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What is a rental LED display? LED Screen Rental Pricing Explained

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LEDs are a huge part of our lives. Everywhere you go, you will definitely come across LED displays. They’re used across many different industries. Due to the larger use, it’s common for people to rent the LEDs rather than investing in one. Rental LED displays are cheaper, moveable and you’re not just limited to one LED type. You have the flexibility to try out different LEDs.


If you’re someone who needs an LED display but doesn’t want to spend a large chunk of your savings on it, then renting one may be the right choice for you. In this article, we will guide you through all that you need to know about rental LED displays so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

DOIT VISION-Indoor LED display

DOIT VISION-Indoor LED display

What is rental LED display

Rental LEDs are displays that can be rented. Usually, fixed LEDs are the go-to option when you want a display for a long term. However, rental LEDs are more flexible options for those who are not going to install it at a single place for a long time. This flexibility allows the event managers who’re going to need LEDs at different venues, to save a lot of cost.


In comparison with fixed LEDs, rental LEDs are much easier to install, uninstall, assemble and unassemble. This saves a lot of time since fixed LEDs take a lot of time in fixing. Once fixed, the conventional LEDs are harder to uninstall. Rental LEDs also use certain technologies that prevent the collision, knocking and cracks in the display.


Renting LED displays is an excellent option for those who are looking for LED displays for a short time. The mobility offered by rental LED displays is great for short time uses.


Is a rental LED display worth it?

If you’re looking for an LED for the first time, then you might be wondering if a rental LED is worth it? Or should you be investing in a fixed one. The answer for this is going to be based on your needs. If you need an LED display for a long term, then investing in a fixed one is certainly a better option. But, for short term uses, rental LED has a lot of benefits.


With led screen rental , you can save a lot of costs involved in investing in fixed ones. Rental LEDs are easier to install and have more mobility than fixed ones. The best part is, these LEDs are anti-collision so you won’t have to be scared about damaging one while installing.


You also get more variety with rental LEDs. You can rent other display types if you’re not happy with the current one. This is not the case with fixed LEDs since once you invest in it, you might have to deal with it even if you don’t like it.


doitvision RN1000

doitvision RN1000

Rental LED display pricing

The cost of renting an LED display is based on a lot of different factors. For instance, renting an indoor LED display will be comparatively cheaper than renting outdoor ones. Outdoor LEDs have to be more durable than indoor ones. They’re moisture proof, weatherproof and UV proof. Due to this, prices are higher.

Similarly, the larger the size of LED, the higher will be the price. The cost of LED screen rental displays will be based on the daily price. You should multiply the total number of days you’re renting the LED display for with the total rent of one day.


  1. Choosing LEDs

If you’ve decided that renting an LED is the right choice for you, the next step is to choose the right product. There are many options in the market these days. To make the right decision, know what your needs are and communicate with LED providers.


Some of the types of LEDs are,


  • Indoor

Indoor LEDs have a higher resolution than outdoor ones. They’re also not as bright since they’re installed in indoor areas.

  • Outdoor

Outdoor LEDs are designed for outdoor use. They don’t have high resolution but have a better distance viewing. These LEDs also have a brighter screen since they’re installed in outdoor areas.

  • Modular

Modular LEDs have individual led panels that are installed on spot. This gives a lot of flexibility in choosing the shape of the led, the size and makes it easy to transport.

  • Mobile

Unlike Modular LEDs, Mobile LEDs are fully assembled. The major benefit of these LEDs is that they’re quick to set up.


  1. Finding a providers

To find the right product, you need to find the right provider. The right LED provider will guide you through the process and will help you figure out what’s the best option for you. There are several LED providers that are providing LED displays on rent. There are several ways you can find the providers.


Searching on the internet is one of the best possible ways to find LED providers. You’ll find many directory-style blogs with lists and contact details of the LED suppliers. The second best way to find an LED display provider is to look around in your city. When you have found a list of LED suppliers, try to compare the prices, the reviews and the services of each LED display supplier.


The best supplier is the one that is not too expensive, has great reviews and provides the best customer service.

Virtual Production LED Wall

How to rent an LED display?


If you’re renting an LED for the first time, you might be confused about the whole process. To help you with it, we’re listing down the process below


  • Find the provider

As mentioned before, finding a supplier is the first step to LED screen rental. Try to find suppliers around you and see which one has the best offers and reviews. Once you have decided on a provider, contact them and tell them what kind of LED you would like, what your budget is and where your venue is.


  • Plan

Plan what kind of content you’re going to screen on the display. Have an idea of the audience that’s going to view it. When you have planned these out, it will be easier to bring these ideas into a tangible format by choosing the LED type.


  • Execute

Once you have talked the whole process with your supplier, your LED will be delivered at the venue on the set date. Rental LED displays don’t really take much time to install as compared to conventional ones. Install the LED and screen the best content to engage your audience.



Benefits of rental LED Display

Some of the benefits of rental LED displays are,


  • Cost friendliness

Buying an LED can be a huge investment. If you’re not going to use it for a long term, it’s going to cost you a lot. Rental LEDs for this reason are a lot cheaper than fixed ones. Since you’re just renting one for a limited time, it’s more budget friendly.

  • Flexibility

Rental Displays offer more flexibility than fixed ones. With rental LEDs, you can just rent one for a limited time and see if you like it. Fixed ones need a lot of investment so you’re going to be stuck with it once you buy it.

  • Low maintenance

Rental LED displays are designed to be rented throughout the year. This is why they’re more durable than fixed ones. They use certain technologies such as COB, and GOD etc to make the LED anti-collision and anti-knock. This puts these LEDs at lower risk of any damage.


Factors you should consider before renting an led display

Some of the factors that you should consider before renting an LED display are,


  • Your budget

Though renting LEDs is cheaper than buying one, there are still different price ranges when it comes to renting LEDs. When you’re renting an LED, know what your budget is and communicate with the supplier about it.

  • Venue

The type of LED you rent depends on your venue. Do you need an outdoor LED or an indoor LED? Is your venue small or large? These factors highly affect your LED display. Be aware of all these different factors before renting an LED.

  • Use type

You should not choose any random LED display without paying attention to your usage. Are you going to need an LED display for a corporate event or an artistic event? Is your content 2D or 3D? These questions are gonna help you decide the model you want to rent.



LED screen rental is not an easy process if you’re doing it for the first time. There are many nitty gritty details involved. There are a lot of different factors. For instance the pricing may vary, your choice should reflect your usage and finding the right provider. Even so, rental LED displays are better than conventional fixed ones in certain conditions.


In fact, investing in a conventional fixed LED may bring you a lot of loss if you only want it for a short term. With this in mind, rent the right LED for yourself with the help of this guide.

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