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LED Wall Technology

The LED wall technology enables the event organizer to be able to engage with audience members in a better throughout the entire event, which has also become a very common way to display your content at all types of events be it a huge concert, a marathon, fancy gala, private movie night. It’s almost a guaranteed thing that LED video wall will be present, no matter the occasion. In the past, LED screens used to be something that the organizers wanted however, now it has become one of the most significant part of outdoor activities and performances. The music festivals and concerts greatly use LED screens to increase the amount of fun and excitement among their viewers and to boost up the energy among them.

concert led screens

Concert LED Screens

Whether you’re planning a concert night or a Coachella, LED screens for concert could be used as such to grab the attention of the audience, if you’re planning to invite well renowned artists and singers you need to make sure that the attendees could still be able to view on-stage happenings. The current trend includes creative flexible LED display scenic, blow through design, risers and DJ booth and multiple backstage LED walls all of which are fairly common and add to the scenic beauty of the whole event.

The type of the system mainly used is a large number of LED screens fixed together or overlapped in a manner in which a much larger screen is produced. The advantages of these concert LED screens are great in number ranging from greater screen area to a better pixel density and providing you with a customized layout making them a great choice for concert planners as well as other event planners.

If you haven’t made use of concert LED screens in your past events perhaps you should consider them now due to the various reasons such as their long lives which can add life to your event. The large video displays play a huge part in making the events much more memorable by adding to the ambience and the atmosphere. For huge settings the screens also ensure that the audience will be able to see the performers on stage even though they aren’t very close to the stage, hence increases audience engagement. Which also helps them in being able to take better pictures of the event. Aside from having one large concert LED screen you can also install flown screens in strategic areas of your venue which can cater to the audience which are seated far from the stage and provide them with better visibility.(want to know calculate stag led screen size ?)

Uses and Benefits of Concert LED Screens

Having a huge screen can also allow you to categorize the seats, the VIP ones in the front and you won’t have to worry a lot about the ones seated at the back since the screen would be enough to provide them with a better view. You can also broadcast your whole event live which can increase your audience base while using the cameras positioned at various places right there and then for the audience to view.

While having a stage without using a concert LED screen you would have to worried about stage alleviation and its visibility and the seating areas in the venue however, when using an LED screen it makes it way easier to set up the stage but you still have to look after certain important factors which includes using the right light since the LED screen already emits bright lights and the rest of the lighting set up should complement the bright lights especially in line with the backdrop. It is a great idea to have pre-existing backdrops such as trees and wall which definitely add to the overall ambience and the vibe.

Raising the stage is another thing that can be done to enhance the visibility for the audience seated at the back alongside having an LED screen. Considering the placement of your advertising materials such as LED signs and digital signage. LED screens can help you erect a conventional stage saving a lot of your cost and can make the event a memorable one and shape the environment into a fun and vibrant one.

By having a larger LED display screen your options will become broader as to how you can increase the entertainment for the audience including your pre-production content, live broadcast and other various videos. All of these can help make your event memorable and joyous and the big-impact events do not necessarily have to be very expensive rather the preparation of the venue and everything has to be proper and well thought out.

Sponsors also have a higher incentive to make donations to your event when you have a concert LED screen so you also need to make sure of the fact that your sponsors are aware of you having one.