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Electronic LED Marquee Signs for Schools

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Blogs | 0 comments

Being a part of the school or running a school isn’t enough, as long as you aren’t following the advanced trends and technological requirements by using school LED signs. Besides, the world is updating faster than ever, and so our educational world shouldn’t lack any excessively. However, often at times, school owners or partners consider advanced technology and following the digital trends wastage of time and money – as schools are better off simple and decent.

Yet, can we consider our educational sectors lack in educating the young generation about what’s around? Now that’s one thing the advancement in the digital world allows us to offer to the young generation. Moreover, it also helps take over the cliché basic learning system and introduce a more advanced, faster, and suitable system for the young one’s today.

One such highly efficient and suitable digital advancement includes the presence of electronic marquee signs for schools. Now if you aren’t familiar with these screens, then these are simply the displays that display moveable lettering on a backlit display. Moreover, more and more schools are considering them a necessary part of their educational system. Besides, other than the enriching graphical quality offered by these LED school signs, there’s a lot more to the benefits that they come with. But wait! Are you not sure if these screens are even worth the investment or not? Well then, let’s go ahead and learn what benefits it offers!

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Applications of Electronic signs In School

Other than understanding the benefits of marquee signs for school, it’s also equally important to learn about its uses – so that you know why and how you can seek the benefits of these display screens. This way, even when you know why you need to invest in LED signs, you can also understand where it can best fit in your school and for what types of uses it can benefit your school’s performance. For a clearer view, let’s explore the applications or marquee signs for the school below.

  • To show time, date, and day; to the passerby and visitors.
  • For announcing events and promotions.
  • Informing the students about classroom changes.
  • Informing about teacher/faculty member’s absence.
  • Interconnecting the campus areas
  • Providing networks to the teachers for separate communication with each other.
  • Providing the students and staff with an emergency alert system to ensure safety
  • Advertising the partner brands
  • Displaying the lunch menus in the cafeteria
  • Providing maps for wayfinding inside the campus

How to Buy School-LED Signs

 When you head out to buy school LED signs, make sure to look for pedal details and features in it. Most importantly, you need to be sure that the model/type you choose is appealing to your audience can be seen from a distance you choose and fit your budget rightly. Moreover, you can also consider details like:

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Viewing distance
  • Usage of life
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • Customizing options
  • It’s a warranty/guarantee

Electronic Marquee Signs Cost

If this is your first time buying LED screens for schools, then you might find plenty of options with different led manufacturer ranges in the market. However, for a clearer idea of buying marquee signs for schools and investing in its installation and other charges; all can charge you anything between $20,000 – $30,000.

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Benefits of Electronic Marquee Signs

Even though there are plenty of benefits that come along with marquee signs for school, some uplift the educational quality and performance of the schooling system – a lot more than others do. One of the best one’s includes the ability to maintain constant and suitable communication between the school and the community. Hence, let’s go ahead and discover some of the most effective benefits of these LED school signs that make it a necessary part of the schools.

1.School Events Awareness:

Every single school organizes plenty of events from time to time and then executes them; whether they are religious events or others specifically arranged for children’s educational matters. Here, it’s not hard to forget the common events everyone celebrates. But other than that, most of the school events are easier to forget by both the students and the parents. This often results in poor attendance during these events.

This is where the use of marquee signs for schools comes to help, as they are great for reminders. Besides, one can hardly ignore such bright screens with memorable reminders; especially when it is installed at the entrance of the school, right? Hence, whether you are hosting graduations, games, sports events, fundraising events, open houses, PTA meetings, field trips, plays, concerts, dances, or any other events; LED school signs can be a great reminding tool for each of these events.

2.Less Power Consumption:

A common trait about electronic devices and tools is that they may consume great power; margin it harder for everyone to meet the costs and afford such tools installation. However, when it comes to the marquee signs for schools, all of them use LED lights. Even though previous such signs boards were made up of traditional bulbs that cost a lot more to schools; these serve the opposite.

Hence, if you’re using one or more school LED signs, you wouldn’t’ face a huge electricity bill difference in the school. This way, even if you need to operate the school on a tight budget, this addition of marquee signs for school wouldn’t hurt your pocket much.

3.Broadcasting Victories:

Boosting your student’s morale by showcasing and sharing their victories with the school authorities and passerby’s is very important and beneficial. Whether it’s a football match victory or a good test score of a student, schools need to offer a little recognition to the students so that they can further do well and improve their performance.

Here, with the usage of school LED signs, you can better reward your students for a job well done. Additionally, you can also recognize and boost the morale of the exceptional teachers, while broadcasting additional information that can help the school staff and students in increasing their knowledge. Besides, schools are an institute of learning; so it’s better to always offer them education even with these marquee signs of schools.

4.Easy Recognition:

Signs are one of the common things that help every visitor and passer-by to identify what a public building is about and what it offers. However, when we talk about the ones familiar with a specific building, even they notice signs that are attractive and different – on every visit and passing near it. This means that when you use school LED signs outside your school, every parent or visitor will firstly see the sign on their visit.

As a result, the bright moving sign would give a great first impression of your school in front of every visitor. Moreover, you can also easily share the events updates and additional information with the visitors through these signs. So it’s a great way to attract every passer-by and visitor easily.

5.Less Maintenance:

If you’re someone who believes that advanced technologies with great benefits come with a greater need for maintenance, you’re wrong this time. That’s because the modern marquee signs for schools are anything but hard to maintain. They don’t need regular maintenance; no matter where you install them.

Additionally, even if these signs may need a periodic repair after years of usage; even then you might only need to replace the bulbs. Besides, LED screens are rated to easily work for 10,000 hours. Hence, even if you use these LED school signs 12 hours a day; they are most likely to smoothly run for the next 10-11 years.


Now that you know why you need to invest in LED signs for schools and the criteria for buying the perfect one, it’s time you go and get one already!

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