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P8 Outdoor LED Screen Price:P8 LED Display Per SQM Price List

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When you’re looking at a P8 outdoor LED screen, the price can vary a lot depending on a few different things. these guides can help you make an informed decision that fits your budget and needs. You can refer to our P8 outdoor LED screen and price

What is an Outdoor P8 LED Screen?

hotel outdoor led billboard

An outdoor P8 LED screen is a big digital display used for advertising and public information. The “P8” refers to the pixel pitch, which is 8mm. The LEDs are spaced 8mm apart, so the images are clear and vibrant even from a distance. These screens are designed to withstand various weather conditions and are commonly used in places like stadiums, shopping malls, and public squares. P8 screens are also a popular pixel pitch for outdoor advertising because they’re bright and durable.

Factors That Affect the Price of P8 Outdoor LED Screens

P8 outdoor LED Display Price Varies with Different LED Packaging

SMD led packaging

P8 outdoor LEDs are typically packaged in SMD Package. SMD LEDs are popular because they provide a wide viewing angle and good color uniformity. However, in cases where high brightness is crucial, DIP LEDs might be used. DIP LEDs are known for being brighter and more durable, especially in extreme weather, but DIP LED displays often being more expensive because it’s brighter and more robust.

P8 outdoor LED Display Price Varies with Different Cabinet Materials

A simple cabinet is probably the most budget-friendly option. Iron cabinets offer more durability at a slightly higher cost. Die-cast aluminum alloy cabinets provide better heat dissipation and are lighter, making them easier to install and maintain, thus more expensive. For a premium solution, magnesium-aluminum alloy cabinets are available. These are the best for heat dissipation, are really lightweight, and look great, but they cost the most.

P8 outdoor LED screen Price Varies with Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a P8 outdoor LED screen affects both the viewing experience and the cost. Most P8 screens come with a standard 1920Hz refresh rate, which is fine for most applications. However, if you need high-quality video playback, a 3840Hz refresh rate might be necessary. The higher refresh rate reduces flickering and provides smoother video, especially important for fast-moving images or videos. However, this enhancement comes at an additional cost.

P8 LED display Price Varies with Maintenance Method

Wall-mounted installations often use a front maintenance method, where modules can be accessed from the front of the screen. It is more convenient but tends to be more expensive. Roof or column installations typically use a rear maintenance method, where access is from the back of the screen. While this method is generally cheaper, it can be more challenging to perform maintenance, especially in tight spaces.

P8 LED Screen Price Varies with Appearance Design

DOIT VISION Kite Series outdoor LED display
DOIT VISION Kite Series outdoor LED display

Using a common mode cabinet is a more economical choice. However, if you want a unique design for better installation and maintenance, you’ll have to pay more. Custom designs that fit specific architectural requirements or enhance aesthetic appeal can significantly increase the overall price. These designs may include custom shapes, sizes, and finishes to match the installation environment.

P8 LED Display Price Varies with Power Supply

Usually, a 220V standard power supply is used. If you need a wider voltage range, like 110V-240V, it’ll cost more. Also, using top power brands like Meanwell ensures reliability and longevity, but it’ll cost more. You can get more economical options like G-energy, but they might not be as good in terms of performance and durability.

P8 LED Display Price Varies with 3D Function

Most LED screens only support flat playback. If you need 3D stereoscopic functionality, you’ll need to upgrade the hardware. This involves transforming the screen into 90-degree and arc splicing configurations and producing additional 3D video sources. Upgrading the hardware and creating content for 3D playback will cost more, but it can create a more immersive and engaging viewing experience, which might be worth the investment depending on your needs.

P8 LED Display Price Varies with LED Control Method

Usually, LED screens are controlled by a computer. If you need to be able to control the screen from a distance, such as using 4G or cloud cluster control, you’ll have to pay more. These advanced control methods give you more flexibility and convenience, letting you manage the screen content from anywhere. However, they require more sophisticated technology and infrastructure, which adds to the overall expense.

