perfect LED screen rental movie setup. That sounds like an easy solution, right?

What is a Good Size of an Outdoor LED Movie Screen?

Another highly important question to consider before blindly investing in any LED display and setting it up as an outdoor LED movie screen is that you need to figure out the right size. Of course, you’re not hosting a party or a conference. So an extremely large and high-quality screen wouldn’t be useful in every way. Moreover, if you go for an outdoor LED cinema screen that is too small; your outdoor theatre experience might not turn out great.

Hence, when you’re investing in an outdoor LED cinema screen, make sure you choose a decent size that may fit your budget as well as your cinema needs. For this, you can look for a full HD 1080p in the range of 100-inch measurement. This measurement will serve as a cost-efficient outdoor movie screen size that will enhance your overall movie experience.

Why Do you need an Outdoor Movie Screen?

Firstly, let’s start with the benefits of an outdoor LED movie screen. Now before you purchase anything, the first thing you ask yourself is why you need it, right? Besides, that’s the basic plan of purchasing anything and ensuring that your investment is going to benefit you in the long-run.

Considering this, when it comes to a movie LED display, there’s a lot more to its benefits and why you should purchase it – rather than just the fact that these screens seem like a great outdoor movie setting. These benefits mainly include:

· Indoor Usage Suitability:

The good thing about outdoor movie screens is that you can also make use of them as an indoor LED display. This means that you can set up your movie screen in any location – without having to keep it limited to only outdoor usage.

· Outdoor Screens Equal to More Entertainment:

Even though there are plenty of amazingly large and exciting indoor theatre systems available in stores, but they can’t meet the entertainment offered by an outdoor display. Hence, if you’re willing to spend more fun and memorable time with your relatives and friends; then an outdoor LED cinema screen is your best bet.

· It is Portable:

Another huge benefit of an outdoor LED screen is that it can offer you great portability. In other words, you can say that you can turn these highly portable outdoor displays fold up into a compact mass. As a result, you know you can travel anywhere or move around with this screen – without worrying about finding it hard to move around with it.

· Easy-to-Setup:

If this isn’t all for you to consider buying an LED movie screen and you’re looking for more reasons to do so, then you can also consider it to be an easy setup display screen. Now since you don’t have to drill these screens into the wall or assemble them more technically; it’s easier to set them up all on your own. Just follow the instructions and you’ve got your outdoor movie screen setup ready. Go play your favorites now!

· Comfortable Viewing Experience:

Now if you’re looking for a magical movie experience while watching your favorite movie with your family/friends, then you have to buy an outdoor LED cinema screen and experience its theatrical magic. Besides, who wouldn’t want to view a next-level graphical experience at the comfort of your backyard? Duh, we all do!


Now that we’ve discovered everything; from why you need a movie screen to what type should you choose and even the size – you’re surely clear on how you need to buy that perfect movie LED screen, right? Well then, what’s the wait for now? Go get the best movie display and make every outdoor movie plan or your hangout place turn into a perfect theatrical experience for everyone!