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Best LED Display Singapore Suppliers 2021

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

LED displays are one of the most highly demanded display and advertising innovations in today’s era. With the LED displays offering a to-notch view and user service to appeal and attract the viewers, it has rapidly replaced the old school advertising display methods globally.

Today, LED display screens are most commonly found and used in the business, advertising, and corporate world. It is also a famous display option for indoor needs in homes and offices. Besides, with the unique and vast variety of LED display screens available today, it’s hard to say that these screens aren’t suitable for any kind of industry.

However, with these LED display solutions widely spread globally, the screen manufacturers and suppliers are also equally spread. So how can you get the best-LED display solution for your home or business when there are so many suppliers to offer you that service? Only if we look in Singapore, the list of LED display Singapore suppliers is humungous.

But wait! Don’t just start stressing already, since we have you covered with a list of top 10 LED video wall Singapore suppliers. So you can take a breath of relief and look into our list of top LED suppliers in Singapore to choose the most suitable one according to your demands. Let’ start discovering them, shall we?  

Best LED Suppliers in Singapore:


Firstly, let’s start this list of best LED display Singapore suppliers with one of the widespread suppliers in other regions. We’re talking about the ONE WORLD LED USA. While their name refers to this LED supplier being based in the USA, it is not just a USA limited LED supplier company. Instead, the ONE WORLD LED USA is well-known and has created a distribution network in China and Australia.

What makes the ONE WORLD LED USA a reliable and top supplier option in this list is their world’s best reputation of being a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of patented LED display technology. Hence, you can expect them to deliver the most innovative and unique visual display technology with reliable manufacturing and equipment.

2. Daktronics:

The next top LED video wall Singapore Supplier Company is Daktronics. This company is also famous for innovating and providing some of the most unique and reliable LED display solutions. However, the industry type that Daktronics deals with isn’t limited to basic LED displays or ones for all kinds of industries.

Instead, the Daktronics focuses on manufacturing and supplying a wide range of innovative LED display solutions varying from high school scoreboards to video systems engineered especially for major league stadiums, roadside LED displays, or iconic LED signage solutions. With all this, Daktronics is a well-known supplier in the video display industry worldwide.


Another one of the LED display Singapore suppliers that can be trusted for its innovative engineering o LED solutions are VUEPIX. These suppliers are known to be the market leaders for manufacturing the best commercial LED displays and signage technologies. Moreover, they focus on the redefining of the image landscapes in their LED display solutions.

This ensures that you can expect the best commercial displays with top-notch and high-quality images. Moreover, if you are not willing to choose from the basic options, then VUEPIX also focuses on offering their clients a wide range of varieties for high-quality LED displays.

4. Doit Vision Co.,Ltd:

The Doit Vision Co.,Ltd is also a leading Led display Singapore supplier company that has become a leading expert in this industry. What make this supplier special is their innovative technologies that focus on providing unique design and manufacturing services of both indoor and outdoor LED video panels.

This supplier company is mainly based in China, but it is a well-known and widely spread company; especially in Singapore. Moreover, it has introduced some of the most unique and innovative indoor, outdoor, and video panel displays. Hence, if you are looking for a wide variety in highly professional LED solutions, then the Doit Vision Co.,Ltd are certainly a must-consider LED supplier company.

5. DigiLED (UK) Ltd:

Moving forward with this list of LED video wall Singapore suppliers, we have to add a supplier that is a trusted name in the corporate world, right? Therefore, the digiLED (UK) Ltd is a must-add to this list. Since this headquartered UK LED display supplier, It has become a trusted UK’s leading corporate and broadcaster world, they are certainly a supplier company you trust.

What makes them a reliable option for these leading companies is their service in providing expert knowLEDge services and products. So you can trust their products to serve as expert display solutions that offer lasting services. Additionally, digiLED (UK) Ltd is also known for its remarkably responsive and reliable support services. Hence, they are a full package supplier company that you can turn to at all times.

