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Are you looking for the best-LED screen hire London company? The wide variety of LED screen hiring and selling companies in Europe can certainly make you re-think your decision. But does that mean that you will never be able to make the right decision to choose a suitable LED screen hiring company to fulfill your business and corporate event needs? Certainly not! Besides, even with the huge list of companies, there are always a few that you can easily trust.

To help you make the right decision, we have listed below the top ten LED screen hire UK suppliers and manufacturers. Let’s go ahead, look into the best options, and make the right LED screen manufacturing company decision.

Best LED Screen Manufacturing Companies:

Although the top LED screen manufacturing companies list is huge, not all of them fulfill the most professional LED display needs effectively. Therefore, we have listed the top ten manufacturers that can help you make your corporate events and LED needs standout! These companies include:

  1. LED Video Wall Hire (Unit 2, 221 New Kent Rd, London SE1 4AG, 020 7177 4075):

In our list of top ten LED screen hire London companies, we’ll first start with the best and one of the most reliable company options in London. Here, we’re talking about the LED Video Wall Hire company that focuses on offering a wide range of reliable and high-quality LED solutions for almost every kind of event. So you can easily access the best large screens, video walls, LED screens, AV technologies, and much more. All the modern LED solutions are now accessible at LED Video Wall Hire to fulfill all kinds of events, exhibitions, and design agency’s demands without compromising the quality.

  • YSLV Video wall Hire (59B-59C The Railway Arches, Dock Rd, London E16 2AA, 020 8317 7775):

Are you looking for the best specialists in the field of LED screen hire and video wall rentals in the UK? Then who can offer better service of LED screen hire UK than YSLV Video wall Hire? With the YSLV Video wall Hire being a highly professional company for this service, you can get the best-LED screen rental suggestions and solutions according to your business demands. With the service of this LED screen hire London Company, you can expect the best professional and high-quality LED hire services. In this way, you can meet all your AV, and big-screen event demands with the best professional services.

  • Light media Displays (158 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, 020 8058 0059):

Now you can consider LED screen hire companies that are not just limited to a specific location but all across Europe. Are you curious to find any such store you can trust for the next business or corporate event? The Light media Displays is the perfect LED screen hire London Company you can consider in this regard. What makes the Light media Displays store a reliable option for LED screen hire UK is their exceptional quality of the outdoor and indoor LED display screens. With the help of the best specialists present at Light media Displays, you can easily make the best purchase or hire decision for LED displays and enhance your events’ quality. Moreover, the 24 hours available service of the Light media Displays store makes it an even more convenient option in this list.

  • Platinum Presentations (Unit 2 The Viaduct St. James Lane, London N10 3QX, 020 3689 3247):

Another one of the best and highly professional LED screen hire London Company is the Platinum Presentations. If you need the best quality plasma screens for events or other commercial uses, then the professional and highly innovative options offered by Platinum Presentations are worth considering. The LED-based technology offered by Platinum Presentations comes with a pro floor stand that can ensure complete reliability and convenient LED setup.

 So you can access complete services of LED plasma screens hiring and setup from Platinum Presentations without any quality compromises. Now that’s an easy way to access LED solutions for all your events, right? So if you’re looking for the high geared stock of LED plasma standing screens for your business needs, then Platinum Presentations is the best option.

  • HEY PIXEL – LED Video Wall Hire & Rental (174, 175 Robert Dashwood Way, +44 20 7701 9444):

 Another prominent name in the world of LED screen hire London companies is HEY PIXEL. With the wide range of audiovisual equipment that can fulfill all the modern LED portrayal display needs, you can expect the best rental service from HEY PIXEL. It is not just for hiring, but HEY PIXEL also offered LED display solutions on a rental basis to efficiently fulfill your corporate event’s short-term LED demands. The wide range of LED display solutions of this company includes large screens, video walls, LED screens, and AV technologies – all fulfilling the events, business, and design agency demands effectively.

  • Dynamo LED Displays (146A Brick Lane, London E1 6RU, 08452572300):

 Another highly reliable LED screen hire London company is Dynamo LED Displays. With this LED screen UK company, you can expect the best and most professional LED display solutions for your business events and other commercial needs. With these award-winning LED screen manufacturers, you can access the best-LED screen solutions that fulfill all the customer and recent requirements efficiently. There’s no way you will need to look for another LED hire or supplier company option with these specialist services.

  • On Tour Events Technical Event Production Services London (Office 108, Belgrove House, Belgrove St, +44 20 8058 0093):

 Next in our list of the best-LED screen hire London company to trust for the best-LED displays is the On Tour Events Technical Event Production Services London company. What makes this company another reliable option is their wide range of services. With the On Tour Events Technical Event Production Services London Company, you don’t only get access to the most reliable LED display solutions, but you can also avail of various business and commercial event-related services to make your events top-notch and memorable.

These services include LED screen hire, staging, event lighting, and much more. All these services make the On Tour Events Technical Event Production Services London a reliable audiovisual equipment supplier in London. With that being said, you can access the most specialist and professional services that can fulfill more than just the basic LED display hiring needs for you. Apart from this, the On Tour Events Technical Event Production Services London is also the perfect company to consider for on tour event setup. Hence, if that’s what you’re planning, you know whom to trust, right?

  • Outdoor LED Screen Hire (77 Grosvenor St, +44 7908 732936):

  Like the previous top-notch and highly trustable LED screen hire UK company option, the Outdoor LED Screen Hire Company is also a reliable one in this list. With the wide variety of LED screen solutions that the Outdoor LED Screen Hire offers, you can expect the Outdoor LED Screen Hire to fulfill all your commercial and event stage LED display needs.

Apart from this, the Outdoor LED Screen Hire also deals with the best-LED display screens’ selling and set up according to your demands. With all this coming, you can surely consider the Outdoor LED Screen Hire to be a company to consider for complete audiovisual equipment rental services.

  • London Audio Visual Ltd (175 Robert Dashwood Way,+44 20 7701 9444):

  Apart from having tons of LED screens, hire London company options that offer you a wide variety of LED display screens; why not get the best-LED services that are also affordable? Wait! Is that why you haven’t been able to choose the perfect LED screen hire UK Company in the previous options? Well then, the London Audio Visual Ltd is certainly the perfect company that can offer you just what you need, i.e., affordable LED display solutions.

With the London Audio Visual Ltd offering you the most professional and affordable studio hire solutions, you can make all those commercial events and business demands fulfilled with the presence of modern-day LED solutions. Specifically, the London Audio Visual Ltd serves a wide range of LED solutions that can fit in broadcasting events, conferences, presentations, live or on-demand meetings, and much more. All of this is possible despite the audience amount, just with the help of the LED hire services by London Audio Visual Ltd.


So that’s all to our list of the top ten LED screen hire London supplier companies. With the various supplier company options here that fulfill different customer demands, you can easily make the best decision.

Besides, when it comes to LED screen hire, you always need the best fit to make any event, or corporate need fulfilled to the fullest. So why compromise when you can rely on the most professional services? Are you excited to choose the most suitable LED screen hire UK Company for your business? Then go ahead and make the right decision! Good Luck!