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Digital vs. Static Billboards for Outdoor Advertising,Which is Choice

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Advertising industry has evolved massively over time. Especially since technology is constantly advancing, this change is occurring even faster. For the larger part of history, static billboards have been popular in the advertisement industry. However, recently digital billboards have started to take over the market. This change has left brands wondering which ones better


Compared to static billboards, digital billboards are new. Which is why, the charm of digital advertisement is more appealing. Yet brands don’t only need a short-term charm to sustain their business. The long-term marketing strategy is as important as short-term strategy if not more.


If you are wondering which one of the two is better for you, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the difference between the two billboards and help you decide which one is the best choice for you.

Digital vs. Static Billboards for Outdoor Advertising,Which is Choice 1

  1. Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards are electronic LED displays or 3d digital billboards that display advertisements in video format. Instead of displaying one static image, these billboards allow multiple brands to advertise on a single display. Each ad gets 6-8 seconds of exposure every minute. These ads are engaging and are highly lucrative in terms of building brand awareness.


Digital advertisement gives you the opportunity to create more dynamic ads. These ads are also quick and don’t take much time for the public. For instance, an ad that is designed to be displayed for only a limited slot, is created in a way that communicates that message in a shorter period of time.


This technology is great for influencing the public’s purchasing decisions. A video format ad has a broader scope for advertisement. Due to this, it’s an ideal way to attract your potential customer who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of your brand. Digital billboards are also excellent tools for marketing campaigns.


  1. Pros

Some of the pros of digital billboards are,

  • Stronger Impact

Digital billboards generally have a stronger impact. The moving visuals and effects are instantly eye-catching for the audience. They also keep the public engaged for a longer period. Also, since they screen ads in slots, the risk of ad fatigue is largely reduced. This increases the impact of the ad.

  • Better communication

Digital Billboards offer better communication than other methods. With video format ads, it is easier to communicate and spread the message of the brand to the masses. Things like animations, colors and transitions can work together to convey the message of the brand without taking too much time. These billboards don’t take a lot of effort on the audience part to understand the brand message.

  • Customizable

Digital billboards are highly customizable. You can customize your ad based on your marketing campaigns throughout the year. This is why these billboards are perfect for marketing campaigns. With these billboards, you can also add different messages throughout the day to target different groups of population.

  • Better visual experience

The most exciting part about digital billboards is the visual experience they offer. They don’t only advertise for a brand but provide a unique visually pleasing experience to the audience. Even those who aren’t interested in the brand may stop by to experience the visual effects and animations.


  1. Cons

Some of the cons of Digital Billboards are,

  • Expensive

One of the downsides of digital billboards is that they’re more expensive than traditional ones. The cost does not only involve renting a slot of billboard but also production and maintenance fees. Also if the billboard does not have many other investors then the cost will be even higher.

  • Shared exposure

With led billboards, you don’t have the whole space for yourself. These billboards have limited slots with limited time. To explain it further, each brand gets a slot of around 10 seconds every minute. Since you will be sharing the exposure with other brands, you may be competing with the competitors in the same space.


  1. Static billboards

Static billboards also known as traditional billboards have been used for years for marketing. Brands have effectively used these billboards to market their brand to potential customers. Unlike digital billboards, traditional ones have 2D static images. Despite the recent popularity of led billboards, static ones are still mainstream across the industries.


These billboards offer an exclusive space for marketing. With digital ones, you will have to share the exposure but these billboards will allow you to have the space solely for your brand for a limited period. It’s an excellent way to advertise an upcoming event or a product collection at your store.


Even if you are a smaller brand with a limited budget, you will still have the opportunity to rent billboards for your business. They’re accessible, low maintenance and deliver great results without too much effort. They can also be displayed almost anywhere and everywhere and can be easily displayed in even high traffic areas.


  1. Pros

Some of the pros of static billboards are,

  • Cost friendly

The best thing about traditional billboards is that they’re cost friendly. Compared to digital ones, they’re less expensive and since the format of the ads is image, the production costs aren’t high as well. The maintenance costs also are reasonable due to the format of the ad.

  • Exclusive exposure

With static billboards, you get exclusive exposure for a limited period of time. You won’t have to share the space with five other brands nor would your ad disappear every 10 seconds. This allows the audience to engage with your ad for a longer period of time without having to worry about it disappearing.

  • Long term brand awareness

Traditional billboards are excellent for building long term brand awareness. Your ad will be displayed on the billboard for as many days as you want. During this time, the public will come across your ad multiple times throughout the day. This builds a long term brand awareness and leaves an impact on your brand in the minds of the public.


  1. Cons

Some of the cons of static billboards are,

  • Fading

Static billboards can fade over time. Due to weather conditions, the ad may go through some wear and tear. This may reduce the visual impact of the ad since the aesthetics of the ad will be impacted.

  • Limited space

With traditional billboards, you have a limited space and opportunity to communicate the message of your brand. Since the ad format is image, you will not have freedom to add effects or animations. The 2D images may limit the impact of your ad.

  • Ad fatigue

One of the greatest cons of static billboards is ad fatigue. Though exclusive space is a pro of these billboards, if your ads are displayed for a long period of time, the audience will get used to it. Over time, after seeing your ad over and over again, the impact of your on the minds of the public will be reduced.


  1. Comparing the cost

If you compare the costs of the two billboards, digital billboards are obviously more expensive. These billboards not only have higher rental costs, but also since the ad format is video, the production costs will be higher. Hiring special effects editors and animators may also cost quite a lot. Yet again, the impact generated by these ads is also worth the cost.


On the other hand, traditional billboards are less expensive. The format of those ads is 2D static images, this reduces the production cost. There are no special effects involved in such ads and the maintenance cost is also a lot cheaper.


  1. Comparing the reach

Digital Billboards are generally more engaging than traditional ones. The format of digital ads instantly catches the eyes of the audience. These billboards are also more engaging. These billboards are an excellent tool for building brand awareness. Not only do they communicate the message effectively but also offer the visual experience to the public.


However, static billboards offer an exclusive space for the marketing. You will not have to share the space with other brands. And since there is only one slot, the audience will not be distracted by other ads. This makes traditional billboards great for long term marketing strategies.


  1. Which one should you choose?

When it comes to deciding which one you should choose, the truth is, it depends on your needs. For an effective marketing strategy, you can use both tools for different goals. For instance, you can use digital billboards to create an awareness of your brand to the potential customer. At the same time, you can use static billboards for long term strategy.


If you have to choose one, then take a look at the needs of your brand. For smaller brands, traditional billboards may work just well. If you have a special marketing campaign coming up then digital may perform more effectively.



Whether you opt for digital billboards or static billboards , the outcomes will certainly work in your favor. Even in the world of online marketing, the billboards have held their value for a larger part of history. So do your research and learn the needs of your brand before making a choice.

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