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What is a 3D digital billboard? How does it work?

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Billboards have been used in advertising for years. It is highly effective in building brand awareness and getting higher reach for the product. Billboards offer a visual experience. With its bold advertisement, even the busiest of the public becomes aware of the events and brands. The latest billboard technology, 3D digital billboards offer even greater benefits.


3D Digital billboards create a memorable visual experience for the audience. By combining billboard advertising with 3D technology, the end result is more immersive and engaging. Similar to billboards, it can be displayed on multiple mediums. However, compared to conventional billboards the marketing with these billboards is more effective.


In this article, we’ll be exploring what exactly is a 3D digital billboard, how it works and what makes these billboards a better choice than conventional ones.

What is a 3D Digital billboard?

3D Digital billboards are a combination of 3D technology and conventional keyboards. In simpler words, these billboards use digital technology to produce a three-dimensional image. These billboards are not tangible and 2D. This is why they offer a better visual experience for the viewer. This advertising method makes you stand out from the masses.


With 3D billboards, the persona of the brand comes to life. Since the visual experience is so close to reality, the customers are more eager to explore your brand. The 3D effect is instantly eye-catching to the public. It also engages the audience for a longer period of time. These billboards can be displayed on any advertising space.


The retention rate with 3D billboards is higher than conventional ones. It’s an excellent way to tell a story and communicate the brand message to the public. 3D billboards get the message across much faster. With these digital billboards, you are not only advertising your brand to the public but are offering a mesmerizing experience. 3D technology adds depth to your content and makes your ad more impactful.



How does a 3D Digital billboard work?

3D Digital billboards work in the same way as other 3D displays. Two different images are displayed on the screen. These two images are captured from two different perspectives. Then these two images are combined in a single footage. This creates a three-dimensional effect on the footage. These images are viewed by our left and right eye with slightly different images in each eye which creates the depth observed in 3D technology.


In real life, we view the objects in the same way. The depth we perceive in real life objects is due to the fact that we see two different images in each eye. This creates an impression of depth. 3D technology creates an optical illusion which forces the eye to believe something is real when it is not.



Instead of fabricating 3D effects with obvious structures, the 3D digital billboard makes use of digital media and digital techniques to achieve the three-dimensional effect on the billboard display. This makes the visual even more convincing since there is no physical element with edges to make the image look unreal.


How are 3D digital Billboards different from conventional billboards?

Conventional billboards use 2D images to get the message across. These images lay flat on the screen and do not give the illusion of a real-life object. A single image is displayed on the screen with a single perspective. The images displayed on 2D billboards lack depth which makes the image unconvincing. These billboards have been used throughout the years and are mainstream in the marketing industry.


However, 3D billboards have now started picking up the trend in technologically progressive countries. 3D digital billboards use three-dimensional technology to achieve the realistic effect. These billboards display two different images recorded from two different perspectives as a single footage. As they are perceived by human eyes, the illusion of depth is achieved.


The illusion of depth achieved by 3D digital billboards makes the footage more convincing. Since the content displayed on these billboards appears to give the impression of real-life objects, the visual experience offered is more appealing to the masses. The real-life effect created by 3D billboards makes them different from the static images displayed on the conventional billboards.


Why are 3D digital Billboards better than conventional billboards?

Conventional 2D billboards with static images have been used throughout the years. Though they have performed well over the years. The charm of 3D ones is no doubt more than conventional ones. This is why, countries that are known for their exceptional technology such as China, South Korea and Japan, are picking up the trend of 3D billboards.


The first reason why 3D digital billboards perform better than conventional ones is because 3D tech offers a more visually pleasing experience. With static 2D images, the audience soon loses interest and often even misses the ad. It’s impossible to not notice them. The visual experience is so eye-catching and gratifying that the public ends up stopping to experience it for a while.

Secondly, these billboards also offer better audience retention. This builds better brand awareness and paves the path for a brand to be acknowledged. In our day to day lives, we are so busy to even pay heed to any ads displayed on the streets. These don’t only display an ad but also brings the viewer a gratification by the mesmerizing visual experience.


Characteristics of 3D Digital billboards

The illusion of depth created by three dimensional images gives viewers the experience of real-life objects. Since the 3D effect is achieved in a similar way as human sight. The objects are similar to reality. Human eyes can see depth because both of our eyes view two different images. This gives us perception of depth in objects. 3D tech also uses two different images captured with two different perspectives. This gives the illusion of depth in the footage.


3D footage is more pronounced than conventional static billboards. While the images are in truth two dimensional, the effect produced by these images is three dimensional. These billboards use different artistic techniques to achieve the convincing 3D effect. For instance, the transparent 3D billboards interact with the environment in a way that creates harmony with the atmosphere. They produce visual effects that are in sync with the surroundings.


These different art styles make the visual experience unique while also giving the impression of being close to reality.



Visual Experience of 3D Digital billboards:

Visual experience offered by 3D Digital Billboards is mesmerizing. The three-dimensional effect created by the footage gives the content a depth which static images lack. These footages thus seem closer to reality and are more engaging. Sense of gratification offered by viewing the three dimensional content on digital 3D billboards is priceless.


Digital 3D images displayed on billboards are instantly eye-catching. They give the viewer a sense of visual pleasure. A well-produced 3D footage offers the public a robust experience that lives on even after the footage has stopped playing. 3D digital billboards can offer graphic designers a space to express their creativity and turn the advertisement into art.


Digital billboards with 3D technology not only limit the content to advertisement but create an artistic space to appeal to the masses with aesthetics and offer them visual pleasure. Billboards like transparent ones offer visual experience that is in harmony with the environment. It’s a space for endless explorations. Artists just need to find a way to unleash their creativity without worrying about blockades.


Why 3D Digital billboards are perfect for marketing?

3D Digital Billboards are the future of marketing. Though conventional billboards have performed well over the years, 3D digital billboards prove to be a better choice for marketing. Static images displayed on the traditional billboards are unappealing. Public grows indifferent to the same old static ad displayed on billboards. With digital 3D billboards, people are more eager to see what the ad is about.


The three-dimensional effect on the billboards offer better audience retention. It paves the way for brands to build an identity. It’s also easier to get the message across with 3D ads. It creates a pause and refresh moment in the lives of the public. These billboards are excellent for building brand awareness. They make your brand stand out to the masses and from the masses.


It brings instant awareness. Regardless of where you choose to put your ad on, the 3D effect will ensure that your brand reaches the masses.



3D Digital billboards are a pioneering concept. These billboards don’t only just paste the ad onto the audience’s face but makes the viewing a visual experience for the public. This technology thus makes a perfect choice for advertisement since it engages the audience for a longer period of time. Even when the footage ends and the people walk away, the public will forever remember the mesmerizing experience they witnessed for a few moments. It’s not just an advertisement, it’s a visual experience.

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