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Is it Worthwhile to Invest in Stadium LED Displays?How to Choose?

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Electronic stadium LED displays are the latest innovation and revolution with a wide range of applications in the field of technology.

Stadium LED screens are ideal for high quality, crystal clear display of sport-related scores, player names and profiles, electronic clock, text messages and business advertisement during the match.

LED scoreboards are the norms in all the stadiums and in concerts. Moreover, they are wireless devices that cover almost one kilometer distance and are resistant to dust and moisture due to vinyl protective cover. They have magnificent display with 3 to 7 colors.

The stadium LED displays are extensively used, easy to set, operable, up to date and available in fixed or installed forms. They are useful for all kinds of businesses. By using LED displays, you can advertise your business products and services.

What is Stadium LED Display?

perimeter led display

Stadium LED scoreboards are highly interactive technology that present magic of images, movies and player performance etc. This technology is easy to use and have mobile or remote control application. They provide a versatile and amazing experience both for users and spectators. The LED scoreboards are waterproof, affordable and used in all types of games like football, hockey, cricket, soccer, basketball, wrestling etc. due to their superior performance.

Sites of Installation

These electronic LED scoreboards can be installed indoors or outdoors like in parks, roads and in educational institutions to address the biggest audience at once. They are portable and can be carried to anywhere they are needed. They are operated by batteries that do not need charging till the whole season. They could be mounted on poles, walls and on a tabletop. They have super bright display with water resistant quality.

Is it Worthwhile to Invest in Stadium LED Displays?

stadium LED display

In order to evaluate the usability of LED screens, the rule of thumb is to look at their pros and cons as nothing is better than way to determine their performance and impact.


  1. A useful marketing device

The LED screens are awesome with bright, full color, vivid and digital display to catch the attention of the audience. The new, sleek and slim designs are adjustable anywhere. Different companies advertise their products and services by extensively using them. They are fixed at the prominent position in the stadium and frequently checked before the match and at the half time. They promote the desired content and help to increase the impact and sponsorship revenue. Stadium LED display screens are useful in generating advertisement revenue.

  • Manageable Device

The great thing is that you can control the display with your mobile. The screens can be operated day and night without any interruption. They are used to display scores, players and the viewers watching the matches and replays of the matches. These high quality LED scoreboards save time and man power with the accuracy of results as an added advantage. The assembling and dissembling of apparatus, operation of scoreboards is easy to handle with a standard size battery. 

  • Low cost and long lifetime

They are more reliable and efficient LED scoreboards that maximize the impact of digital advertising as compared to traditional advertisement through print media. They utilize less energy, efficient response and have long life as compared to LCDs. They maintain better consistency of colors for a long period of time. They reduce eye movement and save from headache due to non-flickering image. They do not emit heat, no risk of short circuiting so requires low maintenance and have high resistance better life span. They are cost effective and offer high return of investment. Stadium LED display screens can be placed at any open area due to easy assembling system. A low voltage 1-2 volts and low current is needed to operate these LED screens.


  1. LED vs. LCD

These LEDs utilize more energy in comparison to LCDs due to which, they are more expensive as compared to small-sized LEDs. They are not available at affordable rates as compared to LCDs.

  • Complex Engineering

High quality of engineering is needed to manufacture them otherwise a lot of defects appear in the products. The color of product also changes with time. The users are unable to understand the usage of the product correctly due to gap in manufacturer and user knowledge. There is a need of easy to use manuals to understand the functioning of the product. Although LEDs are the most efficient and latest devices to watch high definition videos, a slight increase in voltage can damage their performance.

