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Largest LED Screen In Las Vegas:Low-Cost Las Vegas LED Sphere Alternative

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As the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas is constantly creating wonders for the entertainment experience. One of the highlights is the MSG Sphere. Do you know about this giant LED sphere? Let’s unveil its mystery.

What is an MSG LED Sphere?

las vegas msg sphere

Populous, a top architectural firm, came up with MSG Sphere. It’s a big, bold architectural project featuring 31,351 square meters of fixed aluminum profiles and 2,647 square meters of pre-punched aluminum profiles.

The building also has 4,900 conical and 1,075 conical perforated profiled panels to ensure it lasts a long time. They’re all in a mottled gray color to avoid reflecting LED light.

The MSG Sphere’s interior is where the immersive experience really happens, and it’s got 15,793 square meters of wrap-around LED screens, with more than 268 displays in total. This creates a huge inner sphere screen that is more than 40 times larger than the IMAX and is currently the highest-resolution LED screen in the world

How is the MSG Sphere made up?

las vegas msg sphere

Architectural exterior design

The outside of the building is covered with about 1.2 million discs, each with 48 LEDs showing 256 million colors. When all the discs are lit, they create big, moving images that make the building look even more impressive.

The sphere LED screen, also called Exosphere, plays an important role in the building. With 19,000 x 13,500 pixels, viewers will be able to see the images clearly from 150 meters away.

Architectural Interior Design

The interior of the building is a big, multi-purpose space that can hold 20,000 people, including 17,600 seats and 2,400 standing spaces. To create an immersive entertainment experience, MSG Sphere has been designed with visual, auditory, tactile, and gustatory elements.

Visual system

The venue has a large 15,793+ square meter LED screen that’s more than 40 times larger than IMAX. MSG Sphere plans to use 10 piece of 8K cameras to capture 360-degree panoramic video for a higher-definition picture. You will enjoy the VR experience without wearing glasses.

Audio system

MSG Sphere has the world’s largest concert-grade audio system, with about 1,600 permanently installed loudspeakers and 300 HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Loudspeaker Modules, for a total of 167,000 individually amplified loudspeaker drivers.

HOLOPLOT’s 3D audio beamforming and wavefield synthesis technology delivers concert-quality audio to an audience of up to 20,000 with control, consistency, and clarity.

But on top of that, the system delivers a clear and personalized sound experience for each audience member, depending on where they’re sitting.  It can even highlight the sound of different instruments or make the audience feel like someone is whispering in their ear.

MSG Sphere also uses HOLOPLOT’s Wave Field Synthesis technology, which is a spatial audio rendering technique that lets sound designers create virtual points of sound at precise locations. This means that audio can be directed to the listener and sound very close even when the source of the sound is far away.

Touch system

The MSG Sphere has a custom haptic floor that vibrates to different notes or physical feedback, like up and down vibrations when simulating a motorcycle ride or feeling the cold in a frigid polar scene. This lets the body feel real feedback and enhances the immersion of the sound effects.

When a character experiences an earthquake in a movie, the seat and floor vibrate along with it, making the audience feel like they’re really there. And when the scene switches to a windy day, the 4D equipment will also follow to create the effect of blowing wind and cooling.

Olfactory system

The olfactory system is another cool feature. It releases different odors for different themes, enhancing the audience’s sensory experience.

Internal center stage screen

The MSG Sphere has an otherworldly atmosphere. Unlike most performance venues, each space at the Sphere is designed to transport you to an equally surreal world. Right above the stage, you’ll find this 16K resolution wrap-around LED screen. Internal center stage screen is made up of 268 regular cabinet, 32 creative screens from the MG15 series, and 56 special-shaped screens.

The Internal center stage screen and the world’s largest screen complement each other perfectly. The main stage’s personalized stacked screen design is reminiscent of the classic “record player” JUKEbox. This nostalgic and innovative combination has ignited a passion in both the singer and fans.

The opening show for U2’s tour featured a creative modeling stage with a 10m diameter circular screen on the upper layer and a 14mx14m square three-dimensional screen on the lower layer.

This combination of screens formed an integrated stage that AAMI Entertainment helped AGEE.CC create to provide a full range of immersive experiences for fans. It is the first time the industry has seen a custom-built stacked stage screen, and it’s been getting a lot of attention, especially with the giant ball building!

