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Why is LED Video Wall COB still the mainstream packaging technology In 2024?

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In 2023, COB packaging technology will be very “hot”, so by 2024, COB LED video wall is still the first choice for high-definition display?

According to DISCIEN newly released “2023 China LED small pitch market research report” shows that in 2023 China LED small pitch & micro-pitch terminal market sales amounted to 20.71 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 13.6%, compared with the year-on-year growth of only 6% in 2022 there is a qualitative improvement.

From the above data, we can see that the market share of micro-pitch is gradually growing, and is expected to form a normalized and stable growth state in the next few years.

Behind the growth of the market is the end of the demand for high-definition display continues to grow. For HD display, it is related to the pixel pitch. We know that the higher the pixel pitch, the richer the details of the LED display screen. 

Currently, Micro LED is the highest pixel pitch LED display product on the market, and if you want to achieve the high pixel density of Micro LED, the COB high integration package is the first choice.

In the field of HD display, there is usually a difference between LCD and LED wall technology, should you upgrade your LCD video wall to COB small-pitch LED video wall?

COB display and LCD screen are two different display technologies:  


COB packaging technology uses an arrangement of LED chips and lamp beads. Compared with the traditional SMD encapsulated LED display, COB LED video wall pixel pitch can be made smaller, such as P1.2 or P0.9, which greatly improves resolution and clarity. In addition, due to the use of different lamp bead packaging, the stability of the COB display has also been improved, and the rate of dead lights is greatly reduced.

LCD screen is a kind of industrial-grade display similar to TV, with a narrower bezel. At present, the splicing LCD screen is mainly 55 inches, and the splicing seam specification is between 3.5~0.88mm. The following is the difference between COB display and LCD screen:

Technical composition

COB display uses COB LED chip package, while the core of the splicing screen is LCD panel, which belongs to LCD technology.

Display effect

In terms of resolution, the COB display is not as high as the splicing LCD screen, so the splicing LCD video wall has better clarity, especially when viewed from a close distance.

However, COB LED video walls are brighter and are suitable for large spaces and longer viewing distances. In addition, a spliced LCD wall will have a physical seam when spliced together, while a COB screen has no seam, resulting in a more complete display.

Different Uses

COB LED wall is mainly used in conference halls, exhibition halls, big data display systems, command and control centers and other fields. These occasions usually do not need to be on all day.

The LCD screen is mainly used for monitoring display, command center and other occasions that need to play video monitoring screens. It can usually work continuously for 24 hours and supports split display, which is suitable for the demand of playing multiple surveillance video images at the same time.

Upgrading your LCD video wall to a COB LED video wall


If you have enough budget and want to enjoy better seamless display quality. Then you can consider upgrading your LCD video wall to a COB LED video wall.

With the advancement of technology, COB LED packaging technology has matured and become more affordable compared to previous years.

In fact, COB technology itself is not a new product; as early as around 2016, top LED manufacturers started to layout COB technology.

“COB is a disruptive LED innovation technology, which perfectly integrates midstream packaging technology and downstream display technology. P1.2 COB and SMD technology are already evenly matched in terms of cost.” DOITVISION CEO Kris said.

Last year, the industry research organization LOTUS Technology pointed out that when the pixel pitch is less than P1.2, COB packaging technology has the advantage of comprehensive manufacturing cost. In general, with the smaller the LED screen pitch, the more advantageous the comprehensive cost of COB.

In the field of micro-pitch display, the popular SMD packaging technology has been difficult to break through the smaller pixel pitch, it is also difficult to ensure high reliability and protection, The HD LED industry needs COB this innovative technology to further promote the development of the industry. In addition, COB LED video wall uses full flip-chip process coupled with LED pixel virtual technology, which can effectively reduce the point pitch.

From a technical point of view, COB is a multi-bead integration without stent encapsulation technology, the light-emitting chip is directly encapsulated in the PCB board, eliminating the cumbersome surface mounting process. There are no stent welding feet, each pixel of the LED chip and welding wires is epoxy resin gel tightly and tightly encapsulated in the gel. And there are no exposed elements, more like a surface light source, the overall nature and protection are better.

In today’s P1.0 small-pitch LED displays for the industry’s mainstream period, COB is one of the optimal technology route.

Layout of COB LED technology by top LED screen manufacturers


COB encapsulation technology is developing so fast, behind a large number of top LED screen manufacturers continue to develop R & D breakthroughs in the process, so far this year, for small pitch LED screens, the major LED screen manufacturers are still COB packaging technology as a key project to promote.

Cedar Electronics, has been regarded as the leader of COB small-pitch display. In 2007, Cedar Electronics first launched the integrated three-in-one products. In recent years, they has also made technological breakthroughs in the field of tiny pitch display, such as the world’s first flip-chip COB in 2018, P0.7-P2.5 mass production in 2020, and in 2023, Cedar Electronics released a new high-definition flip-chip COB display screen (P0.9), a full range of high-end customized COB display units (P0.4-P1.5), and a full range of high-end customized COB display units (P0.4-P1.5), etc.

Lehman Optoelectronics has released a series of COB products and system solution, such as ultra HD large screen, intelligent conference interactive system, College Digital Interactive Education Display System, ultra-high definition family giant curtain wall, etc.

Since 2020, DOITVISION began to layout COB small-pitch LED display, the introduction of the professional and technical team to solve and upgrade many COB flip-chip manufacturing processes:

  • Breakthrough PCB up and down control
  • Micro-size chip mega-transfer
  • Static and dynamic display pixel detection
  • Fully automatic laser repair
  • Highly hermetic panelized packaging
  • Panel inspection and calibration
  • structure, system, electronic adaptation and a series of other difficult problems. 

In 2021, they successfully released the development of flip-chip COB P0.6~1.2 pitch LED video wall.

Based on the technology in 2021, DOITVISION completed five major process “upgrades” of chip, substrate, package, driver and system for micro-pitch COB LED video wall in 2022. Now our New upgrade COB LED display have high contrast, high protection, high color reproduction and guaranteed production capacity, which are widely used for smart city, smart meeting, new business display, industry accusation center, virtual shooting and so on.


Although LED packaging technology still has MIP, SMD, COB and other competition. However, there is no doubt that COB technology is still the mainstream small-pitch technology in 2024.

As COB technology is maturing and its price is decreasing, DOITVISION believes that COB LED wall is expected to be applied in the small-pitch LED display market on a large scale. If you are interested in COB LED display, whether it is sales, technology and application, feel free to contact us.

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