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Are you looking for a highly reliable and efficient video controller that can add more value to your LED displays graphical result? If so, opting for high-quality 4K video controllers can be a great investment option. Besides, the video controller serves as the main component that generates video signals on a computer, gaming system, a projector or LED display.

Hence, if you look for the perfect option from just the right and well-known brand, you are sure to gain better and more efficient video controlling outcome on any device you demand to connect it with. Especially when it comes to LED displays, having a high-quality and highly reliable video controller is important to portray a next-level graphical display on the screen. This doesn’t only helps to improve your business performance by attracting more viewers, but also helps in portraying the message/advertisement in a better way.

colorlight z6

Hence, if you’re looking for the best and highly advanced video controller options, then it’s better to rely on Colorlight’s Z-series including the Colorlight Z4, Colorlight Z6, and Z6 PRO. However, if you aren’t well aware of how each of these video controller models works in terms of their features; let’s go ahead and discuss them below in detail.

Colorlight Z-Series:

  • Z4 Super Controller:

The Colorlight Z4 serves as a highly professional LED display/Video controller. This model comes with a video splicer, processor, and a sender; al combined to give more professional and advanced working outcomes. As a result, you can rely on the Z4 for a better capability of video signal reception, processing work, and transmission of the video signals to the LED display. Additionally, this model also offers you with highly reliable and high-definition images with flexible and user-friendly image controlling function. Hence, you don’t have to make extra efforts on editing and controlling the images and ideas on your LED display. Additionally, with the presence of an input resolution of 1920×1200@60Hz, and support for HDCP1.4; this video controller makes it easier to meet all your graphics editing requirements.

Considering all this, the Z4 serves as one of the best video controller options for popular rental displays or the common fixed displays.

  • Z6 Super Controller:

Similar to the Z4, the Colorlight Z6 also serves as a highly reliable and professional video controller model that meets all your advanced graphical editing and media management needs. Since the Z6 has a video input capability of 4K along with UHD and HDR images processing and transmission function; you can rely on it for your professional commercial LED display work too. Also, just like the previous model, the Colorlight Z6 serves as a video splicer, processor, and video sender; making it suitable for the basic needs too.

Other than that, it also includes Video input ports of 2×SDI, 1×HDMI2.0, 4×DVI, and support for 3840×2160@60Hz input resolution- both adding more high-end quality and smoothness to the graphics. Additionally, this model also supports brightness and temperature adjustment feature for your LED display’s video graphics.

All these amazing features combine to make the Z6 a highly reliable and efficient video controller option for both the high-end rental displays and the high resolution P1.5/P2/P2.5 LED displays.

  • Z6 PRO Super Controller:

Last, but not the least, the Z6 Pro is a more advanced and better video controller model than the previous Colorlight Z4 and Colorlight Z6. This simply means that this model includes all the basic features present in the previous models. However, with all that it also includes plenty of advanced features. This mainly includes the 10GB fiber output ports that can be easily applied to the high-end and high-resolution rental display and LED display.

Additionally, you also gain support for 4 pcs 4K input board, 3 different types of optional input boards, low latency processing, 16 PIP layers, and a USB, LAN, and RS232 control. Also, for the advanced editing and video graphics managing control, the Z6 PRO includes a support for HDR, 3D video and display, highly reliable and improved grayscale feature during low brightness videos art-net control support, the ability to adjust the hue, saturation, and contrast of the video.

All these advanced features add a lot more reliability, professionalism, and efficiency to the video controlling on your LED display screen.


A video controller is a necessity when it comes to managing the graphics and video results on your LED display screen. This helps gain a better viewing experience, whether for personal needs or business promotions.

Therefore, considering this major aim, these Colorlight Z-series Super Video Controllers serve as the best options for your investment. Even though each of these has different features to offer professional outcomes, but the performance highly varies upon your video controlling needs. So go ahead and choose the right model according to your display screens demands!