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Stage LED Screen For Events: Size, Design, Price 2021

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Since stage events are a common source of business promotions and professional gatherings, these have become quite common nowadays. However, for any company hosting a stage event, it’s hard to find it complete without a stage LED screen. Since these screens serve as a smart and advanced advertising option that can grab the viewer’s attention easily, the LED screen for events have also become a lot more popular and common to be found everywhere. If you’ve ever been to any such stage show or event, then you must have surely spotted a stage LED screen rental somewhere, right?

So what’s stopping you from making this smart decision? Don’t get it? Well, whether you have a small event coming up or a huge corporation gathering, it’s time to make it look a lot more effective and attention grabbing with the presence of a stage LED screen. Now to do this, it’s important to understand everything you’ll need to know about these screens and purchasing the right option. For a clearer idea on that, let’s go ahead and discover below everything you should know about LED screen for events.

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stage led screen

Benefits and Application of Stage LED Screen


Firstly, if we talk about why you should really invest in such stage LED displays, then you might want to learn about the benefits that it offers you. Besides, if all those small and large-scale events opt for eye-catching LED displays for their events, then they’re surely gaining plenty of benefits too, right? Now don’t’ worry if you don’t know much about the benefits that you gain though an LED screen for events, as we’ve got you covered with the top one’s discussed below.

  • Availability:

When considering the benefits of a stage LED display, the best part about these screens is that you can find them in all sorts of weights and sizes. This means that you can find from the lightest to the heaviest and similarly, the smallest and biggest stage LED display screens for purchasing. Altogether, whether you’re hosting a huge event with thousands of guests, or just a decent and small one; you have plenty of stage LED screen options to choose from; according to your event requirements.

  • Transportation:

With the presence of all sorts of weights and sizes in these LED screens, you also gain the benefit of easy transportation here. This doesn’t only refer to how a light weight display can be easily carried and moved. But instead, such LED screens come with easy setup and carrying design that allows anyone to easily pack them up and move them around without needing any help. Now that’s a great way to deal with the screen on your own, right?

  • Viewing:

Other than the fact that such LED screen for events come with advanced content creation, uploading and management settings, you also get multiple options of portraying the ads and other content on these screens – throughout the vent. This mainly refers to the benefit of both horizontally and vertically portraying your message and media content on these screens. Hence, you can let everyone easily red and understand the message on these screens – no matter how distant or opposite sided the reader is!

  • Brightness:

Lastly, but another most important benefit of a stage ELD screen rental is that you gain great brightness from these screens. Since they are specially designed to perform in the outdoor events and stage shows (where the lighting is extremely bright overall), so these screens also appear as a brighter displaying option. Moreover, this helps in further lighting up the whole stage attractively – no matter how many or less the other lighting is present on the stage.

church led wall for stage


Other than the benefits, if you’re planning to invest in a LED screen for events, then it’s also important to understand where you can install them. This way, even if you’re confused on whether your event really needs a stage LED display or not, you’ll know exactly what events or places support such screens.

Now for anyone unfamiliar with the uses of a stage LED screen rental, you can easily get them and install in outdoor events and stage shows like:

  • Large scale parties
  • Evening parties
  • Concerts
  • Other public events

Stage LED Screen Design:

Other than the benefits and applications of a stage LED screen rental, the design of these screens may also be an important aspect. And if you haven’t explored or experienced viewing these screens, it better to understand it’s design to better understand what you’re purchasing.

This includes a technological design consisting of features that are user-friendly and smooth working. Moreover, these screens consist of a slim and lightweight design; making them easier to install and transport anywhere. Moreover, the outer body of these screens consist of reliable and hardcore manufacturing materials; making its design a lot more sturdy.

Stage LED Screen Size:

When it comes to buying common LED displays, you have plenty of sizes options and varieties available in the market. However, a stage LED screen comes in limited sizes that can meet the need of proper viewing at a distance from the stage. This mainly refers to the normal size of 500 x 500 mm; which may also be the smallest one available in the market. Other than that, the size of these screens can increase depending upon the type of media you need to play on the screen and the physical requirements of the installation venue.

Yet, if you’re looking for the finest stage LED screen rental size then a 40 feet by 10 feet screen having 4:1 ratio would be perfect for investment.

Stage LED Screen Price:

Since the lightweight and reliable designing and plenty of benefits are coming your way through these LED screen for events, you might be wondering on the price range too. But that’s not really how it goes.

In fact, the pricing of a stage LED display depends upon various other factors like it’s band, type, model, advancements, and features. Now if you consider these factors and look for stage LED displays in the market, then you can find options falling anywhere between 450$-1700$ (or more if you’re looking for a highly advanced and updated display screen option).

led screen for stage

Important Things of Buying A Stage LED Screen

When you’re buying a stage LED screen, you might not know how you can buy the right one for your event. Since every type of public event or gathering may differ, so the stage LED display used in the should also be different. For a clearer idea on this, it’s important to understand the important factor that can help you make the right decision. Such factors include:

· Size and Location:

Firstly, it’s highly important to understand the size of the scree you need to install on a stage event setting. This factor mostly depend upon the amount of guests/visitors, or the fact that if the event is large or small. As a result, if it’s a large event with plenty of viewers, a small stage LED screen wouldn’t do the distant viewers any justice in showing the stage view. So in such cases, a larger screen can be helpful. While if it’s a small event with less participants, a smaller size will be preferred.

Similarly, the location of your event and stage LED screen’s installation is also important. This refers to the type of installation you should look for in a display screen, while choosing according to that location where you need to install it.

· Media Type:

Another important aspect is to consider the kind of media you will want to display on the LED stage screen of your event. This can include slow-motion videos, picture displays, real-tie view of the stage, or any advanced or casual media portraying option (which will depend upon your events requirements). So once you analyze what your even needs, make sure you choose the right screen that can display media in the form you want.

· Pixel Pitch:

In other words, this is the screen resolution of the stage LED display. This means that whether you are going to be planning an event for the afternoon time or it’s for the night, the image resolution of the screen for each of these timings will be different. Similar, a higher image resolution quality will cost you extra too. So if you’re hosting a small stage event, then a stage LED screen rental with decent amount of pixel pitches will also do the job for you.

· Viewing Distance:

This may not be the last thing to consider before buying LED screen for events, but it is surely a highly important factor. Now depending on the large or small-scale variety of the event you’re hosting; you’ll need to install a screen that can show clear content at the right viewing distance. As otherwise, a lesser viewing distance might make viewers at the back look at a blurry screen, while being too close to a screen with higher viewing distance would make the pixels obvious. To do this, it’s important to choose the screen that is manufactured according to the viewing distance you require for the event.


With all this important information and details gathered regarding a stage LED display and choosing the right one according to your event needs, there’s hardly any reason left to wait and doubt on your decision, right? Well then, go ahead, grab the perfect stage LED screen rental and let it enhance the performance and outlook of all your business and corporate stage events.

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