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Creative Flexible LED Screens Display|Flexible LED Video Walls

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Modern technology paved the way for multi-functional devices such as the smart-watch and the smart-phone. Computers are quicker, more compact, and more powerful than ever before. Luckily, technology has also made our lives simpler, quicker, safer and more enjoyable with all those revolutions. Henceforth, technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives over the course of years or should we say seconds?

In this article, we’ll over-go the selection criteria for the ideal flexible LED screen at hand in the technical equipment market today. From Magnavox electronic televisions to smart TVs, the world has seen it all in the whim of a century.

What is a Flexible LED Display?

In 1974, PARC employee Nicholas K. Sheridan made a major breakthrough in flexible display technology and created the first ever flexible e-paper display. In the late 2000s research and development of this type of LED screen began. Its main objective was to introduce this kind of technology into mobile devices. The idea has been consistent in evolving ever since. An LED is basically a level board display that uses light to produce diodes as the varying media shows. An LED display board screen is accessible in large and small sizes of visual impact production, depending on its use. A flexible LED display screen has a different appearance and feel than a conventional LED display board. This is made of rubber, and has an extremely flexible insulation layer on both sides of the frame. This material is designed to withstand extreme compression and is resistant to any kind of distortion that is very helpful in challenging installation jobs that require lots of twists and turns.

How does Flexible LED Display Work?

Flexible LED display units are available in varying sizes. You can therefore obtain either a small unit or an out-sized unit to suit your needs. Primarily, we know that in-store signage and publications are used on such displays. The wall has plenty of LEDs on it, although a few panels and frames are on the stage. Unlike other types of lighting, this one has many benefits.

For indoor applications, flexible LED screen is ideal, like at Supermarket, Airport, hotel lobby etc. A creative, flexible LED display is the right one to choose if you need to make the LED installation screen round and curved or indoor fixed. No doubt, they’re tremendously voluptuous.

Pros and Cons of Flexible LED Displays:


If you are looking forward to purchasing a flexible LED screen but can’t select right one, we recommend you read the advantages of these units listed below.

  • Economic Superlative:

Saving money can help you become monetarily secure. Consequently, the flexible LED display proves to be a smart investment. Up to 20 sq meters of soft LEDs can be packed inside one flight case thanks to their light weight design. So you can save on shipping costs as well as labor costs. Since digital boards require lower maintenance costs, LED displays are what they should be striving for. Traditional displays, on the other hand, are more prone to damage, since they are made of light fixtures.

  • Super Customizable:

Choosing from a wide variety of form, scale, color and pixel pitch allows many unusual shapes such as circles, columns, ellipses, triangles, spheres, etc.

  • Pictorial Quality:

The key benefit of these systems is that they offer superior picture quality. They intend to give the greatest and enhanced quality of the preview, because they also do not need any additional consumables accessories.  

  • Enhanced Processing System:

A better processing system is another great benefit you will enjoy. Therefore, the units provide much more efficient processing systems.

  • Space-friendly:

Such LED screens are not enclosed inside a cabinet and only take up thickness of 5 mm. This eliminates spatial limitations and allows for easy installation.

  • Heavy Duty:

Most of these structures are made of components industrial in nature. Therefore, they are constructed or engineered in such a way that they can operate in hazardous situations for days.

  • Undemanding Maintenance:

Servicing is very fast and convenient, along with the light weight and easy access to the top and front for repair.

  • Inordinate Adaptability:

The units provide greater adaptability with respect to shape and scale. Which is why you can go for these units if you are searching for greater adaptability.

  • Coherently Connected Panels:

Magnetic contact stitches the panels together. This magnetic buckle design also ensures fast replacement and installation of the flexible LED screen.

  • Exceedingly Compatible:

Such appliances provide a variety of compatibility choices for various business forms. That can help these companies meet their prospective customers’ needs.

  • Programming Hardware:

Flexible LED displays support programming interfaces containing a wide range of components. Therefore, they provide a lot of tools to track and manage your show ads.

