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Top 10 China Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Manufacturers 2024

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Small pitch led display refers to indoor led display with led pixel spacing below P2.5mm, mainly including P2.5, P2.0, P1.8, P1.667, P1.56, P1.25 and other led display products, they offer 4K high-resolution and image quality, making them ideal for use in indoor settings such as conference rooms, control rooms and command centers, stock exchanges, and TV stations

In this article, I will show you the top 10 small-pixel pitch LED display manufacturers in China, and explore more about small-pixel pitch LED displays.

Small Pixle LED screen Vs. Traditional LED screen

Small pixel LED screens can provide superior image quality and a more immersive viewing experience, especially in environments where viewers are located closer to the screen. They are particularly beneficial for applications such as digital signage, corporate presentations, control rooms, and anywhere else where detail and clarity are paramount. Here’s a comparison:

FeatureSmall Pixel LED ScreenTraditional LED Screen
Pixel PitchLower pixel pitch, offering higher resolution and image qualityHigher pixel pitch, resulting in lower resolution
Image ClaritySharper images with finer detailsComparatively less sharp with visible pixelation
Viewing DistanceShorter optimal viewing distancesRequires longer distances for clear image viewing
ApplicationSuitable for indoor and close-range applicationsOften used for outdoor or large-scale displays
Power ConsumptionMore efficient with advancements in technologyGenerally higher due to larger pixels
CostHigher due to the complexity and manufacturing processLower because of the simpler technology and scale
Flexibility in DesignAllows for more flexible and customizable designsMore limited in design flexibility
Brightness and ContrastHigher contrast ratios and brightness controlLower contrast ratios and less precise brightness

SMD LED VS COM small pixel LED display

To compare SMD and COB LED modules, particularly focusing on their application in fine pixel pitch LED displays, we can guide you the comparison:

AttributeSMD LED ModulesCOB LED Modules
Visual Effect– Wider viewing angles
– Closer viewing distances
– Higher color fidelity
– Suitable for fine pixel pitch, resulting in higher resolution and clearer, more detailed images
Physical Characteristics– Lightweight and thin cabinets
– Easier to install and store
– May have issues with surface evenness, affecting display performance
Design and Durability– Reliable design with solid protection layer
– Less prone to damage
– Better antioxidant due to epoxy resin encapsulation, reducing oxidation risk
Service Life– Long service life (50,000 to 100,000 hours) with proper operation high due to simpler structure and better heat dissipation
Production and Cost– Lower production cost due to mature technology
– Prevalent in the industry, indicating scalability and affordability
– Simplified production process due to simpler structure
– Potential higher reject ratio and production costs due to immature technology
Operational Efficiency– good due to prevalent use and technological maturity– Better heat dissipation due to simple structure, potentially extending operational life
Cons/Challenges– Issues with anti-glare, anti-static abilities, and waterproofing still need improvement– High reject ratio and inconsistent color and brightness due to immature production technology

You can lean more COB LED Display Vs SMD LED Display

List of Top 10 China Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Manufacturers

-Company 1: Absen

  • Main Product: Indoor/Outdoor LED display/Small pixel pitch
  • Website: https://www.absen.com
  • Tel: +86-755-89747399
  • Email: absen@absen.com
  • Address: 18-20F Building 3A, Cloud Park, Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 518129, China

Established in 2001, Absen prides itself for offering turnkey solutions that cater to all types of customers on display applications. Absen has managed to claim the first spot for exporting China LED display screen in the past couple of years. 

Absen offers displays for applications including Commercial Display, Data Visualization, Rental & Staging, Virtual Production, DOOH and Consumption. Among these displays, its CL series ultimate Micro LED is one of their key ultra-fine pitch product solutions, which brings clear, none-reflective, highly consistent and reliable display with HDR support, high contrast ratio and vivid color performance.

-Company 2: Unilumin

  • Main Product: Rental/Sports solution/Small pixel pitch
  • Website: https://www.unilumin.com
  • Tel: +86-755-29918999
  • Email: sales@unilumin.com
  • Address: No. 18 Haoye Road, Fuhai Sub-district, Bao’an District Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Since its establishment in 2004, Shenzhen Unilumin Group Co. has emerged as one of the leading LED manufacturers. The company also provides solutions for manufacturing, development, sales and post-sales services. The company has been proudly manufacturing full-color, high-definition LED display screens and lighting. Their support and sales network has reached over 100 countries where there are more than 700 channels and 16 offices and subsidiaries to serve the customers.

