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Stair LED Display

Stair LED Displayby Doitvision is a cutting-edge LED floor display solution. It is mainly used in bars, clubs, theaters, stage parties and other entertainment and evening party occasions.

Stairway LED Display

Stair LED Display

Indoor Fixed LED Floor Screen

As a kind of floor LED screen, the stairway LED display is mainly used in the floor above a certain load-bearing and shockproof function. It is designed for use with personalized LED display products. Compared to traditional displays, this LED display has distinct characteristics in terms of materials, structure, control performance, construction, and maintenance. Its ultra-thin design and flexible installation allow for a screen to be placed in close proximity to the staircase. The screen size can be adjusted according to the length of the stairway.

Customized Stair LED Display

To customize a Stairway LED Display to meet your specific requirements, We usually use Floor LED display/modules to achieve this.

Stairway LED Display
Doitvision’s LED stair display adopts rugged aluminum alloy structure and high wear-resistant resin mask, which makes it can be directly stepped on when placed on the ground; it utilizes the overall airtight design, which has been certified with IP65 protection level; and the modular design makes installation and maintenance easy and convenient;


Interactive/non-interactive two modes: we provide interactive/non-interactive two modes to choose from for these High-definition digital ground visual displays.

High load capacity, strong impact resistance: high-strength acrylic mask and high-impact performance of aluminum alloy shell design, the load capacity of up to 2500KG or more per square meter.

Diversified sensing modes: radar sensing, infrared sensing, built-in multiple interactive sensing modes.

Wear and pressure resistant, high protection: Transparent PC composite material mask, pressure and shock resistant, wear and scratch resistant, anti-slip and anti-reflection. Ip65 protection level, waterproof.

Anti-collision design: LED screen adopts professional anti-collision design to avoid screen damage.

Stair LED Display- Specification

Module Size250mm * 250mm250mm * 250mm250mm * 250mm250mm * 250mm
Physical Pixel Pitch2.976mm3.91mm4.81mm6.25mm
Physical Density112896 pixels/m²65536 pixels/m²43264 pixels/m²25600 pixels/m²
Module Colors1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
LED PackagingSMD1921SMD1921SMD1921SMD1921
Module Resolution84 * 84 dots64 * 64 dots52 * 52 dots40 * 40 dots
Driving MethodConstant driveConstant driveConstant driveConstant drive
Refresh Rate>3840Hz>1920Hz>1920Hz>1920Hz
Driving ComponentsConstant current driveConstant current driveConstant current driveConstant current drive
MTBF≥10000 hours≥10000 hours≥10000 hours≥10000 hours
Scanning Method1/28 scan1/16 scan1/13 scan1/10 scan
White Balance Brightness≥3500 cd/m²≥3500 cd/m²≥3500 cd/m²≥3500 cd/m²

Our Stair LED Display Project

Combined with our virtual software technology and interactive technology, Our Stair LED Display can have extremely powerful function to create an excellent scene effect; It is mainly used in bars, clubs, theaters, theaters, stage parties and other entertainment and party program occasions.

Stairway LED Display
Stairway LED Display
Stairway LED Display

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Stair LED Display FAQs

What is a Stair LED Display?

Stair LED display is a kind of LED floor tile screen, is mainly used in the floor above a certain load-bearing and shockproof function of personalized LED display.

Are there any safety concerns with Stair LED displays?

Safety is our top priority, and our Stair LED Displays are designed with non-slip surfaces and sturdy construction to prevent accidents. Plus, you can use them to enhance safety by displaying important messages and directions.

Can Stair LED Displays be customized?

Absolutely! These displays can be customized to fit the dimensions and design requirements of your staircase. You can customize these displays in a bunch of ways, like changing the size, shape, resolution, and even the type of LED used.

What resolution options are available for Stair LED Displays?

Stair LED displays come in different resolutions. Our Common pixel pitches range from 2mm to 10mm, with smaller pitches ,you will get higher resolution and clarity.

Are Stair LED Displays durable?

Absolutely! Our Stair LED Displays are built to handle a lot of foot traffic and are made from super strong materials. They’re also water and dust-resistant, so they’re great for indoor and outdoor use.

How do you control the content on the Stair LED Display?

Content on stair LED displays is typically managed by a centralized control system that can be accessed remotely. You can easily update and schedule different content for specific times or events.