  • Exceptional Device Support:

The positive thing about pliable LED displays is that they support a lot of different types of devices, just to name a few, such as connect boxes, PCs and cameras.

  • Illumination Caliber:

Most indoor LED screens also provide their users with much higher brightness and better or amplified contrast ratios compared to the front projector.

  • Sexy as Hell!

Lastly, the malleable, flexible LED screen looks breathtaking when previewed. The extra-ordinary magnetism leaves the observer in awe. One could gape at them for hours with escalating want. Who knows, this could also be an impulse bought appliance for most.

How to Choose Flexible LED Display?

Your flexible LED selection norms should merely depend on the purpose you’re purchasing for. Doubtlessly, the flexible LED display appears heavenly anywhere despite the form or structure, but consumers may need to specify their needs just before buying one so that they could end up with the product that best fits their preferences,you may be want to know how to choose right led display?.

  • Light-weight:

LED displays of all sorts are lighter in weight as compared to other displays, but flexible LEDs prove to out-smart other products in this category too. However, since the market today provides a comprehensive range of options to choose from, you should opt for the one that’s lightest in load for that way it could be easy to operate with.

  • Customizable Sizing:

Customizable sizing in flexible LED displays allow them to be multi-purpose usable, providing a variation of forms regarding how they could of use.

  • Feasible Deployment:

The whole idea of flexible LEDs revolves around being feasible easy to handle. Look for ones that don’t require excessive time and labor costs.

· Compact:

Flexible LED displays that fold and pack into a single road are evidently more compact which increases their shelf life allowing them to last in the longer run.  

  • Sustainable Design:

Consider flexible LEDs that are extremely robust and built to survive on road life as compared to competing products.


  • Color Graphics Limitation: 

With growing demand of HD quality images, every electronic gadget has to improve itself to meet the standards. Users do not like the use of limited color palettes. Even, the idea of using plastic displays isn’t good when there are glass displays already available in the market.

  • Slow Frame Rate: 

Since glass displays are way better than plastic ones, flexible LED screens experience slow frame rate, which refers to the appearance of videos, text and pictures.

  • Wear and Tear: 

Since flexible LED screens used to bend more than needed, they are prone to significant damages.

China Top Flexible LED Display Manufacturer-Doitvision

Doitvision is a leading expert in the design and manufacture of all forms of flexible LED display screens based in Shenzhen, China. With customers worldwide, Doitvision has sparked a global revolution in the LED display industry. You might hardly have realized the importance of selecting the right LED display suppliers, but to be honest, there are many advantages of making the suppliers’ sensible choices.

Doitvision is among the best choices considering the years they’ve devoted to provision of quality and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Marketing is about promoting a company’s services by creating relationships at the right location and at the right time with large numbers of people as well. Consequently, Doitvision has been in the market for a decade now and has emerged one of the finest suppliers of LED display billboards.

 The company has succumbed to market ups and downs, and has to lead the industry as of now for ten years. So our can invest our hard-earned money and rely on the company to get the best LED display solution. You might be looking for a display board for a meeting or for a group discussion purpose, or you might even be looking for the giant display boards that are the attention seekers for promoting a company’s services. Doitvision is the one-stop solution to your LED related dilemmas. At any part of the day you can seek help from the Doitvision, as it provides 24/7 services. Above all, the wing offers help and support throughout the day, even at work. Therefore, it can be concluded that at first the company prioritizes the people’s needs.

Therefore, these are some of the differences that you can experience if you reach Doitvision. The company has emerged as the finest professional solution, holding expertise in every aspect, thus guaranteeing exceptional customer experience.

Wrapping Up

Were we successful in persuading you through this guide or should we go on? Unquestionably, it is difficult to deny the desire to purchase a flexible LED screen ASAP!

As multiple technologies combine with each other to produce something new, bigger and better, users are rest assured about bringing the best out of their performances. Technology is going to be quicker, have the potential to do more, and it is going to be more streamlined to make work easier and aesthetically pleasing simultaneously, the reason why you should jump into the race of evolving technology and invest in what’s worth it before your friends flaunt their better equipment before you.

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