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Top 10 LED Signs Canada Suppliers in 2021

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LED signage is a clever way to advertise and can benefit businesses in many ways. LED signs are a superb way of attracting customers to shops, restaurants, departmental stores, clinics and many more. LED signs in Canada, unsurprisingly, are meant to do the same thing, just like in any other parts of the world. With the help of LED signs, all kinds of businesses can easily become noticeable to the public eye when they showcase their business names, new products or services. Aside from advertisement purposes, the versatile nature of LEDs makes them suitable for industrial as well as personal uses. They have become increasingly popular for streetlights, outdoor area lighting, task lighting, garage lighting, and many more.Before moving on any further, here is a simple explanation of what LED means.

What does LED mean?

LED is abbreviated as “Light Emitting Diode”. It is a light source that produces what are known as photons from the moving about of electrons that re-assimilate with electron holes whenever an electric current passed through a semiconducting material that is fitted with a particular kind of p-n junction. First produced in 1962 in the colour red, little was known about the future of this form of lighting. Fast forward to today, LED lights are growing increasingly popular for the masses.

The list of LED display Canada suppliers is no doubt, a lengthy one, but in this article, we narrow it down to ten of the best LED Signs (Canada) suppliers. if you also fo USA market,you can view here top 10 LED display USA supplier.

The Top 10 LED Signs Suppliers, Canada


First up on the list of LED display Canada suppliers is SANSI Technology with their XL Series. SANSI is a brand that emphasises sustainability as well as customer satisfaction. Their XL Series LED lights are widely known to exhibit a lot of features like high brightness even with low power consumption, support for easy front and rear maintenance and installation, high refresh rate, high communication reliability and many more.

SANSI Technology was founded in the year 1993, and since then has been dedicated to technological ingenuity in the form of LED applications that can be used for commercial reasons as well as personally for the home. They make it their duty to combine production, installation, customer support, and product designs to provide their customers with affordable, cutting-edge technology. As of now, SANSI Technology owns three factories as well as one headquarters to carry out their commercial and residential schemes.

  • LED Sign Supply Inc.

Genoptic Smart Displays, formerly known as LED Sign Supply, is another top-of-the-line LED display Canada supplier due to the fact that they focus on manufacturing high-quality products and reliability. They have made it among the LED industry leaders with commercial LED display products targeting various kinds of indoor as well as outdoor LED advertisement needs. They are known most for their avant-garde EnviroSlim technology and their cloud-based Videostar software user program.

Their Genoptic Smart Displays billboards are proven to stand out amongst their competitors with vibrant and sharp high-resolution LED displays for basically any environment. On top of that, they also offer one of the LED industry’s best warranty programs which include free technical service for a lifetime and many more. They have provided their LED solutions to various educational establishments all across North America.

  • Vision X

Vision X Lighting, set up in the year 1997, has been offering customers their lighting’s special ability to perform even in the harshest of environments as well as their unmatched lighting output. Vision X Lighting garners strong partnerships worldwide, where they continue growing and developing highly advanced lighting solutions.

If these facts are not convincing enough, even NASA have trusted Vision X with their equipment making them one of the best LED signs (Canada) suppliers. Aside from that, all kinds of businesses from fire departments to industrial mining sites fully trust their products and services as well. Their LED lights are used on UTVs, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles as well. Vision X has continued winning the trust of its customers by promising unbeatable quality, valuing customer relationships, and offering state-of-the-art lighting solutions with their ingenious world-renowned engineers.

  • Viking Vision

Viking Vision is a product by the world-famous technology company, Philips. A part of the Road Luminaires line, the SGS201 model is a versatile, road lighting luminaire that is contemporarily designed and requires low wattage to be used. It offers high-quality lighting for safe driving on roads and highways. It is also vandal resistant. While not strictly for display purposes, it lights up roads after sundown for visibility purposes.

  • Promosa

The reason why Promosa made it to the list of top ten LED display Canada-based suppliers is that they are amongst the fastest growing event production companies found in North America. They boast, by far, the largest LED wall inventory in the Pacific Northwest. The company has technical decisions in lighting, large-format LED video wall, production management, event and tour productions and many more, producing world-renowned music festivals and touring productions harnessing an audience in the millions.

With their unbelievably large inventory consisting of moving as well as conventional lighting, which also includes their world-famous MA, Martin, and ROBE they offer rental and touring productions. Their lighting engineers are also highly experienced having toured with today’s top artists. Ultimately, whether their clients are large or small businesses, local or global, Promosa possesses the technical expertise and business standards to deliver flawlessly.

  • LED Direct Inc.

Venturing into the lighting business in 2006, LED Direct is yet another promising contender on our top ten LED signs Canada suppliers. LED Direct prides itself on being innovators and selling LED products as well as solutions directly from the factory to their customers, cutting out the middleman. This cuts out their costly mark-up levels, benefiting their customers in the long run.   

The brand is updated with all the latest trends and technologies and aims to help customers and contractors alike solve their lighting problems.

  • Allstar Show Industries

Allstar Show Industries is another LED Signs Canada-based supplier that emphasizes largely on professionalism. The company specializes in the rental and sale of professional audio, large format LED and projection, staging, control systems and many more. Allstar Show Industries was established way back in 1979 and has developed into becoming one of Western Canada’s largest video and stage lighting companies. The company’s experience in commercially integrated systems consists of conference and centres, council chambers, board rooms, etc.

They are highly dedicated to providing the best in special events, concert touring, system integration and more by working meticulously. Allstar’s product offerings range from global touring productions to retail sales and rentals in small equipment.

  • Microh

Microh was known to be an industry-leading manufacturer of lighting products as well as professional sound for the entertainment industry. Initially founded in 1989, and while the company has now gone defunct, their products are still highly popular.

The company provided customers with top-quality LED lighting products that started from the basic yet popular LEDP64 par can to the LEDBAR with high-powered LED par can and rotating heads expansion. The company’s laser, as well as audio products, have been a large part of its growth offering a complete line of products directed at the entertainment industry.

  • Display Development Group

The penultimate entry on this list of top ten LED signs Canada-based suppliers is Display Development Group. It is a partnership between two companies that have been known to specialize in digital media implementation. The two companies, based in Regina, are Sign of the Times and IKS Media & Technology, they combined thirty-five years ago to provide an impressively broad range of expertise in the digital market.

Display Development Group offers customized LED solutions for all kinds of businesses with over twenty years of experience in LED installation.

  • Movingmedia Canada Inc.

Last but not least, Movingmedia. The reason why it made it into this list of top LED display (Canada) providers is that it is very well-known for its digital billboards as well as display advertisement in the Kawartha Lakes territory.

Its main motives being affordable and also effective for its customers, Movingmedia provides marketing consultations and guides costumers in campaign development. The company is also well known for its outdoor billboard and indoor digital display advertisements as well as creative advertisement design services.

For their outdoor digital billboards, they offer a three-minute advertisement loop on both sides for each location the client chooses. For their indoor displays, they offer a four-minute ad loop.

In Conclusion

This concludes our list of top ten LED Signs Canada suppliers. Looking for outdoor programbable LED signs for your business can be stressful and confusing because the possibilities (and companies) are endless. It is no doubt that one should not compromise when deciding for their business. LED lighting, whether it is for signage or other purposes, should not be compromised upon either.

Luckily, with the help of LED light providers, you can meet your digital requirements as they offer consultation and advice on the matter as well.

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