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Novastar MRV366/MRV336/MRV328/MRV216/MRV210/MRV208 LED Receiver Card

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Are you looking for a LED receiver sending card that can work in enhancing the overall effect soft h double color LED display? From controlling the real pixels to the virtual pixels and the double and single colors, an LED receiver card can be a highly effective and reliable option to boost your LED display’s graphical outcome.

And all this is performed when the card receives signals from the computer and feds it to the LED receiving card. This additionally works on your LED display screen and boosts its overall graphics. Now, who wouldn’t want one of these, right? Especially when one of the most reliable brands, i.e. Novastar has offered plenty of efficient Novastar LED receiver card models in its MRV series. Then why not choose the best one and benefit from it?

Novastar MRV366/MRV336/MRV328/MRV216/MRV210/MRV208 LED Receiver Card 1

Now to help you with that, we’ve discussed the features and benefits of each of the MRV series models. So go ahead, and choose the best one for your LED display.

MRV Series:

  • MRV366:

One of the best general Novastar LED receiver card from the MRV series includes MRV366. This card serves as a general receiving card with all the essential and required features to enhance your user experience. This includes a loading capacity of up to 512×256 pixels (8bit) or 256×256 pixels (10bit/12bit), a 12-bit precision pixel-level brightness, and Chroma calibration, an individual RGB Gamma adjustment, and an ability to improve both the display effect and the user experience for you. All this doesn’t only support your general LED needs, but also adds more control to your LED’s display. Other than that, this model of MR series comes with all the major additions like standard HUB75 connectors and 32 GB parallel RGB data, etc.

  • MRV336:

This Novastar’s MRV336 LED Receiver card is a highly reliable and advanced option for your LED functioning. With its multiple reliable and highly efficient features, the MRV336 serves you as one of the best Novastar’s receiver cards. This includes the presence of integrated 12 standard HUB75 connectors. Additionally, this also consists of a structure without the HUB, making it highly reliable.

Other than that, the presence of single card outputs having a 24-group of RGB data, temperature monitoring, and the Ethernet cable communication status detection feature; you can easily handle more advanced and detailed functions for operating your LED’s display. It also consists of more advanced and highly efficient features that can enhance your user experience like nothing else. This mainly refers to the presence of voltage detection, pixel-by-pixel brightness and chromaticity calibration feature, and a high grayscale/high fresh rate feature. All this and much more adds to the value and efficiently working to his receiver card, making it pay for the price.

  • MRV328:

If the previous version wasn’t what you’re looking for, then this MRV328 is certainly the perfect Novastar LED receiver card that would meet your requirements. With the presence of features like supporting screen brightness level, including Chroma calibration, a software and hardware design that is easy and more efficient to manage, and efficient maintenance; all these can add more quality to your LED’s graphical presentation. Additionally, you also get 8 standard HUV75 connectors, the Gigabit Ethernet port, support for setting pre-stored images of the receiving card, and a status detector for temperature/ voltage/Ethernet cable communication/ and video source signals. All this adds great reliability, usage ease, and efficiency to the LED’s graphical outcome.

  • MRV216:

The MRV216 receiving card by Novastar is also one highly reliable and efficient option for your LED display screen. Even though this one doesn’t come with a lot of extra features, but it surely is enough to serve all your basic needs effectively. This includes standard HUB75 connectors that work for communication and offers highly stable and reliable results. Additionally, the presence of RGB data, temperature monitoring, Ethernet cable communication detection, and many other similar features; all add more reliability to the general features of this receiving card.

  • MRV210:

This MRV210 LED receiving card has some highly efficient features you can use to effectively control the LED display’s graphics outcome. This includes the presence of four single card outputs consisting of 16-group RGB data, 24-group RGB data, 20-group RGB data, and a 64-group of serial data. Additionally, the presence of smart features like read back of configuration file, temperature monitoring, Ethernet cable communication status detection, power supply voltage detection, and many other general features; all these also come with the MRV210.

  • MRV208:

Last, but certainly not the least, this Novastar LED receiver card also comes with all the general features at the maximum. From the presence of standard HUB75 connectors to the feature of temperature monitoring, Ethernet cable communication status detection, power supply voltage detecting, a high gray scale, led refresh rate, high and low brightness, and chromaticity calibration, and a lot more of the general features; this MRV model is certainly a general option that serves you to its best of limits. Hence, you can easily consider it enough for all your basic LED graphics setting needs.

Now that we’ve discussed all the models of the MRV series of Novastar’s receiving cards, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the best one to improve your business’s LED display.

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