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Kite Series Outdoor LED Display

Plug and Play Outdoor Modular LED

Outdoor 6.4mm / 8mm / 10mm

Up to 12,000 nits brightness

Kite Series

Outdoor, 6.4mm / 8mm / 10mm
Outdoor high brightness, energy saving, high contrast ratio LED display
DOIT VISION Kite series outdoor LED display

Plug & Play


Integrate the power and signal as one cable & connector

No flat cable, no pins

Modular design, super easy to install and remove the LED module

IP66 Outdoor Rating


High brightness & Eco


Brightness: 6000 nits , 7000 nits,  10,000 nits, 12,000 nits

Average power consumption: 100W/sqm

Max power consumption: 520W/sqm ( 6000 nits)

Max power consumption: 590W/sqm ( 7000 nits)

Max Power consumption: 545W/sqm(10,000 nits) – designated LED


DOIT VISION Kite series  outdoor LED display
DOIT VISION, Kite series outdoor LED display photos

Front & Back service, Rotate Locking system


LED modules are front and back service

User friendly rotate locking system

No screw

Breather valve for heat sinking design


High louver mask


5mm height louver

shield the direct sunlight

High contrast ratio for outdoor visual

DOIT VISION indoor led display-brick series 04
DOIT VISION, Kite series outdoor LED display photos

Mechanical design


Cabinet size of 960x960mm or customized

Aluminum profile or iron cabinet frame

Installation without cabinet frame available


Modular Design


Power box front & back service

LED module front & back service

DOIT VISION outdoor LED display Kite series


Pixel pitch(mm)6.4mm8mm10mm
Pixel Matrix Per SQM244141562510000
Pixel ConfigurationSMD2727SMD2727SMD2727
Brightness(nits)6000 nits7000 nits10000 nits
Power Con.(Avg)100W/sqm(Avg)100W/sqm(Avg)100W/sqm(Avg)
Power Con.(Max)520W/sqm(6000 nits)590W/sqm(7000 nits)780W/sqm(10000 nits)
Modules Resolution50 x 5040 x 4032 x 32
Modules Dimension320mm x 320mm320mm x 320mm320mm x 320mm
Cabinets Solution150 x 150120 x 12096 x 96
Cabinets Dimension960 x 960mm960 x 960mm960 x 960mm
Cabinets Weight34kg / 75lbs34kg / 75lbs34kg / 75lbs
Serivice AccessFront / BackFront / BackFront / Back
Refresh Rate(HZ)3840Hz3840Hz3840Hz
Viewing Angle(H/V)160°/90°160°/90°160°/90°
IP RateIP66-module,IP65-cabinetIP66-module,IP65-cabinetIP66-module,IP65-cabinet
Input Voltage(AC)110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ110V / 240V, 50/60 HZ
Operating Temperature-20° ~ 60 °-20° ~ 60 °-20° ~ 60 °

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