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Top 10 + Best LED Display UK Suppliers 2021

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

LED display screens are much needed in today’s world, whether for business or personal use. From indoor LED screens to outdoors, the idea and varieties of LED screens have advanced a lot. Today, we can find LED screens of numerous kinds that make our life and advertising needs easier. However, even with so many LED screen options, what can be a struggle is choosing the right LED supplier.

Only if we talk about the LED display UK suppliers, the list is quite huge. With plenty of UK LED screen suppliers, it’s hard to find the right suppliers. However, you can still head towards an LED screen for sale UK by considering the country’s best one. Wait! Don’t you know who the best-LED screen UK suppliers are? Don’t worry; we will help you find them with our list of top 10 LED display UK suppliers. So you are excited to explore them with us? Let’s start then!

Best LED Display UK Suppliers:

Although, the list of UK LED screen suppliers is vast. But when it comes to the best ones in the UK, it’s not hard to name some highly remarkable and reliable companies. These companies include:

1. DigiLED (UK) Ltd:

Firstly, let’s start this list of best-LED display UK suppliers with one of the most trusted brands, i.e., DigiLED (UK) Ltd. What makes this company a highly trusted supplier among the others for expert LED screen manufacturing? Moreover, this company has been serving various businesses and clients with highly efficient LED display screens for over 17 years. We can easily say that this company is considered a reliable LED display supplier worldwide.

2. Video Illusions:

The second supplier in this list is Video Illusions, the fully-focused LED screen supplier in the UK that brings any project to life – with their remarkable display screens. The team here focuses on manufacturing and delivering the best quality LED screens for events and stage designing needs. Undoubtedly, this LED screen for sale UK suppliers also offer high-quality and professional LED display screens.  

3. Elonex:

Another one of the UK’s LED suppliers serving its customers for a long time is Elonex. This LED display UK supplier started its journey as a British computer hardware and related services store in 1986. However, this brand has developed some highly professional and efficient LED display screens for different industries over time. Today, Elonex has manufactured and distributed over 3000 screens across the UK. With this being said, it’s not hard to consider Elenox another trusted LED supplier in the UK.


 The TITCHFIELD GROUP is one of the largest Out of Home Advertising services companies in the UK. The TITCHFIELD GROUP has been serving its customers since 1994 and has become a significant supplier of commercial property refurbishment services in the entire UK. Hence, this LED display UK supplier isn’t just limited to offering its customers LED screens and signages. However, its display and sign services are undoubtedly one of the most trusted ones in the UK.

5. Pioneer Group:

Next up in the list of the LED screen for sale UK suppliers is the Pioneer Group. Now, who doesn’t wants to trust the services that the biggest brands go for personally? We all do, rich? The Pioneer Group is undoubtedly a highly remarkable LED display supplier brand that falls in the same category. This supplier has served some of the top world’s brands with its LED solutions and display screens. However, what makes them unique in what they do is their advanced innovation and impressive customer service. So it’s hard to go wrong with them!


What is one thing we can’t enjoy the most without the use of LED display solutions? Do you have any idea? Yes, you’re right. We’re talking about an LED scoreboard. With LED display solutions adding more advancement and excitement to the sports nowadays with the variety of scoreboards, it’s one of the most demanded forms of LED display today. With that being said, these display solutions are highly remarkable and satisfying to watch during any sports match.

Considering this, one name that fulfills all the sports scoreboard display needs is QUICK SCORE. Like any other top LED screen for sale U supplier, the QUICK SCORE has made its name in manufacturing and offering customers a range of sports-related scoreboard display screens. Also, let me add ‘expert scoreboards’ here!

7. Scanlite Ltd:

Another one of the top UK LED suppliers in this list includes Scanlite Ltd. While this supplier company isn’t only focused on LD displays, they also offer their customers multiple other bespoke electronic items. However, their advanced designs and unique manufacturing makes them a reliable LD display supplier company in the UK. What makes them unique is their huge customer base and growing digital marketing technologies highly efficient in their performance. So you can expect the best from the LED displays you purchase from Scanlite Ltd.

8. UX Global LTD:

The UX Global LTD is a team of multi-talented creative technologies that serve as a UK based company. Like all the other LED display UK suppliers, these suppliers are also one of the best ones that have made their demand and reputation with high-performance and highly efficient LED display solutions and other technological innovations. With this company serving for over 37 years, they are known to develop and supply the best and most reliable digital, retail, and user experience solutions in the UK and worldwide.


While the main idea of this electronics supplier in the UK is to offer their clients whatever they need, and wherever they need, it won’t be wrong to say that they have successfully managed to do just that! Today, the BAUER DIGITAL success can be analyzed by the numerous popular brands they have worked with – while offering them the best and most unique digital solutions.

Yet, that’s not all this LED supplier company is known for, as they also offer tons of other remarkable services to their customers. It includes magazines, radio, TV, and event solutions – all on a single platform. So the next time you need help in any of these for your business, you know where you need to go!


The SFL GROUP is also one of the unforgettable names in the best UK LED suppliers list. This supplier company has different ways of working and offering its clients remake bale display solutions. They have partnered with various other professionals, offering the clients the best and most reliable LED solutions that can stand out in every way.

Besides, the term ‘SFL GROUP’ itself calls it a group working as one with all of its partnered professional companies. With the combination of this partnered group of companies, the SFL GROUP offers its clients excellent production, innovation, quality, passion, creative printing, extraordinary graphics, and the option of bringing content LIVE remarkably.

With all this being said, it’s hard for anyone to have a second thought about trusting this professional LED supplier company in the UK, right? Well, that’s probably what makes them a prominent part of the best-LED suppliers in the UK.

11. Production Audio Video Inc:

Finally, Production Audio Video Inc is a provider of high-quality and efficient event and audiovisual services. This LED supplier offers LED screen for sale UK that is focused on providing the best audiovisual services. Additionally, Production Audio Video Inc also offers its customers professional audiovisual technology for hire, sales, and installation purposes in the UK and Europe. What makes them a part of this top 10 list is their specialization in indoor and outdoor LED solutions. All in all, you can enjoy a wide variety of LED solutions and choose the best one while considering these LED suppliers. So there are no limitations at all!


So that’s all to our list of the top LED suppliers in the UK. Now buying an LED display screen in the UK may not be a huge deal – but why not go for the best suppliers when you can? Besides, when it comes to LED display solutions, one should not afford any compromises.

Considering this, you can choose the best and most suitable type of LED solution you need according to these different UK suppliers and make the right purchase. Now, are you excited to do that? Well then, go and grab the right LED that meets your digital demands effectively. Happy Shopping!

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