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P6 LED, P10 LED or P16 LED Display,Which is Better? 1

IP68 LED Outdoor

Extreme outdoor applications IP68 rating, 5 years warranty, up to 9000 nits brightness

Pitch: 4.8mm, 6.7mm, 8mm,10mm


P6 LED, P10 LED or P16 LED Display,Which is Better? 2

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor permanent installations ,high brightness, water-proof, anti-ultra violet

Pitch: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm


P6 LED, P10 LED or P16 LED Display,Which is Better? 3

Transparent LED Screen

High transparency see through effects of LED display,  indoor and outdoor use

indoor 2.6mm / 5.2mm, 3.9mm / 7.8mm

Outdoor 3.9mm/7.8mm


P6 LED, P10 LED or P16 LED Display,Which is Better? 4

LED Display Board

Professional solutions for customized installations

indoor 2.5mm,3mm,4mm

Outdoor: 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm


Also referred to as LED electronic display, this screen comprises of LED PCB board and LED chips that are responsible to control red, green and blue colored lights to display content, videos, characters, images and animation. The colors as well as the working mechanism can be adjusted with respect to the purpose of use. The structure is modularized and synchronized to meet the requirements of the occasion. Traditional LED display screens are provided with a control system, power system and display module that lives up to the expectations. Whether buyers want long lifespan, stable performance, low work voltage, low power consumption, high brightness, impact resistance or large-scale coverage, LED display screen can do everything efficiently.

P10 led display

LEDs still have a great potential for development and therefore, led display manufacturers are working to make them more efficient in terms of lighting intensity, panchromatic, weather resistance, and most importantly, brightness.

Importance of Pixel Pitch for LED Display Screen

When it comes to purchasing an LED display, pixel pitch turns out to be an important consideration. It usually describes the pixel density and correlates with LED screen resolution to ascertain the viewing experience. Sometimes, pixel pitch is also called dot pitch as it measures the distance from one pixel to the other. Pixel pitch also determines the space between two pixels- an LED display with small pixel pitch means that there are lesser gaps between the pixels and vice versa.

What does ‘P’ mean?

Pixel pitch is usually written with the alphabet ‘P’ like p1, p2, p3, p4 etc. to let buyers sure about what they are getting. The values after p are usually distance between two pixels that are called dot pitch, as mentioned above. But the question is which value or pixel pitch is good to get smooth and clear display? The answer is- go for the small point spacing value and high unit pixel point in order to be rest assured about the clarity of outdoor and indoor led display.

Buyers can also use this formula to figure out which option they should choose:

Point spacing/ (0.3 to 0.8) = best viewing distance

So, with 16mm dot spacing, the best viewing distance is between 20 and 54 meters. Since this distance is closer as compared to minimum distance required, pixel pitch can be distinguished as the graininess will be strong. But, it’s not possible for a human eye to notice it. Then how to come up with an appropriate LED display? What are the preferable options? Let’s find out.

Comparison of p6, p10 and p16 LED Display

On the search to finding a good LED display screen pixel pitch, p6, p10 and p16 LED emerge as the finest options available. They are famous for a number of reasons and leave buyers in the confusion about which version of LED to go for. To help those in need, below is a precise comparison of what makes these LEDs different from one another.

  1. P6 LED Display Screen

When it comes to organizing outdoor events and getting reliable, safe and professional modular LED display screens, P6 LED display turns out to be an ideal choice. Whether the event is a concert, festive occasion or a big gathering, it’s crucial to find the latest LED technology so that people far away from the screen, can also enjoy clear, crisp and fine images.

Common parameters of P6 LED screen

  • Pixel pitch:6mm
  • Pixel matrix per SQM:2777
  • Pixel Configurations:SMD3535
  • Refresh rate(HZ)≥1920HZ

What to expect?

  • Easy and swift setup
  • Price match promise
  • Seamless installation
  • Comprehensive in-house production- live drone streaming
  • P10 LED Display Screen

With LED modules that have 10mm pixel pitch, p10 LED display is preferred for gymnasiums, mining enterprises, advertisement, station, educational system, wharf, buildings, transportation and different types of public gatherings.

Common parameters of P10 LED screen

  • Pixel pitch:10mm
  • Pixel matrix per SQM:10000
  • Pixel Configurations:SMD3535/DIP346
  • Refresh rate(HZ)≥1920HZ

What to expect?

P10 LED display screens are famous to:

  • Display different languages, fonts and font sizes
  • Connect scanners from exterior to store different patterns and images
  • Add video signals (laser disc, camera, television) to display graphics, dynamic video pictures and animations
  • Input computer signals for real time display of the content under the supervision of a computer monitor like curve, charts, images that are handled by computer
  • Take computer control and act as a network station to display data on the screen coming from designated servers
  • Let users control the display time for every image along with automatic switching to the next ones
  • Allow users customize programming as per their requirements, be it playing directions, playing time, content etc.

Considering the functions and facilities offered by p10 LED display, it can be said that this type of screen can work for a variety of occasions. It can be connected with external video gadgets like VCD, computer, television and camera.

  • P16 LED Display Screen

Referred to as an outdoor advertising LED display screen, P16 LED Display is equipped with virtual and physical pixel technology for vivid and clear images with no blind dots and flicker. The screen has a dustproof and waterproof design, thereby making it a perfect choice to work in sunshine and rain as well. It’s quite easy to assemble or disassemble the screen, which is good for advertisers to carry out their activities.

Common parameters of P16 LED screen

  • Pixel pitch:16mm
  • Pixel matrix per SQM:3906
  • Pixel Configurations:DIP346
  • Refresh rate(HZ)≥360HZ

What to expect?

  • High quality image and brightness
  • Long lifespan and wide color space
  • Antistatic LED chips and high reliability
  • Driving panel and LED panel is separately designed, thereby ensuring maintainability and reliability
  • Quality sealed silicone that passes water spraying trial
  • Numeric control metallic plate cabinet

Which is Better?

After getting to know about all three P6 vs P10 vs P16 LED display screens, it’s time to figure out which option would work best. What people don’t realize is that not all LED display screens can fit in their needs. The real job is to pick up the most appropriate screen so as to ensure satisfactory outcomes right away.

So, if someone wants outdoor display screen, p6 or p16 would work efficiently because of their pixel pitch and clear images even from a distance. On the other hand, p10 can be a good selection for indoor purpose. In short, analyse the requirements, evaluate options and choose the one that promises efficiency with no compromise on performance.