About the small pitch LED display, Unilumin offers UMicro series with incredible 4K picture quality that features EDL(Enhance Drive Level) technology to improve consistency of the grayscale on the display and effectively solve the heat dissipation problems of micro-pitch LED displays.

-Company 3: DOIT VISION

  • Main Product: Rental LED display/Small pixel pitch
  • Website: https://www.doitvision.com/
  • Tel: +86-755-2324-4670
  • Email: info@doitvision.net
  • Address: 3/4 floor, No.8 Xinghu Rd, Gongming, Guangming dist, Shenzhen, 518106

Established in 2011, DOIT VISION is a leading expert in the design & manufacturing of all types of LED display, they have worked with 50 countries in the word, has distributors in Spain, Malaysia, Australia, and Dubai, office in the USA and Italy.

Fine pitch LED display is one main product of DOIT VISION, it offers COB LED displays with P0.9mm-P1.5mm pitch, fine pitch series LED displays with indoor P0.9mm-P1.8mm that can reach 16:9 perfect ratio display, both can meet the high-resolution applications, including conference, stock market, control room, shopping mall, meeting room, advertising. Certainly, they also offer the fine pitch: P1.5mm, P1.9mm and P2.3mm for indoor rental usage & xR version with panel size: of 500x500mm.

-Company 4: Leyard Group

Leyard Group
  • Main Product: Indoor/Outdoor displays/Small pixel pitch
  • Website: https://en.leyard.com/
  • Tel: +86-010-62888888
  • Email: market@leyard.com
  • Address: No. 9 Summer Palace Beizheng Hongqi West Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Established in 1995, Leyard Group is one of those manufacturers who have been using audio-visual technology since years. Its products are the result of technology research, development, creativity and product innovation. Its business layout comprises of four core elements: landscape lighting, virtual reality, intelligent display and cultural tourism. 

Leyard supply the small pitch LED, LCD products, LED leasing,conventional LED and creative LED, etc. products to meet the varied applications. Among of these, its main small-pitch LED including curved small-pitch & micro pitch LED products, indoor fine pitch full color LED display and indoor & outdoor small-pitch LED displays for rental.

-Company 5: Gloshine

  • Main Product: Rental/Small pixel pitch
  • Website: https://www.gloshine.com
  • Tel: +86-755-84419301
  • Email: international@gloshine.cn
  • Address: No.10, North Fuping Road, Pingdi Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

Gloshine will provide you with the right solution with the right guidelines. Some of the examples of products that they offer are, Outdoor LED displays, Indoor displays, Small pixel LEDs, Creative LEDs, fixed installation LEDs, and lastly, touring systems. With their cutting-edge technology and best color palate, you’ll be sure to have the best visual experience.

Among these display products, its Airwing and X pro series show a great effect in small pixel pitch with high grey scale and ultra-wide viewing angle, etc.

-Company 6: AOTO

  • Main Product: xR studio/Small pixel pitch
  • Website: https://en.aoto.com/
  • Tel: +86-755-2698-3431
  • Email: led@aoto.com
  • Address: 9-10F, High-Tech Zone Union Tower, No. 63, Xuefu Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Established in 2011, DOIT VISION is a leading expert in the design & manufacturing of all types of LED displays, they have worked with 50 countries in the word, have distributors in Spain, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, office in the USA and Italy.

Fine pitch LED display is one main product of DOIT VISION, it offers COB LED displays with P0.9mm-P1.5mm pitch, fine pitch series LED displays with indoor P0.9mm-P1.8mm that can reach 16:9 perfect ratio display, both can meet the high-resolution applications, including conference, stock market, control room, shopping mall, meeting room, advertising. Certainly they also offer the fine pitch: P1.5mm, P1.9mm and P2.3mm for indoor rental usage & xR version with panel size: 500x500mm.

