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Colorlight S2/S4/S6 LED Sending Box

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Having a giant LED display screen for commercial use means that you have to meet up to the requirements of the media industry to portray a graphical presentation that can catch the viewer’s attention. As a result, plenty of LED components are manufactured to help improve the performance of these LED display screens. So no matter how small or huge your business may be these components help lift the LED screen’s interpretation in a way that can boost the overall graphical appearance on the screen.

Now considering this, one of the most commonly opted and highly reliable components is a sending box. This sending box is connected with computers and other sending systems; from where the screen interpretation is transferred and portrayed on the screen. Concisely, the card converts the input video signal in a format that can be easily displayed on the LED screen. Now, this conversion happens when the sending box’s network cable is connected to the LED display. As a result, your LED display screen portrays a quality graphical message on the screen; making it looks industry competitive.


Colorlight S-Series

Now that we’re talking about sending boxes and how they help in converting and portraying a better and high-quality graphical display on your flexible LED screen, you might want to invest in a decent LED sending box, right? Well, for that very reason, we’ve discussed below the best of Colorlight Sending Box models from the S-series. So go ahead, and discover their features.

  • Colorlight S2:

This Colorlight s2 sending box is one of the most reliable options for your smart LED display screens. It comes with the support of a DVI signal input port, an audio input port with synchronous transmission via Ethernet cable, and 2 Gigabit Ethernet port outputs that support screen arbitrary splicing. Additionally, this sending card model also includes dual USB ports that support a high-speed configuration and an easy cascading process to improve your overall sending and working speed on the LED display.

Other than this, you get improved led display grayscale performance on low brightness evils of the LED display along with an input resolution of 1920*1200 pixels. Also, with the 1.31 pixels loading capacity and the compatibility of this sending box with all the Colorlight receiving card series; you can be sue to make use of this sending box for all your basic LED display setting requirements.

  • Colorlight S4:

This Colorlight s4 sending box model offers some advanced working features in comparison to the previous S2 model. It comes with both the HDMI and DVI signal output ports, where the HDMI also has a signal loop output port. Also, the presence of an input resolution of 1920*1200 pixels and a 2.30 million pixels loading capacity; both add more graphical quality on your LED display screen.

Additionally, you get support for 4 Gigabit Ethernet outputs that serve effectively in screen arbitrary splicing. Also, the presence of dual USB 2.0 and support for brightness and chromaticity adjustment; both add more quality and reliability to your usage of this sending box model. Moreover, this one also supports HDCP, while being compatible to work with all the Colorlight receiving card series.

  • Colorlight S6:

Lastly, but most importantly, the S6 is one of the most advanced and highly professional sending box modes offered by Colorlight. It comes with advanced features like video input ports being of 1HDMI and 1 DVI (both with loop) and support for HDCP 1.4. Additionally, this model also supports extra professional features like splicing, cascading along with a strict synchronization, a synchronism of display image through the Genlock signal, sending with zero latency, highly improved gray-scale, brightness, chromaticity adjustment, and a color gamut transformation.

All these features add a touch of professional working and extra efficiency to the performance of this sending box; making you set your LED display screen concerning the professional industry needs.


With all these Colorlight Sending Box models of the S-series having different features and working capabilities, you are surely going to have your LED display setting that needs to be fulfilled effectively. Just choose the right model that serves you with features that fit your LED display setting requirements, and you will surely avail highly reliable performance from the Colorlight sending box.

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