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What Are Virtual Production Studios? Led Virtual Production In Film Making

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Film industry has immensely evolved over the years. Especially with recent technology, the process of filmmaking has completely shifted. Not only has recent tech has made it easy to produce films but also has made the end result more engaging and entertaining for the audience. Virtual production studios are one such innovation. They not only make the production process efficient, but also allow us to explore all that the human mind can think and unleash our creativity.


With virtual production, the directors can combine live-action with the virtual world and create engaging footage by merging digital with the physical world. Since it removes the limitations experienced in the physical world, it provides directors an opportunity to unleash their creativity and explore what they think could be possible.

What is a virtual production studio?


Virtual production studio is the facility that allows the film makers, and the directors to produce the films by merging the physical world with the virtual world. With these studios, the film makers can create a world that combines the elements of both real and digital world. LED virtual production allows the filmmakers to eliminate the post production process and manipulate the effects and elements during the production.


It’s a dual stage tool with cutting edge technology that allows the filmmakers to blend the two worlds with live in camera effects. Previously, any thing that went wrong during the production could only be fixed post production. Since the production took a long time, filmmakers had to wait for months on end to see the end result. Unfortunately, some of the things can’t even be fixed in the post production. It also highly limited the creativity of the creatives. However, with LED virtual production, it’s easy to create the film we want to create right at the spot.


The versatility of virtual production studios has made them very popular recently. Movies like Avatar and Mandalorian have incorporated virtual production in their film making process. These movies are very proof of how versatile these studios are. These studios facilitate the filmmakers in both audio and visual effects and allow them to make the cast work on the set physically while the compositors and other contributors create and render virtual environments for the movie on the spot. For this reason, the post production can largely be reduced.


How do virtual production studios work?


Virtual production uses a combination of immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and Augmented reality (AR).  It also uses Computer generated imagery (CGI) combined with other immersive technologies and game engines like unreal engines. Virtual production studios usually incorporate game development technologies to create films since they allow the merging of the physical environment with digital elements. This is why, game engines are the key to virtual production

The first thing that you would need to set up a virtual production studio is cloud data management. When you’re producing a film, you would need a large storage to store the big number of large files. Since Virtual production involves the collaboration of many different people, you would want to switch to cloud storage since many different people would be able to access it at the same time quickly and smoothly. Secondly, Digital Asset Management would allow you to manage the files stored in the cloud and process them smoothly. Additionally, you would also need to create an on set experience for your team. Project management tools allow you to do that without having the team members on the set physically.


Lastly, game engines are the most essential part of virtual production studios since they allow you to create the combined virtual and physical world in a matter of seconds. You can also fix lighting, sound and effects right on the spot and explore your creativity in the studio without having to wait for months. This also prevents the delay of the project since you’d be able to test out different things right on the spot.



Essentials of virtual production studios

To create a film successfully with virtual production, you need to understand the importance of pre production. Unlike green screens, you cannot always fix things post production in VR. This is why the key to creating the best film is to be quick with on spot creation and rendering of the set. You would constantly need to fix lighting, audio and effects right before and on the shooting. In many cases, if you are not quick and sharp with it, you’d end up messing the whole shot since it may not be possible to fix it post production.


Additionally, a virtual production supervisor is highly essential to achieve the best possible result. Since you would be merging physical and virtual elements in your movie, the supervisor will act as a connection between the virtual art department and the physical production department. They’d also deal with the audio department. The virtual production supervisor acts as an art director that facilitates the composition of the film from all the different aspects and helps in achieving the best possible end result smoothly.


Lastly, it is important to determine what LED volume you need and what is the pixel pitch of your led panels. Even if you don’t need a massive volume led display, you need to ensure that your led displays are in sync with the lighting and elements on the set. Similarly, it is important to determine the pixel pitch of your panels. If the camera sensor conflicts with the patterns on the screen, you will have to deal with the moire pattern.


Benefits of virtual production studios


Some of the benefits of virtual production studios are,

  1. Cost

One of the most important benefits of virtual production studios is that they largely reduce the costs. Though it may appear expensive at first, but the truth is that with the help of these studios, the film industry can avoid on location shoots. On-location shoots are not only expensive but also highly time-consuming. Since you will be controlling the environment, it is possible to completely eliminate the need for on location shoot and travelling or at least reduce it.

  1. Efficiency

Virtual production allows you to be more efficient. Firstly, since you can control the environment of the set, the process of production is a lot smoother than usual. Most of the work in virtual production studios is done during or before production. This keeps you in control of the setup and makes the process smoother and quicker.


  1. Creative freedom

Undoubtedly, the key benefit of virtual production is that it allows you to be creative beyond the boundaries. SInce you can merge both physical and virtual elements in virtual production, the limitations caused by choosing only one can be largely avoided. VR studios allow the creators to explore their full creativity without any restrictions.

  1. Real time rendering

In virtual production, most of the work is done during and before the production. Unlike green screens, you won’t have to wait months on end to see what works. With these studios, you can manipulate the set and elements on the set right on the spot and collaborate with other creators in real time.


Why are virtual production studios the future?


Virtual production studios have completely shifted the film industry. Films like mandalorian have proved that this type of production is not only more efficient but also more versatile and smooth. Things like on location shoots, and green screens greatly limit the creativity and performance of all the artists on the set. With such immersive technology, the performers are able to perform their best since it removes the limitations and makes it easy to get into character.


Also with the pandemic, we have witnessed that any major crisis may cause the film industry to have a downfall if they’re not efficient with the technology. On-location shoots have been impossible during the pandemic. This is why virtual production not only makes it easy for the creators to work under all circumstances.


Similarly, the usual production techniques are a lot less efficient. With the help of VR studios, the compositors can work right at the spot. It makes the collaboration a lot faster, smoother and easier. LED virtual production  highly improves efficiency.



The past year has taught us that any major crisis may bring downfall to the film industry. The pandemic has taught us that we are in need to be efficient with the technologies right now more than we ever were. Virtual productions studios are the ultimate technology in this era that allows the creators to be efficient, quick and creative without being at the cost of compromising anything.


There are no compromises in LED virtual production because the creatives work in collaboration in real time. Greenscreens and other such technologies limit creativity. It is almost impossible to achieve what you have in your mind on the screen. However, VR studios will allow you to explore what you’ve never explored before.

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