-Company 7: Desay

  • Main Product: Fine pixel pitch/Fixed
  • Website: https://www.desayopto.com/
  • Tel: +86-752-2617333
  • Email: led@desay.com
  • Address: Desay 3rd Industry Zone, Chenjiang, Huizhou, Guangdong, China

Established in 1983, Desay has been invested in LED Display and LED lighting manufacturing industry since 2001. Desay LED display sales revenue has ranked NO.1 in Asia and NO.3 in the world for 8 years. 90% of Desay LED displays are exported to overseas and has set up over 5,000 pieces of full-color LED display throughout the world.

Desay offers TRB series, TVB series, T series and E series of fine-pitch LED display, among there, TRB series is used for rental with the perfect setup for a standard 16:9 display, E series with 480mm x 480mm panel support both rental and fixed applications.

-Company 8: Liantronics

  • Main Product: Rental/Small pixel pitch
  • Website: https://www.liantronics.com
  • Tel: +86-755-23001729
  • Email: service@liantronics.com
  • Address: LianTronics Bldg., Antongda Industrial Zone, 3rd Liuxian Rd, 68 Block Baoan, Shenzhen China

Founded in 2003, Liantronics is another reliable China LED display manufacturer that offers system solutions for high and medium-end LED display products. Being a state-level enterprise having 97.8 million USD of registered capital, Liantronics specializes in the development, manufacturing, sales and post-sales services. providing up to 2 billion CNY (300+ million USD) of annual production value to meet the needs of customers from all over the world.

Liantronics’ VAIII series 5G high-end fine pitch LED display shows 16:9 golden ratio display, fast and easy installation and maintenance that are suitable for conference, stock market, control room, shopping mall, meeting room, advertising, etc. installation environments

-Company 9: INFILED

  • Main Product: Rental & fixed
  • Website: https://www.infiled.com
  • Tel: +86-0755-3366-1784
  • Email: info@infiled.com
  • Address: Building 18A, 3rd NanGang Industrial Park, Tangtou, ShiyanTown, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China 518000

Known as a high-tech enterprise in China for introducing large LED video display, InfiLED strives to explore new doors for continuous improvement and independent innovation. Their manufactured China LED display screens are used in corporate meetings and branding, transportation, command & control, creative applications, sports, advertisements and much more. 

Among its product series, the WP series has a panel ratio of 16:9 combined with fine pixel pitch allows the setup of full HD, 4K, 8K resolution displays achievable, and can use traditional control solutions or local inputs and media players can be integrated into the unit to make it a complete stand-alone screen.

-Company 10: LEDMAN

  • Main Product: COB & creative display
  • Website: https://www.ledman.com
  • Tel: +86-755-86139688
  • Email: sales@ledman.com
  • Address: Building 8, Block 2, Baimang Baiwangxin Industrial Park, Xili Area, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen-based company, Ledman Optoelectronics Co. has been in the LED industry since 2004. It has been considered to produce some high-tech LED products along with effective visual solutions. The company specializes in working for the 8K UHD industry where they are proudly manufacturing a full range of products. What makes LedMan different from others is their hands into 8K micro LED UHD display products that work on advanced COB LED technology. It is because of their professionalism and efficiency that LedMan is now a strategic partner in the aerospace industry of China.


So that’s all to our list of top 10 Small pixel pitch LED display manufacturers in China,also including a brief introduction of their fine pixel pitch display series. We hope you found the right supplier to meet your ideas here. So what’s making you wait? Go grab the best LED display solutions, and make the most out of them!


How about Small Pixel Pitch LED Display?

Small pixel pitch LED displays feature high resolution and high image quality, which have been widely used in many areas. For example, monitoring, exhibitions, shopping malls, household screens, education, and so forth. The greatly improved resolution benefits many customers who have specific requirements for a high-quality display effect.

How to choose small pixel pitch LED Displays?

It’s suggested to make a decision based on these factors, including the components of display, splicing effect, grayscale, refresh rate and viewing distance, etc.

What advantages of Small Pixel Pitch LED Displays?

Compared with traditional LED displays, small pixel pitch LED display has a better effect in high grayscale, better color expression; large screen with seamless splicing; adjustable brightness level, more comfortable impressions; faster responding speed, higher refresh rate; high color fidelity; multiple installation methods available etc. Advantages; moreover, the outstanding features like better brightness level available, seamless large screen splicing, energy efficiency, and high protection capability compared with other display techs will not only allow you to use these displays anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, but also improve your user experiences, and improve your contents showing to the next level.

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