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If you have a double color LED display then you must have surely considered investing in a LED receiving card, right? After all, it can improve your LED display’s real pixel, virtual pixel, double color, and single color controlling capability. Hence, you can gain a lot better, advanced, and highly reliable graphics controlling ease on your LED display.

This can be helpful in both personal and commercial LED display’s graphical view. However, considering the best option can be a struggle at times. Therefore, to help you out on that, we’ve listed below the best Novastar LED receiving card that can effectively serve you with any type of LED display around.

Novastar DH418

So let’s just go ahead and diver the best of Novastar’s LED receiving card models, shall we?

  • DH418:

One of the best and most reliable Novastar LED receiving card options include the model DH418. This receiver card comes with some highly reliable and impressive features to enhance, improve, and advance the graphical outcome of your LED display screen. Briefly, you cans y that this one comes with everything you’d want in your LED receiving card.

With the presence of this universal LED receiving card, you can easily manage and set any and every LED display’s graphics according to your detailing requirements. Also, this means that you don’t have to worry about the connected device’s limitations, as it can be connected with any PC setup easily. Other than that, this card comes with up to 256 x 256 loaded pixels and 16 groups of RGB. Additionally, you also get 8 HUB75 interfaces that serve you with extreme reliability and stability for your LED display. And with a RoHs certification, this cost-effective DH418 can be the best option for P10 LED displays. So there’s no sort of limitations you need to worry about with this cost-effective option around.

Lastly, the presence of the DH418’s fast light and dark line adjustment support also makes it a highly reliable option that comes with more advanced editing and adjustment settings for you.

  • DH426:

The DH426 also serves as a highly reliable LED receiving card that comes with all the necessary features needed to improve your LED screen’s graphical performance. From the presence of maximum pixels to the RGB data support; this Novastar LED receiving card serves as a basic, yet, complete option for your LED’s graphical editing needs.

With all this, you get the HUB75 interfaces in this model too; making its performance a lot more reliable and stable for long-terms usage support. Other than that, this DH426 also comes with some important features like; support mapping, support error code monitoring, 3D function support, RGB independent Gamma adjustment, box LED display, and a lot more to enhance your user experience. And with all this, the highly reliable hardware and software design of this DH426 helps in keeping the device properly maintained, stable, and easy to manage.

  • DH436:

This DH436 Novastar LED receiving card is another highly reliable and efficiently serving small pitch LED receiving card. Unlike the previous model, the working and features of this DH436 assure a more advanced and well-managed graphical control of your LED display screen.

With the presence of 2 sets of RGB groups and pixels of up to 512 x 256, this receiving card creates more advanced and quality graphical results. Other than that, to add a lot more stability and extreme reliability to this receiving card, this model comes with 6 HUB320 interfaces of (26pin).

Additionally, the easy to maintain, operate, and stabilizing hardware and software design of this DH436, you can make use of it for a variety of LED displays – without facing any limitations. Lastly, with the presence of all the extra and necessary supporting features like mapping function, light on Chroma correction, firmware program and configuration parameter read back, 3D functioning, temperature and voltage monitoring, and many more; you can be sure of your purchase with this receiving card around.


Even though each of these Novastar LED receiving card options serve with great reliability, usage ease, and stability; but their advanced performance and efficient outcome differ. Therefore, with the help of these detailed reviews, you can easily make the best diction according to your LED display’s requirements.