6. AVL:

While the AVL is a South Korean-headquartered LED supplier, they are also a highly trusted in Singapore. So you can consider this top LED display Singapore supplier another reliable option in the LED manufacturing and supplying industry. However, what makes this supplier company unique is its different range of LED supplies.

While most LED video wall Singapore suppliers focus on offering LED display solutions, the AVL supplies professional LED modules. Their wide range of LED lighting innovations and module solutions make them highly trusted, and unique lighting solutions make them the best and most trusted professional LED manufacturers and suppliers in Singapore.

So if your demands are more focused on investing in the brightest LED modules, then the AVL is the best supplier option for you.


When it comes to choosing an LED display Singapore supplier that is not just limited to their company and branches, but various top stores also supply such LED solutions. Considering this, the ASCEND suppliers are a reliable company whose innovative LED display solutions are distributed and supplied by various stores.

That’s not all, but the wide range of unique LED display solutions of the ASCEND also makes it one of the best supplier options. For enhancing the standard LED growing standard, the ASCEND focuses on engineering and manufacturing innovative ad powerful LED solutions. Hence, you can get a wide range of powerful LED solutions from ASCEND and choose the most innovative option according to your needs. Isn’t that great?

8. Remco:

Next up in our list of the best-LED video wall Singapore suppliers are the Remco company. Like the previous company, this supplier is also known to introduce a wide range of unique and innovative LED solutions in the LED world. Not just that, but the LED modules that the Remaco engineer and manufacture are focused on offering the most advanced features and performance.

So you can expect modern technology when purchasing any of the LED solutions from Remco. Besides, with Remco being one of the most trusted LED professionals, you don’t need to have a second thought while choosing them.

Remaco offers their clients all sorts of unique and innovative modern-day LED designs and technologies from slim to fixed and even curved. Some of the best and most demanded LED display series of Remaco include; the LED-P series, LED-C series, and LED-Fixed series.


In this list of the top and most remarkable LED display Singapore solutions, the LUMISIGN suppliers are also a must-add. Like any other best-LED supplier, the LUMISIGN is also popular for its remarkable services and engineering/manufacturing of the best-LED solutions.

However, what makes them a unique option is their brightest LED display modules. With the brightest LED displays, the LUMISIGN offers their clients solutions that can be visible and efficient in performance even in bright daylight.

Moreover, the focus of LUMISIGN while manufacturing their innovative LD solutions is also on the durability and toughness of the display modules. As long as you are looking for tough LED displays that can handle even the toughest weather and still offer you a lasting service, then the LUMISIGN is the best supplier to trust for such displays. That is mainly why this supplier company is another well-known name in the signage and display industries.

10. BrightLogic and Scanalytics Inc:

Last but not least, BrightLogic and Scanalytics Inc are also well-known and highly trustable LED suppliers in Singapore. However, they do not offer the am services as the previous suppliers.

When it comes to LED solutions, is the technology only effective in being used for display solutions? Certainly not! Besides, other than the basic LED displays, we can utilize plenty of more ways and benefit from the LED technology.

Accordingly, as we mentioned an LED lighting module supplier earlier, BrightLogic and Scanalytics Inc focuses on offering the best and highly professional LED flooring solutions. This supplier company is also one of the market leaders in engineering and manufacturing the best-LED flooring technology and solutions.

The services of BrightLogic and Scanalytics Inc focuses on manufacturing high-resolution and interactive LED flooring solutions with analytics. These LED flooring solutions are utilized in various industries, making them a modern-day LED solution in today’s era. With that coming from the BrightLogic and Scanalytics Inc suppliers, who won’t want to purchase this technology? It’s time you consider it too!


Although most of these LED display Singapore suppliers are headquartered in different countries (apart from Singapore), but their extended services make them a trustable supplier option in Singapore.

Moreover, we have listed some of the best-LED video wall Singapore suppliers in this list that focus on different services, types of LED technologies, or display solution technologies. Hence, you can expect to have completely different and highly remarkable services from each of these suppliers.

So it’s time you choose the best supplier according to your industry type and installation demands. Happy LED Shopping!

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