Stadium display requirements

Multi-functional modern gymnasium can hold various sports competitions. Therefore, the display content should be rich, diverse, and real-time. The specifics are as follows:

1Live Broadcast NeedsYou can enjoy sports and concerts at the stadium on big screens! They have cool effects like slow-motion and close-ups.
2Compatibility for Various InputsThe screens can show live camera feeds, TV, and computer graphics. They support many formats like PAL and NTSC. You can also overlay text and images over the video!
3Rich Text and Image DisplayYou can watch live videos or see important news and slogans on the screens. They display text, images, and animations beautifully.
4Multiple Broadcasting MethodsThese screens can scroll, rotate, and show moving images. They can also display texts in many languages and styles.
5Advertisement and Display OptionsThe full-color LED screens are perfect for advertisements. They quickly show ads, meeting the needs of many businesses.
6Sports Information and Results DisplayThey show sports results and information like team names and scores. This helps you keep up with the game easily.
7Clock Display RequirementsThe LED screens also show the time, countdowns, and match timers. You can easily control the timing functions.
8Audio SynchronizationThe screens can sync with the stadium’s sound system for a better experience.
9LED Display Referee SystemThe referee system uses timers and scorers supported by software.
10Systematization of the LED DisplayThe screen is part of the stadium’s electronic system. It works together with computers and referee stands to serve the sports efficiently. The system should be compatible and share information with other parts of a large sports network.

How to Choose the Right Stadium LED Display?

Water resistant LED screens with brighter display are expensive, consume more electric power than indoor LEDs. Indoor LEDs do not offer sharp and bright colors and water resistant so they are cheaper.

Image quality remains the same irrespective of pixel so wasting money for smaller pixel is unnecessary. The required pixel limit of the screen is 30000 pixels. It is better to get advice of experts before buying screens. The higher rates of screen show the best reliability of the product. The frontal maintenance of the screens is costlier than the rear maintenance.

In addition to the above, when selecting the LED screen for stadium, you should consider the following:

Safety and Stability of Stadium LED Screens

  • Safety is critical in sports stadiums due to large crowds gathering for these events.
  • High-quality, stable technology is a must to prevent problems.
  • If you can use fiber optic cables helps prevent signal loss and delays during live broadcasts.
  • We can also use safety measures such as padding to prevent accidents.
  • You can use Dual power supplies to ensure that the LED screen continues to operate even if one power source fails.

Multiple Input Support for Stadium LED Screens

  • Stadium screens display live camera feeds, TV and satellite programs.
  • They can play VCDs, DVDs, LDs, and various video formats.
  • They support PAL, NTSC, and other standards and display content from computers.
  • LED Displays can be connected to officiating systems and timers to provide live scores and game-time updates.

Fire safety, protection and cooling of stadium LED screens

  • For outdoor sports, Stadium LED screens must withstand a variety of weather conditions.
  • In humid southern regions, they need to resist moisture.
  • In cold highland areas, they need to withstand the cold.
  • In deserts, good cooling systems are essential to handle the heat.

Stadium LED Screen Viewing Experience

  • Screens in sports arenas require a wide viewing angle and high refresh rate for clear video.
  • These displays should be clear during live feeds of player profiles, scores, replays and close-ups.
  • It’s important that all spectators can see clearly from any angle.

Optimal pixel pitch for stadium viewing distances

  • For outdoor stadiums, we commend common larger pixel pitches such as P6 or P8.
  • In indoor venues, where fans are closer to the screens, you can use smaller pixel pitches such as P4 or P5.

How Much Does a Stadium/Perimeter LED Display Cost?

It depends on two variables i.e. size and resolution of LED screen. As the size and pixels increase, the cost is increased. Large screen has higher cost, the screen with more pixels has more LED lamps which make the cost a bit higher. The right size and revolution of LED is decided by the manufacturing company experts by considering your budget.The price per square meter is as follows:

Perimeter LED Display Cost

Pixel PitchMaintenanceCabinet MaterialPrice/SQM
P6.67mmFront serviceDie cast aluminum$750~$950
P6.67mmFront serviceiron Cabinet$710~$900
P8mmFront serviceDie cast aluminum$630~$850
P8mmFront serviceiron Cabinet$5800~$790
P10mmFront serviceDie cast aluminum$530~$700
P10mmFront serviceiron Cabinet$480~$650

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There is a need to use LEDs scoreboards with creativity to catch the attention of audience. Their prices are decreasing day by day and therefore, have come within the reach of all clubs. Even, their quick and easy installation is a big plus.


How to control LED screens?

LED displays are controlled by a wireless connection, they have special led display control system software to operate to display content at specific time. You can control, upload, display and broadcast a program by an administration panel.

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