How to Build it?

What makes the MSG Sphere special is that it offers a truly unique immersive experience. But what really sets it apart is the way it was constructed. It involved drilling nearly 600 piles and excavating about 84,000 cubic meters of soil.

These measures weren’t taken to stop the sphere from moving, but to support the weight of the massive structure and create a 5,000 m² basement for events, locker rooms, and other operational facilities.

Due to the sheer distance of the span, the design team also brought in the world’s fourth-largest crawler crane from Belgium to place the large components.

To build the roof, they first put together an 86-meter-high temporary support tower in the middle of the arena. Then, they put a 154-ton compression ring on top, to which they attached 32 rigid trusses. The whole construction process involved a lot of engineering and technology to make sure the sphere was stable and safe.

Low-Cost Las Vegas LED Sphere Alternative

If it’s similar to the Las Vegas LED Sphere lighting effects, it’s pretty easy to do. But if you want to do the same function, it’s a different story. In terms of lighting effects, a diameter of 10 to 12 meters is pretty impressive. There are 4 kinds of ways that can create this spherical LED screen effect.

Custom LED Sphere display

las vegas msg sphere

You can use a customized LED display to make the effect work with any size venue and viewing position. A pitch P3 to P8 LED display is enough to do it.


  • Having a great display effect;
  • High bright;
  • Lasts a long time;
  • It isn’t affected by the environment;
  • Can display during the day or night.


  • it’s expensive.

More Sphere LED Display

Holographic projection

las vegas msg sphere

This case needs to make a spherical building carrier that can be made into a landscape building (firm case, hollow can be). The projection equipment needs to be at least 20,000 lumens, depending on the site environment.


  • Moderate cost;
  • The best video effect;
  • Great sound and light effects;
  • It’s easy to maintain, and the daytime building looks great too.


  • it’s prone to light interference, which can affect the perception.

Point light source

las vegas msg sphere

This case also needs to do a spherical building (hollow can be), which is relatively affordable.


  • Good brightness, and it doesn’t get affected by ambient light.
  • Stable and consistent quality


  • Due to Low imaging pixels, so you can’t get a really sharp picture.
  • You’ll need to watch from a distance,
  • It is slightly worse effect in the daytime;

Color light belt

This case also needs to do a spherical building (hollow can be), and the cost is slightly lower.


  • High brightness and it’s not affected by ambient light.
  • The quality is relatively stable.


  • Low imaging pixel and it can’t come out of the fine picture. You have to view it from a distance;
  • The landscape effect is slightly worse during the day.


The MSG Sphere has changed the live immersive entertainment industry forever. It’s another amazing addition to the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, Las Vegas. It’s not really possible to replicate an MSG LED sphere exactly, but if you like the effect, you can build a custom LED sphere display. Doitvision has lots of experience in customizing LED displays, so please feel free to contact us if you need any help.


How much does it cost to invest in a Las Vegas LED sphere?

The Sphere in Vegas originally said it would cost $1.2 billion to build the project. Later on, with some design changes and the impact of the epidemic, the final cost was $2.3 billion.

How many LEDs on Las Vegas LED sphere?

The exterior of the LED Sphere building is equipped with 1.2 million puck-sized LEDs that can be programmed to present a wide variety of images.

How many seats are there inside MSG Sphere in Las Vegas?

The Sphere offers 18,600 seats inside and can accommodate an additional 20,000 standing room only! Every seat is equipped with high-speed Internet access, and 10,000 of those seats feature vibration feedback technology.

What kind of LED screen is installed in the Las Vegas sphere?

The LED screen inside the dome is made up of 15,000 square meters of P9 LED strip screen. It is the world’s largest high-definition LED screen with 16K resolution.

Who did the LED on the Sphere Las Vegas?

MSG Sphere was designed by Populous Architecture, with LEDs provided by Canada’s SACO Technologies, sound systems by Germany’s Holoplot, engineering contractors AECOM and MSG from the United States, and structural engineering by Severud from the United States.

Unilumin Technology helped out with the control system for the exterior dome of MSG Sphere in Vegas. They also used the ICND2200 chip for the internal display driver and control chips.

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