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LED Signs Content Rules Best Practices

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LED signs draw attention, and naturally, we want them to look good. If you are new to this world, then you are probably wondering where to start. If you’re going to build a solid marketing campaign, it’s vital to seek little help. Here is a list of suggestions that will lead you in the right direction.  

What are the best practices and rules to display LED signs?

Indoor LED display
DOIT VISION-Indoor LED display

Like creat the best 3d virtual led wall production user experience,While designing and planning the LED signs, always ensure that you are using the right techniques to attract people. It means that your visual appeal is the thing that helps to bring more business to your brand. So, here are some rules that you should consider while planning the LED sign content.

Make the content legible:

Readability or legibility is the thing that demands most of your attention. So, it makes it easier for the readers to read content from a distance. Apart from this, ensure that customers can read the content at least 10 feet apart. So, designing a readable sign screen can surely add value to your business. There are some rules that you should consider while styling the text on your digital screens.

Try to focus on large fonts:

It is vital to use large fonts that are readable from a distance. For instance, if you place a screen in the lobby or hall, the length could be 5-10 feet. But if you want to put LED signs in an outdoor setting, it must be readable from at least 30 feet apart. Your font size helps to build a relationship with your customers. Apart from this, here are the following other points that you need to consider:

  • The length of the sentence should be short, and try to follow the 3X5 rule. It means that it’s better to limit the text to up to 5 words per line.
  • Always use two or fewer fonts in your writing design. If you include more fonts, then it will create confusion.

LED signs: Design for accessibility:

In 2010, the department of “Americans with disabilities act” issued a statement, and according to that, all electronic campaigns must be accessible to people with disabilities. However, LED signs fall under this category, and they should be according to the ADA’s guidelines. So, here are some points to make the campaign compliance.

  • The digital screen text should be large enough that people can read easily from a reasonable distance.
  • The color of the text should be in high contrast with the background for better readability.
  • Moreover, all functionality of the LED display must place between 36-42 inches from the ground. It means that all buttons and keypads should appear within this dimension.

Pay attention to the duration of the display:

If you are running a digital marketing campaign, make sure you don’t cross the time limit. Usually, the perfect time is between 20-25 seconds. But if you don’t focus at this point, then viewers can’t see the full ad. Your main aim is to show the entire piece from start to end while passing by. So, consider the time frame to see the best results. Consider the nature of the environment and time according to the place where you are running a campaign.

Design your viewing pattern:

Viewing patterns is another most significant thing that decides the success and failure of the campaign. So, let’s discuss the best practices for viewing patterns.

  • Point of transit: If you place LED signs in a high traffic space, there would be more visibility chances. In this way, people can see the campaign from a distance.
  • Point of wait: These are the waiting areas like lobbies, hotels, and other interactions. In this type of campaign, we can extend the viewing time by playing ads that are longer in duration.
  • Point of sale: These LED signs are great for showing menu, store hours, discounts, and cross-selling. However, these displays are best to boost sales and brand awareness, and offers.

Apart from this, your display shouldn’t be a burden for the readers. So, stick to the limited text, fonts, and vibrant color scheme. Readers will pay attention to the campaign until it is precise and to the point. So, measure, learn and build your LED SIGNS to get the best results.

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