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Variable Message Signs Board for Traffic:Cost & Manufacturer 2021

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Are you looking for less graphical and more words portraying digital signboards that portray other than band and business messages? Well, then you must have probably searched in plenty of markets and found plenty of different options of signboards (like variable message signs of static road signs)to choose from for your business’s marketing. But do you know which is the most effective and beneficial? Well, you don’t. Instead, if you blankly go and explore such options without understanding the basic uses, working, benefits, and other details of the signboard you choose; then there’s a great chance you’ll be investing in the wrong product.

But don’t worry if you don’t have any idea on any such informational message signboards, as we’ve got you covered with the right option and everything you need to know about it. Don’t get it? Well, we’re talking about the variable message signs that work as an effective and decent message board for helping the passersby’s. Now to help you have a clear understanding of these VMS signs, let’s go ahead and discover everything about them blew in detail.

Variable Message Signs

What are the variable message signs?

The very first thing to learn about the VMS boards is what they are. Now for anyone unfamiliar, it might sound like a graphical board that shows different kinds of messages (mostly similar to the digital LED displays). However, it’s anything but that in reality. Instead, a variable signboard or a VMS is considered as an electronic means of a traffic sign. These sign/message boards are often used in the roadways and highways, i.e. to inform the passersby and travelers about special messages/events/offers.

Hence, if you’ve ever experienced passing through the highway or large roadway (which we’ve all visited often at times), then you must have surely remembered what these VMS signs look like, right? Well, that one thing makes them memorable too!

How do variable message signs work

Other than the basic idea of how VMS boards portray only helpful and needed messages to the traffic on roadways, are you aware of how do these messages appear on the screen? Well, if you’re thinking about that too, and have considered it like a digitally operated device that works through the internet, stop right there!

It’s simply because the most common VMS boards for sale are operated and used to portray messages through a manned control center. This link is developed through a local network or a radio link; which helps the control center choose the right message according to the situation, traffic intensity, and location of the traffic; and then portray the message on the screen.

Hence, you get to real-time edit and change the messages on the VMS boards (according to the need of the hour).

What are variable message signs used for

vms signs

Another important aspect of understanding the VMS boars for sale is their usage and need. now since the variable message signs work as a message portraying board in the traffic areas, these boards are used to display several messages that can be changed or replaced from time to time (depending on the need and area of the message being displayed).

Moreover, if you’re planning to learn about the potential messages and help that these boars are used to provide to traffic, then this can include:

  • Advising the traffic to approach lane closure and choosing appropriate speed limits according to the lane
  • Alarming about the general downstream hazards, i.e. whether there is a slow or paused traffic ahead or any rescue vehicle is in the lane, or any other similar information.
  • Providing information for a better route choice (which can either be downstream or anywhere else nearby)
  • Informing the passerby’s about public transport
  • Alarming the pollution and traffic about the meteorological conditions like any reduced visibility state, slippery roads, or harsh weather conditions, etc.
  • Informing them about environmental updates
  • Keeping the traffic updated with the availability and empty parking spaces
  • Warning the low-bridge, over-height, or over-weight vehicles for not taking specific routes
  • Informing the traffic about any other general danger coming upfront, or about any safety message/advice that may be helpful.

Additionally, if you’re wondering where you can find or use these variable message signs, then there’s a great chance of these VMS signs to be used in:

  • Roads
  • Highways
  • Freeways
  • Motorways
  • Tunnel entrances
  • And any kind of rural area.
  • Variable Message Signs VS Static Road Signs

If you’ve probably thought of static signs as your first option since they’ve been around for longer, then it’s time you reconsider your decisions and learn the difference between both these road signs.

What we mean here is simply the difference of advancement and a better helping of both these signboards; which makes one better than the other. Don’t’ get it? Well, the priory here is simply the VMS signs for sale.

This is obvious because the static signs only portray/convey a single message on their screen. What this means is that you can only set a single message on these screens; without being able to change it instantly according to the situation. Now the use of static signs is helpful in recurrent situations, especially when the engineer demands a similar vehicle categorized driver response every time. Hence, we often find the static signs in locations where only a specific type of traffic can find it meaningful; as they aren’t helpful for everyone.

However, if we talk about the VMS signs on the other hand; then it’s obvious that these sing boards are more like the advanced system for traffic guidance. What makes them more advanced and better is the real-time traffic information providing technology; which helps all the drivers in urban road networks to choose the less stressed routes for themselves. This results in an organized and effective vehicle distribution that helps the traffic system portray a better performance.

