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Novastar VS ColorLight VS Linsn LED Control System

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Also referred to as the LED control card or LED display controller, LED control system is responsible to receive pictures and videos from the DVI interface or computer serial port. It displays details present in the frame memory while distinguishes LED display screens on the basis of serial display data driven partitions so as to ensure control over the timing. The system then scans pictures and videos and finally enables the screen to display them.

Based on the functionality and features, LED control systems are divided into two main categories:

Asynchronous LED Control System

Provided with single, double and full-color LED cards, this control system is capable of making its words true. Single color and double color types can only show symbols and texts while full-color LED control systems can even show videos, animation and graphics.

It is also named as offline LED card or offline control system that operates on the memory storage function. It is ideal for graphics or animations, symbols, text or video effects. Its main job is to display information with the help of a serial port or cables, which always has LED display frame memory to ensure quick and easy play. Users can also use its flash memory feature to save programs and sync them with the LED card so that the flash memory can display the respective program automatically.


  • Asynchronous LED control system is inexpensive, simple and multi-purpose
  • Its sub-regional control is responsible to display content on the LED screen
  • This type of control system can only be used for special characters, digital clock and text
  • It can support tables, animations, countdowns, analog clock and pictures
  • It can do humidity control, temperature control, timer switch and the likes

Synchronous LED Control System

Designed to display graphics, notifications and videos in real-time, synchronous control system is a perfect choice for indoor as well as outdoor use. The major job of this control system is to manage synchronization of the LED display screen so that it can work at 60 frames per second rate along with dots to dots mapping on the computer monitor. Users are rest assured of getting a multi-gradation color display with amazing multimedia advertising effect. The worth mentioning fact is that its sync LED control card works with the controlling PC, instead of working separately.


  • Expressive, good effects in real-time
  • Complicated to operate and expensive as well
  • Controller includes DVI Graphic card, LED sending card and LED receiving card


Different Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Led Display

Comparison of Top 3 Manufacturers of LED Control System

Novastar LED Control System

Novastar led

Novastar LED control system prides itself for being efficient, performance-oriented and high in quality. It was because of its PCB material, full tech support, simple software operation, manuals and professional product designs that Novastar LED control system managed to grab a significant portion of the LED industry. Another positive point for the users of Novastar LED is the availability of both types of control systems- those who want synchronous control system, they can go for MSD300, MSD600 LED sending card and MRV330, MRV300Q, MRV300 receiver cards. While when it comes to having asynchronous LED control systems, there will be PSD80, PBOX100, PSD100 and PCC80. Other accessories or features include monitoring card MON300, Ambient Brightness Sensor NS048C, Fiber Converter CVT320/ CVT310, multi-function LED Card MFN300 and Ambient Temperature Sensor MTH310.

The manufacturer of Novastar LED has introduced the 3rd generation of their control system, which is particularly designed for high-mid-end LED display screens. The best part is that 3rd generation has all the features of 2nd generation, thereby ensuring no compromise on the performance and quality.


Novastar LED Control System

  • Comprehensive LED status monitoring
  • Supports all LED light driver chips and conventional resolutions
  • Can work on low voltage i.e. 3.3 volts
  • Better architecture ensuring satisfactory performance, easy integration and reliability
  • 16-bit chromatic/bright calibration for irregular and Arc shape of LED screens
  • 3rd generation has two key elements: LED receiver (MRV300) and LED transmitter card (MSD300)

MSD300 LED Sending Card

  • Resolutions supported: 2048 x 640, 1920 x 712, 1600 x 848, 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 1200
  • One DVI interface
  • Integrated audio input interface
  • USB interface to ensure effective instruction communication

MRV300 LED Receiving Card

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Working status monitoring
  • DC power supply: 3.3 to 5 volts
  • 16 RGB data group output
  • Supports pixel color/ brightness calibration
  • Monitoring of power supply voltage
  • Single receiver card capacity up to 256 x 128

ColorLight LED Control System

colorlight led

Next in the list is ColorLight company that is dedicated to developing and marketing high quality LED control systems. The company has an independent and complete intellectual property rights for a number of technologies, which makes them one of the trusted service providers in the industry. ColorLight is responsible to facilitate LED card engineering as well as the manufacturers of LED display screens.

The company has introduced A8 dual-mode intelligent switching systems, T9 Gigabit NIC, 5A arbitrary module system, LED sending card and heavy duty products in the Q-series. An interesting fact about ColorLigh LED control systems is that they have three major products, namely:

  • 5A LED Receiving Card: It offers amazing display quality, high brightness, color depth and refresh rate with conventional chips. It is compatible with all display modules, where 5A means any chips, any shape, any row, any scan and any column. With advanced algorithms, the control system will bring the best out of the resources, thereby ensuring better display quality. Strict testing and professional design also promise reliability with high quality.
  • Synchronous LED Sender: It is a full-color sending card that supports single, double and full-color displays at different resolutions. It contains USB interface for better control and configuration. With standard network transmission equipment, like Gigabit Switch, Fiber Converter, the control system doesn’t lose its efficiency even at 3.8 volts of power supply.
  • Q7 HD LED Sender Box: Designed for large display screens, Q7 prides itself for supporting HDMI and DVI video input with maximum resolution of 2560 x 1536 pixels. Its audio inputs transmit sound to the multi-function card that eventually sends it as output to one of the display.

Linsn LED Control System

Equipped with full-color light decoration, double-color and full-color synchronism, and double-color and full-color synchronism, the control system has been serving a number of LED factories in China. Referred to as the full-color LED controller, it has the following LED cards:

  • LED Sending Card: It is installed in the computer who controls and is connected with the DVI graphics card to send signals to the displays screen. As for laptops, LED sending boxes can be used instead of the LED sending cards.
  • LED receiving Card: It is installed in the LED display cabinet, where it receives signals from the sending card and transfers to the LED display modules with the help of a hub card.

Users are also satisfied with its matching software i.e. LED studio as it is available in various languages- English, Chinese and French while manufacturers are working to introduce it in Russian and Japanese as well.

Novastar VS ColorLight VS Linsn LED

Here’s the key differences among NovaStar, ColorLight, and Linsn:

Market Share70%25%20%
Business ScopeSynchronous and asynchronous control systems and softwareFocus on synchronous and asynchronous control systems, software, and algorithmsFocus on synchronous control system
Services– 24/7 unlimited customer service
– Easy to reach tech support
– Wide quantity of manuals and guidance material
– Professional Training access
– Worldwide tech support
– Manuals and guidance materials
– Worldwide tech support
– Certifications
– Manuals and guidance material
Warranty3 years on all products3 to 5 years depending on the product3 years and 5% for spare parts in all products
Price20% higher pricesFrom 15 to 20% lower20% in between


With respect to the services, most of the users have given their vote to Novastar LED control system. But, the efforts from ColorLight and Linsn control systems cannot be ignored. While the latter name is not as old as the other two, the company has still managed to gained a significant spot among the users. So, it can be said that the comparison among these three LED control systems comes down to what the customers need and demand. It is completely their choice of which control system they should go for.

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