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Outdoor Restaurant LED Signs for Fast Food

by | Dec 23, 2020 | Blogs | 0 comments

Being a restaurant owner, you’re probably aware of how important marketing can be to boost your business. Whether it is marketing through paper broachers or internet sources, all of them influence and benefit in boosting a business, especially a restaurant. The role of restaurant LED signs is also very prominent and influential in this criterion.

Whether it’s a usual restaurant visitor or a passerby, the placement of restaurant LED signs can better grab the customer’s attention. Now if you are a restaurant owner who believes that the benefits of these signs can also be availed through business broachers, cards, emails, and online websites; then you’re certainly wrong. Just how these promotional measures can’t offer the benefits of LED signs, these signs can also not replace other promotional measures.

However, you can’t expect your restaurant business to flourish in every way if you aren’t ready to promote it in every trending and efficient way. Don’t get it? Well, we’re talking about using restaurant LED signs as a prominent source of your business promotions. Don’t worry if you aren’t well aware of how these signs work forth, improving and boosting your business performance. It’s because we have some of the most important benefits of using these signs listed below in detail. So let’s go discover them, shall we?

Restaurant LED Signs

Benefits of Restaurant LED Signs:

· Easier Menu Updates:

So you update your restaurant menu after every one or two months and invest in the printing that frequently? Well, you can’t edit the previous paper menus by yourself, right? But what if you can cut down on that frequent monthly or bi-monthly cost while going modern? Don’t get it? We’re simply talking about sing LED signs as your restaurant menu screens.

Whether you operate a café, bar, or restaurant, you must be aware of the frequent hassle of updating your menu and it’s pricing. However, if you switch to LED for that need, it can be easier and less time-consuming to update your menu and prices. Moreover, you can also create exciting daily offers for your customers and update special prices on special dishes every day. Now that’s a fast, smart, and cost-efficient way – no?

· Fewer Inquiry Issues:

Along with the menu and its prices, you can also use your restaurant LED signs to portray the photos, graphics, and text related to your restaurant. This may include details on what type of menu do you have, the variety of dishes you offer, what special orders you can take that can be catered according to your customer’s desire, and much more.

All these, along with the most frequently asked questions of your customers, can be displayed on the LED display, making it easier for your staff and customers to overcome the queries and confusions.

· Keep Your Customers Busy:

Besides sharing the menu and the answer to your customer’s queries, another great benefit that comes with using LED signs is that you can keep your customers busy. This is possible by engaging your customers with other restaurant-related news, messages, etc.

It may include video, picture, and text updates of the employee of the month, the customer of the month, your partnered programs, fun facts about your local business, etc. additionally, you can also engage your customers with details about your services, i.e., delivery services, availability of smooth restaurant app, quick-cooking tips, and much more. All of this, displayed on a digital LED display, can keep your customers busy and engaged throughout their time in your restaurant.

· Better Promote Your Taste:

Sure, you may have great taste and better selling waiters that can both serve in keeping your old customers coming to your restaurant, but what’s next? Is that all you can do to attract your previous and new customers to the restaurant? Well, no! Instead, it is a common fact that when you tend to share mouthwatering images and details about your restaurant’s best-seller and tastiest dishes; new 9as well as old) customers are easier convinced into coming and eating more of your food.

Even though the dish’s presentation in real-time has its magic, but you can’t ignore the outcome of a mouthwatering digital signage presentation.

LED Signs for Restaurant

· Easy Menu Changing:

No matter what type of food spot you are running, you may be familiar with all types of customers and visitors there. This may include frequent evening coffee hunters, the best dinner cravers, the fast-food lovers of the evening, and the morning light breakfast searchers. It’s more as if every single time, your restaurant can find different types of customers that can demand a similar menu at a specific time.

Now you can’t show the same dinner dishes or fast food to the light breakfast cravers. Instead, it’s a better use of restaurant LED signs to display timely menu dishes that can attract and complete the needs of different meal timings and customer demands. Hence, you can please every visitor with something they would like to order at that specific time. Isn’t that a smart way to be on point, always?

· Smart Advertising:

If you are running a local or national restaurant with other branches in the same or different cities, you might need to promote it effectively everywhere, right? One great way to do that is to add all the branch details on your social media and online website pages. But other than that, you can also add a touch of link and consistency in your branding through the Digital LED signs you install in either one of the stores. This way, even if the other stores haven’t yet turned the signage on for promotion, any single one can be enough to inform the customers about every single branch they can visit in different locations. This can be a great way to boost the business of each one of your restaurant’s branches; in every location, city, state, or region.

Applications of Restaurant LED Signs:

The next important insight about these LED signs is that you can’t make the most out of them without knowing where they can serve you. This simply refers to how a single industry LED display can be used in more than one place/way, helping improve your business/industry’s performance more efficiently.

Similarly, when we talk about LED signs for restaurants, there’s a lot more to its usage. Other than just portraying menus and installing these screens at the order counter, you can use them as:

  • Digital menu boards
  • Touch screens for food ordering
  • Window advertisements
  • Promotional screen with offers near the till (point of sale)


Once you analyze the multiple ways that restaurant LED signs can benefit your food spot, it’s certainly a no-brainer to understand their importance. Hence, without wasting your time and effort + investments on other old-school methods of running your restaurant, it’s time you step into the smart world. So go please your customers with the addition of restaurant LED signs in your restaurant!

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