Moreover, since the message on the variable message signs can be changed in real-time, these are also used to alert and alarm the traffic about various conditions and situations. Hence, these can serve as a multi-tasking and more befitting traffic sign board option.

Variable Message Signs Cost and Price Factor

vms boards

Now if you’re planning to buy variable message signs and haven’t gotten a suitable budget in place for it, it’s time you do that before heading out to shop. Now for a clearer idea of your costs in VMS signs, you are most likely to be spending on the purchase, operating, and maintenance of these screens (once you purchase one).

But before doing that, it’s highly important to understand the factors that affect the increase or decrease of the VMS boards pricing. This includes factors like:

· Technology:

The technology is mainly the part of the advanced working of these VMS signs; which serves in improving or limiting the ease of usage, setup, and quality of message portrayal of these screens.

· Type:

in terms of type, you’re probably going to find plenty of VMS sign types in the market. Now even though plenty of the types might attract you, but it’s important to keep your VMS signs purpose in mind and then choose the appropriate type of signboard that serves your purpose efficiently.

· Data and Sensors:

Choosing the appropriate data and sensors inside the VMS boards board is very important. Since this is required to computerize and set any suitable message to the drivers, and then easily portray your desired message on the message signboard.

Moreover, if we talk about the approx. costs of VMS boards, then they are most likely to have a capital cost of 500,000 for 12 VMS boards. Altogether, you can consist the approx. cost of the VMS boards for sale to be greater than what the regular signs with single message display costs. Yet, in some regions, it can be vice versa and the costs of the variable message signs can be lesser. So to have a clear idea, you can visit the market and understand the demand for the variable message signs in your region (before finalizing any budget).

Purchasing Tips from Variable Message Signs Manufacturer

Lastly, but most importantly, another huge aspect to consider the method of purchasing the most suitable and effective variable signboards for your needs is to understand its various purchasing tips. This way, the right tips can help you keep in mind the right product that you need to buy and then make a cost-efficient purchase.

Now don’t worry if you aren’t aware of any such tips that you should consider before purchasing VMS boards, as we’re here to help you discover them below. So let’s get to it, shall we?

· The Message Types:

Since these VMS boards for sale are mainly used to portray a specific type of message on the roadways to help the passerby’s and traffic, that is something you can’t change here. However, depending upon the risky locations, you need to choose the right board that offers the public a clear view and enlightenment on the condition.

According to the messages mentioned above, you can use the VMS signs to aware the public of different issues and conditions. Hence, it’s important to choose your purpose of setting the variable message signs. This way, you can choose the right signboard and set it’s reaction and behaviors appropriately.

· Advertising or No Advertising?

If there’s a digital signboard available in the market, you’re most probably going to see it serve brands and businesses in their marketing too. Now, this doesn’t mean that the VMS signs are used for advertising only. But other than some people that set these boards to help the passerby’s and ensure proper traffic guidance, plenty tend to invest in these signboards to advertise their business products too.

This mainly includes the common marketing use of car yards and other retail businesses; which are commonly seen on the VMS signs to catch the traffic’s attention. However, you can’t do both on all types of VMS boards for sale. Hence, it’s important to understand whether you need to advertise your or other business’s products too, or is it just for traffic guidance.

· Affordability:

Deepening on the type of VMS signs you choose, the affordability is a huge factor that you should consider. Here, you first need to understand how advanced or normal signs portraying the technology, setup, and body you require. If your needs are basic and the installation area is also quite decent, a low-budget variable message boards option is suitable for you to invest.

However, if you’re opting for a multitasking board (for traffic help and advertising) and you also demand a more advanced, easier, and attractive-looking board design; then you may have to exceed the budget a bit. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you have to go completely out of budget. Instead, go neutral and find your desired board in an easily affordable budget. Besides, other than the board purchasing, you will also have to invest in other services like installation, maintenance, setup, etc.

· The Effectiveness:

Lastly, but most importantly, if you don’t look for an effective signboard, your money isn’t going in the right place. Here, you don’t have to go for a high-class looking option. But instead, look for a reliable brand and durable manufacturing of the VMS signs. Moreover, if your chosen VMS boards for sale fulfill your need, then you can consider them an effective purchase.

So keep these factors in mind and when you find an option that offers you all of them, you know you’ve got your effective option ready to be bought. Go grab it!


Now with all this detailed discussion on VMS boards for sale, you must have had a clear idea on why you need VMS signs and how they can serve your purpose, right? So what’s the wait for now? Go ahead, grab the right VMS boards for yourself, and let them be a reliable and effective portrayal board for the outdoors – while meeting your purpose through it!

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