P8 LED Display Price Varies with Brightness

Brightness is really important for outdoor LED screens. Depending on where the sun is shining, a screen with 6000-6500 nits brightness is usually fine. But if you’re putting it in direct sunlight, you might need a brightness level of 7500-8000 nits. Higher brightness means you can see it in bright conditions, but it uses more power and costs more. The brightness of the screen should be based on where it’s going to be used and what it’s going to be used for. That way, you can balance visibility with your budget.

P8 LED Display Price Varies by LED Brand

The brand of LEDs used in the screen can make a big difference to the price. Chinese-made P8 outdoor LED screens often use Nationstar LEDs, which are known for being reliable and performing well. For a more budget-friendly option, you can choose Kinglights LEDs. Just a heads-up: Cheaper LEDs might have a higher chance of losing brightness over time.

P8 LED Display Price Varies by Driver IC

The MBI514 driver IC is commonly used because it’s reliable and performs well. If you choose other driver chips, the price might be lower. However, cheaper driver ICs might not offer the same level of performance, which could affect the screen’s overall quality and longevity.

DoitVision’s P8 Outdoor LED Screen Solution

DoitVision offers a comprehensive P8 outdoor LED solution that strikes a balance between quality and cost. Our screens use high-quality LEDs and driver ICs to ensure excellent performance and durability. They offer various customization options to meet different needs and budgets.

No matter if you need a simple screen for basic advertising or a high-end screen with advanced features like 3D playback and remote control. DoitVision can provide a solution that fits your requirements.For example: Kite series has an integrated design and is very thin and suitable for wall installation. Vast series has an IP66 waterproof rating and free air conditioning design, which is very suitable for use in high temperature areas. Square Series supports right-angle and arc splicing and is suitable for 3D functions.

Our P8 Outdoor LED Display For Sale

outdoor LED kite series
doitvision outdoor LED kite series


  • High brightness, energy saving, high contrast ratio LED display
  • 6.4mm/8mm/10mm pitch available
  • Integration of the power and signal as one cable & connector
  • Screw-free module removal, and installation without cabinet frame available
  • Suitable for medium-sized outdoor billboards or wall-mounted
Vast Series


  • Available in 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 6.6mm, 8mm and 10mm pixel pitches
  • Brightness options from 5,000 to 6,000 nits
  • IP65 outdoor rated display
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Front and rear access options available
Square Series outdoor LED Display


  • HD outdoor LED display for premium outdoor applications
  • 3.9mm,4.8mm,6.25mm,7.8mm and 10.4mm are available
  • Cabinet size is 1m*1m
  • Supports creative shapes, such as 90 degrees right angle
  • Support 3D display technology
  • Suitable for high-end needs, such as creative shapes, 3D technology etc

P8 outdoor LED Display Price List

Here is a the approximate price per square meter for various P8 outdoor LED displays:

P8 Outdoor LED DisplayLEDs BrandBrightness RangeCabinet MaterialMaintenance MethodDrive ICPower SupplyPrice per Square Meter
SMD 3535Nationstar LEDs6000~6500Iron CabinetFront serviceMBI5124Meanwell$1000
SMD 3535Nationstar LEDs6500~8000Die-cast aluminum cabinetRear serviceMBI5124Meanwell$1200
SMD 3535Kinglights LEDs6000~6500Die-cast aluminum cabinetFront serviceICN2153G-energy$900
SMD 2727Nationstar LEDs6000~6500Iron CabinetFront serviceMBI5124Meanwell$950
SMD 2727Nationstar LEDs6000~6500Die-cast aluminum cabinetRear serviceMBI5124Meanwell$1100
SMD 2727Nationstar LEDs6000~6500Die-cast aluminum cabinetFront serviceICN2153G-energy$950
DIP/7000~8000Iron CabinetRear service/Meanwell$1300
DIP/7000~8000Die-cast aluminum cabinetRear service/Meanwell$1400
DIP/7000~8000Die-cast aluminum cabinetRear service/G-energy$1350


So, to wrap up, the price of a P8 outdoor LED screen depends on a bunch of different things. By thinking about these things, you can make sure you get a great LED screen that will do the job well and last a long time for your outdoor advertising or public information needs.If you are looking for P8 high quality outdoor LED display, you can refer to our products, they have their own characteristics. If you need, please feel free to contact us.Our experienced team can help you choose the right components and design to maximize the effectiveness of your investment.

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