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The creativity in the advertising industry has taken us towards Spherical LED display. Now the idea of an LED screen is enough to excite the people. Technology has made progress, and there are more innovative and easy ways to protect your ideas. However, one of these ideas is an LED spherical screen. Those days had gone when people used to take help of the electronic and print media for advertisement. If you want to advertise your products, there is a facility for indoor and outdoor LED screens.

Moreover, there are a lot more shapes of the screens that serve different purposes. Thus, one of those types is the spherical LED display. So, let’s discuss more this unique technology.

What is a Spherical LED display?

If you want more public’s attention, then an LED spherical screen is becoming the ultimate solution. However, the spherical LED display is a creative display that offers a 360-angle view. It is different from the other screens in terms of shapes, and we generally divide it into hemispherical and orthospherical. All of these are different viewing angles of this screen. The shape of the Spherical LED screen is like a ball, and it projects different colors efficiently to show the advertisement. One of the fantastic plus points of the spherical screens is that you can use them indoor and outdoor.

Types of the Spherical LED display: 

If we look around nowadays, lots of people are using spherical LED screens to grab more people’s attention. However, if we talk about the types, then LED sphere ball is just one type. Apart from this, there are three other types of the LED spherical screen.

type of Spherical LED display

These are the main types of spherical LED displays. Now let’s discuss each type in detail to know more about these.

  • Watermelon ball screen: If you are the earliest, then the circular LED screen is watermelon shaped. It is composed of PCBs and comes with a direct viewing structure with a watermelon shape.
  • Triangle ball screen: It is composed of the plane triangle PCBs and the football screen. However, it overcomes the defects of the north and south poles. Due to this overcome the utilization rate of these screens improved a lot. But in this type of the LED display screen, the software programming is too complex. Apart from this, there are many kinds of the PCB’s are needed.
  • Six side ball screens: It is another type of spherical LED display made up of quadrangle PCBs. However, it is closer to the plane LED screen pixel configuration. If we compare it with the other two types, then it is a lot better than both.

If you are looking for an LED spherical screen, then six side ball is the best one. You can quickly assemble and disassemble, and you can use it for one video or six videos separately. It means you have the liberty to use how you need to use.

How does the Spherical LED display works?

After a short introduction to the LED spherical screen, the next step is to learn about the working. Thus, the screen shows the display effect of the entire sphere and sub-area. Above all, sometimes you may require the dome position of the hemisphere to achieve the best display effect. Moreover, you can use the screen for indoor and outdoor purposes. But the terms for indoor and outdoor display screens are different. Here are other pointers that are drawing a line between indoor and outdoor spherical LED displays.

Spherical indoor display (Pixel pitch)Spherical outdoor display (Pixel pitch)
2mm (P2)>6mm (P6)
2.5mm (P2.5) 
3mm (P3) 
4mm (P4) 

It will help if you remember that for outdoor purposes, the screen needs to be waterproof. Apart from this, you can pitch the 3D spherical display with a circular LED screen. But it would be a little tricky in terms of the generation process.

Underlined features of the spherical screen:

We know that when the technology progresses, the cost decreases. However, this is the same case when we talk about the spherical LED screen. Here are the following highlighted features of the LED spherical display.

  • The spherical lights are very scalable, and you can play different videos at the same time. For instance, if you buy the six-ball screen, then there is a feature due to which you can play video on one sphere. Moreover, you can play different messages on different spheres of the screen. In simple words, you can easily convert it from a massive display to a small one.
  • The spherical LED display is softer and more perfect. There are different shapes of the LED screen like watermelon, hexagon, ad triangle. But watermelon type shape is best because hexagon and triangle display create more angle-related issues.
  • Apart from this, the design of the spherical LED display is more flexible and basic. When you brighten up the screen, then it divides the weight and heat treatment on the whole screen.
  • The spherical LED screen offers a 360 full-angle view.
  • Moreover, the spherical LED offers diversified installation. You can install the screen in different ways like seat, ceiling, mosaic, and embedded type. All of these positions help to meet installation requirements.
  • There are many uses and benefits of spherical screens. It comes with many other positions like waterdrop, LED mask, and flower screen.

However, you can play a creative role in making the poster enjoyable due to all of these features. With the help of vibrant color combinations and fantastic contrast, you can create eye-catching visuals.

How to choose the LED spherical display?

If you want to design an attention-grabbing campaign, then you have to pay attention to this. You will find dozens of dealers and companies in the market. But you can’t make the right decision without knowing the proper guide. So, here are the questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing the best LED spherical display.

  • What is the diameter that you need?
  • Do you know the requirements of the pixel pitch that you need?
  • If you know the pixel pitch requirement, then what would be the scope of the application.
  • Apart from this, ask yourself about the type of spherical LED screen.
  • Ask yourself whether you are going to place it indoors or outdoor.

After asking these questions, there is a lot more that needs your attention. So, here are some other vital factors that need your attention.

Easy to setup:

It is the first thing that needs surety and demands your attention. So, before buying the LED screen, make sure that it is easy to set up. The world has introduced the technology where you don’t need to do much to install the screens. Still, if you are getting into this, then don’t forget to check the installation easiness.

Check for the warranty:

Before buying the spherical LED screen, ensure that it comes with a considerable warranty. Warranty is one of those things that you will get from a service company. But it is vital to select the company that offers a guarantee on the purchased items.

Image quality:

Image and pixel quality are some of those top things that you can’t afford to ignore. So, before buying the sphere screen, know that you will display various ads and messages. However, it is vital to order that offers high pixels and excellent readability. So, I prefer the machine that tends to produce high-quality image signals and quality.

Apart from these qualities, you have to look at other main things before making a final decision.

  • Diameter
  • Scope of the application, whether it would be indoor or outdoor
  • Decide about the pixel pitch that you want to order
  • The brightness of the screen

Above all, you have an option to place a customized order as per your needs. After deciding all of these things, place the order.

What are the Benefits of the spherical LED screen?

The spherical LED display not only brings colors to your advertisement but adds value. We have mentioned earlier that you can use it for indoor and outdoor purposes. Here are the top applications of the spherical LED screen.

MuseumsScience projectsTechnological projectCorporate showrooms
ExhibitionsOutdoor sphericalVideo advertisementSpherical lighting project
Shopping mallsDecorated LightingAnd much more 

So, it means that LED display has the outstanding ability for the advertisement in different conditions. Thus, you can get the following benefits by choosing the spherical LED display in other states.

  • The spherical led screen offers excellent display capability. The unique design, great features, image quality, and colorful content make it attractive. Thus, it is an efficient way to grab the public’s attention.
  • It is an inexpensive way to win the business for your brand.
  • The spherical screens help your targeted audience get the idea of the product you will launch.
  • You can design the spherical screens based on landscapes, architecture, and symbols of cities.
  • Above all, the spherical design is unique and makes the advertisement campaign unique. By making the advertisement color unique, you make the product design prominent.

Technology always gives us unique and innovative ideas to showcase the products. It covers everything from artistic to aesthetic point of view. Apart from this, there are other benefits and applications that you can point in real life.

Spherical LED display manufacturer:

In the end, it is vital to say that spherical LED display is a combination of technology and aesthetics. Apart from this, it is rich with features that help to express the message. It helps to stand out your business and benefit as a result of more profit. But if you want to enjoy all benefits, then select a reputable LED screen supplier. By choosing a reputable service, you will be able to take benefits for an extended period. However, you can ask for your friends’ and family’s suggestions to grab a good deal. Moreover, don’t forget to read the online reviews to check whether it is worth it or not.