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Difference between Floor LED Screen and Advertising LED Display Screen

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Being a business or brand owner, or just someone promoting the brand; we’ve all ended up looking for LED screens to do the job better. Hence, a LED screen might be quite obvious and common to us. However, when it comes to buying an advertising LED screen (the common one we find everyone around us), you must have surely heard about the new type of LED screen, i.e. floor LED screen. Now I’m calling this new because most of us aren’t well aware of what this is – as a common LED screen has always been enough to perform our task.

floor led screen

However, everyone loves change and exploring new options. Moreover, as along as something as unique as a LED screen is concerned, who wouldn’t want to explore the new option here? Of course, we all would. However, when it comes to trusting a interactive floor LED display, is it the same as an advertising LED screen? Now I’m sure you have all these questions and much more on the exact difference between both these LED screens. That is why; I’m here to help you out here. So let’s go ahead and discover everything below in detail.

What Is a Floor LED Screen?

As obvious as the name suggests, a floor LED display is simply a display screen on the floor. This makes it quite related to the advertising LED display in terms of the display effect. However, that doesn’t mean that its features are also the same as advertising LED.

Simply put, the additional that comes along with a floor display includes the property of interactive entertainment, which allows users to communicate with the items produced on the video. However, that’s not all; as these types of LED displays are also very strong and can hold heavyweight. Since these LED displays consist of floor fitting, this is quite an obvious feature of the display screen. Additionally, the strong property of these screens makes them hard to tremble with any sort of weight on them.

Now that we’re on the chapter of the features offered by both the screen displays, you might be confused about the difference between them. Now since the above-mentioned working criteria of both these SMD LED screens might not be enough to please you in terms of their difference, let’s go ahead and explore that below.


The three different aspects that differentiate both these LED screens include;

  1. Functioning Difference:

 The advertising LED screen works as a common out-of-home advertising option that is present on the outer walls of buildings, shopping malls, and even subways. Other than that, the functioning of these screens includes; date displaying, photo, and video playing that combines with sound effects that let you visually hear the effects of multi-sensory stimulation.

Whereas, when it comes to a floor display screen, you can consider its display and magnification functions similar to that of a common advertising display. This similarity is simply because of the development of these screens are based completely on an advertising LED display. However, that’s not all, as the updated feature of this screen includes an intelligent interactive function.

  • Positioning and Outcome Difference:

The positioning of advertising LED display revolves on the advertising of single brands near business districts. Simply put, people appearing for shopping view these displays and absorb information from different brands. As a result, these screens urge customers to make purchases according to the brand they’re promoting. 

Now, on the other hand, a floor LED screen doesn’t serve in publicizing any brand or business. Instead, due to the active interaction that it serves us with; the customers and visitors gain more interest in curiosity in it. As a result, these screens attract more customers and gather them in public places like shopping malls, public squares, and other welfare places.

  • Site or Surrounding requirements:

Now it doesn’t matter what sort of advertisement you are playing on the screen. All you need to look for in terms of site and surrounding is that the fitting of an advertising screen revolves around public places. When you set it up in a place with a larger audience, the ad gets a higher exposure rate. As a result, it increases the transmission efficiency and enhances the advertising effect causing a higher purchase rate overall. 

 However, when it comes to a floor LED display, the fun experience produced by it makes it easier to attract more customers. Therefore, these screens don’t demand installation in a high traffic place. Instead, they can easily gather higher traffic around them while giving them a fun experience.


Promoting your brand and business can be quite interesting when it comes to using advanced and helpful technologies like LED display. However, with the different options available in the market, one can always be confused about their performance efficiency. Therefore, before you end up investing in any kind of screen blindly, you must have a clearer idea of the options you are considering.

Now keeping this in mind, the above-mentioned details must have surely cleared up many of your queries in terms of advertising LED screen and a floor LED screen, right? So what’s the wait for now? It’s time you go ahead and invest in the best option according to your brand and business needs, and get that promotion started. Happy promoting!

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